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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) I'm putting the stuff from your character application here, so it's easy to check. If there's anything you want to edit, PM and I can fix it. I post your profile once you've been approved and have a dorm

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Frost
Image or Appearance: bluish white hair, and blue-grey eyes
Age: 16
Birthday: 2001 December 5
History: he is fun, loving, caring, and secretive. He often stays away from his family and spends most of his time with his friends
Relationship: single

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Dawson Westerson
Appearance: lean and tall (5' 11") like a distance runner, blonde hair, blue eyes, simple features and a scar above his eye.
Age: 17
Birthday: October 30th, 1999
History/Personality: Shy and somewhat awkward, he isn't the most popular kid, but people know him. He's kind and amiable, always open for a conversation. He lives with his family but he is usually in the library or in a movie.
Relationship: single

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Chloe Wayne

Image or Appearance: 5'6", scary blue eyes, dirty blonde hair.
looks like this except with blue eyes -
She looks like Quinn from Glee

Age: 15/Sophmore - but has senior and junior level classes

Birthday: November 21, 2001

History: Chloe is cheer captain, but if you called her a dumb cheerleader, she will cut you. She's super smart and took calculus as a freshman. She is taking mostly junior level classes, with math, science, and history at a senior level. Chloe's family has gone to this school since it was founded, so she's very proud of that. Her family tree had always been very wealthy and Chloe's dad founding a successful tech company just added to that. She was born and lived in Dallas till she was two, then she and her dad moved to London and lived there till she was ten. She currently lives in Houston, but she has houses/condos all over the world.

Personality: She's a typical cheerleader - peppy, and super energetic.She's smart, and not someone you want as an enemy. People think she's mean, but she actually has a heart of gold, although, if you cross her, she will destroy you.

Relationship: Single

Notes: She is reigning Homecoming Queen and Cheer Captain. She is also a surprisingly good singer

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Claire Young.
Image or Appearance: Blue eyes, blond hair, soft features.
Age: 17
Birthday: April 9th 2000
History: Not much.
Relationship: Currently single.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Liora Hunt
Image or Appearance:

Attire: Occasionally dresses but mostly long tan coats, black fitted pants, black Doc Martins, and black shirts or long sleeve.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Age: 18
Birthday: February 4, 1999
History (w/ some personality):
Liora never figured out how and why she was able to attend this school until a few years ago when she finally found that her family had been attending the school for a while and that was the only reason: family. It had nothing to do with it she had the smarts or something or the good grades. It was based on bloodline and nothing more. Now this has always ticked Liora off and she can often be one of the people you hate to be around because of this reason. Now, Liora is known throughout the school as a girl who isn't the kind to back down from a dare or fight and tends to be in the principle's office every few days.
Relationship: Single (open)

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name:
Shadow Light
Image or Appearance:
January 10th, 2000
Shadow has had a good life and is pretty rich. She is known as the popular girl. She doesn't really think much of it. She was born in Oro Valley, Arizona it is such a small town not much to do there. (I live there in real life lol) She moved here to open up better and she sure has. She is right now the Swim team captain and has always loved swimming it was her get away. Her life isn't always perfect like everyone thinks but, she wants to be herself like she always wanted to be.
Single (ANYONE!)

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Burt Munro
Image or Appearance:

Face Claim: Johnny Depp (21 Jumpstreet)
Hair: Combed to the side as shown above. ^
Eyes: Grayish green
Height: 5ft, 11in
Age: 16
Birthday: March 25, 2001
Being the first of his family to atten such a school has always made Burt very proud of himself and also cocky at times. He is a well known trouble maker but treats people with respect if he sees they deserve it.
Relationship: Single (open)

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Fletcher Jones

Hair -- Shaggy, dark brown
Eyes -- Electric Blue
Height -- 5' 9"
Weight -- 140 lbs

Age: 17

Birthday: September 29, 1999

History: This is his first year at this school. He hadn't heard about it before, but he discovered that several of his friends attended this school. He hadn't stayed in a school for more than a year before, so he decided to come here and give it a try. It was difficult for him to get admission, but he's happy to be here.

Personality: He's the kind who follows to the saying, "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer." Because of this, he doesn't have many friends. People like his generally happy persona, but he tends to distance himself from everyone except for the few people he trusts and considers a friend. Although his lack of friends seems to say otherwise, he loves a good laugh. He would classify himself as a helper to people, always rushing into the mix of whatever activity is occurring to lend a helping hand. He's also pretty clever. Although he is seen as cheery and a helper, he generally distrusts people, which doesn't give him many allies. He doesn't mind not having many friends though because he prefers working alone. Kindness is Fletcher's hardest attribute to show. It's weird because he's generally happy, but he tends to be a little rough around the edges and struggles to show kindness to others. He doesn't shy away from the truth, no matter how painful.

