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A.V. Osten | 5 comments Part 1 of a trilogy
The Head Employee Precedent
The year is 2217. The life on the Eastern hemisphere of Earth has been wiped out by a cosmic storm.
James is a Support Employee at the ElCompany, located in the Western Hemisphere, where life goes on. He takes care of the well being of the Head Employee, a collie named Mulder. A few miles away Dr. Eizenheim, a geneticist, works on a project to block four types of creativity, which she believes threaten political peace in the Western Hemisphere. The Head Employee at the ElCompany acts unprofessionally that day and James suspects something is up. What could have gone wrong? As soon as he finds out, he must choose between reporting the Head Employee, thus signing his death sentence; or guard him at the possible cost of his own life.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

message 2: by Shalini (new)

Shalini | 63 comments I have PM ed you. Kindly check

message 3: by A.V. (new)

A.V. Osten | 5 comments Thank you, sending the file your way!

message 4: by A.V. (new)

A.V. Osten | 5 comments Shalini was super quick with the responses, read the story and sent me an overview and answers of my questions for less than 12 hours!
She pointed out the places where clarification is needed, other spots that could be worked on, and her attitude is outstanding!

Thank you, Shalini! I will definitely look for your insight in my future stories.

message 5: by Shalini (new)

Shalini | 63 comments Thank you Tony for your kind words. Much appreciated

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