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Bloodsucking Fiends (A Love Story, #1)
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July 2017: Other Books > Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore - 3 stars

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Ellen | 961 comments Jody, a 27-year-old San Francisco insurance claims agent, has definitely not had much luck in the love department. Her latest live-in boyfriend, #10 in the past 5 years, is not turning out to be the 'one'. And now she is waking up underneath a dumpster with a badly burned hand and sudden superhuman strength. Vaguely she remembers being attacked on her way home from work. seems Ms. Jody is now a vampire.

C. Thomas Flood, (the C means nothing but Tommy thinks it looks good for an author's name) is new to San Francisco, fresh off the farm in Indiana. He dreams of writing the great novel and thinks the big city is going to be his muse. Then he sets his eyes on Jody and all reason is gone. Jody needs someone to run errands for her during the day (the whole vampire vs. sunlight problem) and Tommy needs a place to stay. Jody being a knock-out gorgeous redhead helps Tommy's decision to become roommates. The two quickly become more than friends but as Jody's powers increase, and a sinister older vampire threatens their lives, Jody and Tommy are dangerously close to losing one another, not to mention their souls.

For the most part I found this book amusing and quirky. However, Moore very often veers off into the merely disgusting and that can be hard to enjoy.

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Joi (MissJoious) | 1702 comments Been wanting to try Moore for a while. This might be a good October book, kill two birds with one stone.

~*Kim*~ | 297 comments Moore's books are hit or miss for me. I love The Stupidest Angel and A Dirty Job, but this one I didn't care for as much.

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LibraryCin | 3794 comments I didn't think this series was his best effort.

And, really!? Jody is 27!? I don't remember her age, but thinking back, I'm sure I thought of her as a teenager! I think they all acted pretty immature, anyway.

Ellen | 961 comments His books have been hit or miss for me as well. I really enjoyed "Stupidest Angel" and some of his earlier ones. I have tried what seems to be everyone's favorite, "Lamb", twice and I cannot get through it.

Marina (Sonnenbarke) (Sonnenbarke) I don't really care for Christopher Moore's books. I loved A Dirty Job, but not the other ones I read, which are many. This one I gave 2 stars.

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Joni | 400 comments Ellen, I will need a recommendation of one that you really liked.

Ellen | 961 comments Joni, go with "Stupidest Angel". It's short and fairly funny.

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