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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Here we go!! Post pics of your side of the room if you want

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(( Ace's Dorm Side: ))

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Ace took a step back and looked at her new side of the room, she was preety satisfied with herself for creating that. After setting up everything she decided to take a shower and change, look around the school more.


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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Emily opened an eye. Her head was pounding pretty hard. Chloe had had an INSANE party last night, but now Emily was wishing she had come back sooner. School didn't start for another week, time for the students to settle in or whatever. She rolled out of bed and glanced at the clock. Crap, Chloe would be here in 10 minutes, and she still had to meet her roomie.

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Once coming back, she realised at her roomie was there all along. How had she not woken her up? "Uh hi?" She waved her hand slightly, and gave a small chuckle

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Hi," Emily said. She rushed into the bathroom and got cleaned up. She made sure to include sun glasses so nobody could she her eyebags.

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"I'm Amorette Bellerose," she said brushing long braids to behind her back. "I orginated in france where most my family lived but then we moved to Austin, Texas and now here I am." She smiled.


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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "That's nice," Emily said, running a hand through her messy hair. "Listen, I don't mean to sound rude, but my girl, Chloe, had this cray party last night, and I'm not feeling too good right now."

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"Why did you get dressed why not spend the day sleeping?" She asked starting to unpack the rest of her clothes.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Cause Chloe wants to go shopping, and her usual shopping bud has a swim meet," Emily explained.

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"Who is this Chloe she sounds... " she trailed off before thinking 'like a jerk'. "Anyway do you think she'll mind if I go instead you really don't seem... okay. In any way shape or form." Ace picked up a pillow and set in on her bed.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Would you really?" Emily said gratefully. "I'd owe you forever!"

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"Of course! You need rest." She said wrapping Emily's blanket around her.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "You are an amazing person," Emily said then passed out.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Chloe knocked on the door. Emily should be ready by now, but she probably wasn't. She knocked again and tapped her foot impatiently.

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((Should they know each othwr from camp?))

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((They met right? And they'll probably have more rps there too))

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(( yeah they did remember Outsude of Camp 4))

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((K, so they did meet, but haven't really gotten to know each other yet))

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Ace opened the door and started laughing "Chloe? Your the um... what are you?" Ace dialed it down but had a few chuckles here and there.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "What are you dining here?" Chloe demanded. This was a nightmare.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((Got cut off...))

Ace was the second demigod she'd run into this week, and they knew her already, which was awkward

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"I got a scholarship here!" She stifled a laugh, she looked at Chloe's face and she couldn't help it! She looked horrified that she was here. "Thats no way to greet someone who took you shoping now is it?" She raised an eyebrow and a smirk.

((Are you okay with cursing?))

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((Dude you there?))

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Sorry, just surprised," Chloe said.

((Totally, just nothing beyond the F word

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((About to go into a movie, will be able to reply in like 2 hours once it starts))

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"Surprised to see that another demigod goes to school? Or surprised that I'm here to take you shopping?" She leaned against the post of the door, and put her tennis shoes on.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Wait, what? Sorry, I'm shopping with Em, speaking of which, where is she?" Chloe said

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ((Also, can you reply with Ajax at camp?))

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"Passed out from some sort of hangover. As a good roomie, I'm helping out." Grabbing her phonewallet that was on the desk next to her computer.

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((Yea sorry))

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Right? I was wondering how bad it would be," Chloe said. "Okay, whatever, let's go"

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"Great." She chucked the followed her put.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "So, anyone you gone to this school before?" Chloe asked

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"Well, there's Fletcher but, I don't KNOW him." She walked out of her dorm and beside Chloe.
"So are you the 'Queen B'? She asked

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Well, I'm cheer captain and Reigning Homecoming Queen for the second year in a row, and I'm a sophomore, so I guess you could say that," Chloe said.

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"Oh Gods." She muttered within earshot. She had never had good experiences with them. They were always so... annoying.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Could you not?" Chloe said edgily. "That's not exactly something you want to advertise. This school is really good for people like us, but you can't run around announcing that you're a... You know what I mean."

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"Please, I've been to enough schools to tell you NOBODY cares. Ever." She raised an eyebrow.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "And my family's been at this school for generations, believe me, people care. A lot," Chloe said

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"Hmm. So it's true your a rich girl who actually has her parent?" She chuckled bet her got her into this school as well.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "Yes, and while my dad helped me get in, my perfect grades and genius level IQ probably didn't exactly hurt," Chloe said. Her dad was a touchy subject.

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"All right. Well we are taking my car, I don't trust the guys around here." She smirked

((Sorry I had bandpractice))

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "We could take one of mine," Chloe offered

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"How many cars do you need at a school?" She asked, rolling her eyes. Seriously HOW MANY? "The way I see it is, more cars, more chances for damage, and more money I'd like to keep mine very much." She chuckled

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "I only brought like three or four," Chloe said uncertainly. "And if I'm the one driving, we definitely won't get in any kind of trouble for anything ever."

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"You know, as much as I would like to find that comforting, it's not. You know how I know because YOU won't get in trouble but I will, you know why?" She raised an eyebrow at her and had an unamused look on her face.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) "I'd really like to know why," Chloe said. "Also, there's literally no one here who'd dare try and make any kind of trouble for me."

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