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Note that the 3rd roleplay is COMPLETELY unrelated to the other two rps. You can post your characters for Rp 3 in this topic or in the 2nd roleplay topic (If you put your character in the 2nd roleplay character topic, remember to put 'For roleplay 3' in the other.)


You can ONLY play another person's charries with their permission. Please make your own character.
Please make a list of who can play your character so we will know who can.
If you had a character in the first role play, please continue with them. You can still make a new character.

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Name: Cedar "Berry" Berries
Gender: female
Age: Unknown (she acts older then her real age)
Branch: She has yet to find out
Appearance: pure white hair with a tint of red highlights (it's not dyed); pale blue eyes; 5'6" feet tall
Personality: Nice, but gets annoyed with Luna and Isabelle's quarreling. Stern and serious when she has to be. fun to be around.
Lives: Travels, speaks various languages
Other: Anyone can rp her; she's in a group with Luna and Isabelle trying to find the clues;

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Catie Name: Isabelle (Belle)
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Branch: Lucain
Appearance: Dark hair, green eyes
Personality: Sweet, determained, quircky
Lives: Paris

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Name: Luna Summers ((Cahill))
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Branch: Ekat
Appearance: Dark black hair and bright blue eyes
Personality: Sarcastic, smart, determined.
Lives: Sydney, Australia
Other: No one knows much about her.

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Swiftfire I wanna join this rp!

Name: Alexandra (called Alex, Lex, Lexi, or Alexa, depends who you talk to)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Branch: Lucian (oohh yessss XD)
Personality: TBA in RP
Lives: UUHHHH... EVERYWHERE. Jk... uh... Austin, Texas ...idk... some random place in Europe
Other: I might put something here later...

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What does 'TBA' mean?

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Swiftfire To Be Answered

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Oh. Okay.

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Diana | 635 comments Mod
Austin Texas! That's where Riordan lives!! :D

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Swiftfire XD *cough* It's also where, uh, I live...

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Swiftfire XD *cough* It's also where, uh, I live...

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Swiftfire Whoa, double comment! XD

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 344 comments Name: Stella Desrochers (nicknamed Echo)
Gender: female
Age: 14
Branch: Ekat
Appearance: Brown eyes, fake yellow colored hair in the same style as Holly Short's ( ), always smiling when faced with people, is raccooned with black around the eyes. No one knows why.
Personality: Street smart, OCD, annoying but strong, has a minor case of Anthropophobia, inventor in the domain of light and the lack of it, a bit psycho. . .
Lives: Canada
Other: She's a trained assassin with the specialty's in martial arts but mostly silence in every way (she is nicknamed Echo because you only here the already too late echo of when she leaves. She is hired for her uncanny ability to get rid of anybody in the world without asking questions.
Speaks french.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Name: Anama "Hunt" Cahill
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Branch: Unknown

Appearance: Long brown hair to her middle back, blue, piercing eyes, nice tan, skinny with nice curves, add it up, she equals = pretty. Wears jean shorts a lot with tank tops.
Personality: Fun, cautious, loves family, hates the clue hunt and Vespers, talkative most of the time, creative, she would make a good detective.

Lives: How does she know that you're not a Vesper? She ain't tellin' you1

Other: Uses her creativity to ran away from enemies, sings, owns a motorcycle, rich girl, is awesome!

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