Relationship: Girlfriend -- Rachel Hail

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Leonard Ambert

Nickname: Leo

Height - 6'3"
Eyes - Blue
Hair- Brown

Age/birthday: January 27 1999, 18, senior

History: His while family has gone here and he almost didn't get in. He's really nice and reminds people of a huge puppy. He got quarterback his junior year. He and Chloe Wayne went out most of his junior year and they got Homecoming King and Queen, but they mutually broke up. He and Chloe are still good friends.

Personality: sweet, tough, smart

Relationship: Big crush on Shadow, and some lingering feeling for Chloe

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Emily Havenwood

Image or Appearance:
Eyes - Dark Brown
Height - 5'5"
Hair - Black

Face credit - Santana Lopez from Glee

Age: 16, junior

Birthday: January 29, 2001

History: Emily is Chloe's second in command and has been since they met last year. Emily isn't the best at school, but she has some of the best street smarts you'll ever see.

Relationship: None, but has dated half of the football team, and is looking for a boyfriend

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) ━━─ · · 「 L O U I S I A N A L E G I O N 」 · · ─━━━━━━
male × nineteen × senior × artist × pan + single
Everyone takes one look at him, sees what he does, and thinks he's some nice guy. But, no, nononononono. Back away, beware, stop, do not pass go. Louisiana has no chill whatsoever. He's an intense guy, the kind of intense that scares most people off. Maybe it's the weed way he takes things too seriously, but he's not the kind of person that lets others in easily. There's a lot to Louisiana, and not many people have the real need to look into it. His family, however, knows full well; what they don't see is the dark part of him that he doesn't show many people. It's the part of him that caused him to do quite a lot for the sake of curiosity--look where that's gotten him.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Katherine Moonshade
Nickname: Kat
birthday: October 31s, 2001
looks: green blue eyes short curly brown hair pale skin slender. Likes to wear cat ears
Likes: Cats, reading, adventures, boys, having fun
dislikes: needles
relationship status: Single
other: Has anxiety and is prone to passing out. Has a special connection with animals especially cats and dogs. Not very much a people person. Has a tortie and white kitten with blue eyes named Mixie and a German shepherd-golden retriever mix named Navia Navia
Role: Basically a loner likes to draw sing and act. She does like football though and soccer. She also likes history
Stereotype: She's not one. I mean maybe the pretty shy singer but she's not shy

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Lexie Harper


Age: 14; Freshman

Birthday: August 3rd

History: Lexie is an athlete, she is one of those athletes who has the passion, has the talent, and determination. She is a well-rounded person and makes time for all her studies and practices while fitting in clubs and activities. She is the adorable little freshman who is eager to make friends, and won't back down from a challenge, or opportunity. She hasn't decided what sport to do yet but could excel at any. Her older brother just graduated from the exact same high school, which helped her to get into the school as well, and her other brother is still in his junior year here, so she has family ties to the school. Fun fact about Lexie, she is trilingual, and speaks English, Spanish, and French near perfectly, due to her family moving throughout countries. This helps her English skills, so that is another reason she got accepted into this school.

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Isabella Jalex
Image or Appearance:
Age: 16 junior
Birthday: April 24th
History: Bella is the youngest in the family with only brothers. Sometimes they are over protective when she tried to hang out with friends or with guys. She loves dancing as her mom used to dance a lot when she was young and they now share the love of moving to the music. She wants to put together her own dance crew and works as much as she can both during and after school to get one together. She hopes to get a dance team that can represent the school one day.
Relationship: Single

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Matt
Birthday: July 25th
Personality: Funny, Kind, Only Smart in Language Arts and Science
Crushes: Zero
History: Lives on the street his dad abandoned him when he was little and his mom and brother died in a fire
Grade level: Junior
Role: To be a football player and to get into college

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Ashton Smoke
Image or Appearance:
Age: 16, Junior
Birthday: September 17th
History: Ashton is always pegged as a popular girl, yet that isn't her true self. Yet she enjoys all the company, she is really a nerd. Yeah, it's hard for her to admit it to those around her, and is constantly afraid of being ridiculed if those people close to her found out. She does her best to hide it, yet she is in advanced classes, (thanks to her parents who enrolled her) and sometimes slips up in her popular act, surprising people with her inventiveness. She does have a tendency to say some smart remarks here and there and doesn't spend all her weekends with her friends. She does participate in clubs and activities.
Relationship: Open for collabs. (go for it)

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Ev (KickButtBookWorm) Name: Amorette Bellerose
Birthday: December 20th 2001

She's very loud and loves to party, she's really hard to read though she barely comes clear to anyone except her closest friends( she moved away from them though)
She can be manipulative and she's honestly just a very persuasive person she loves to laugh and is
just a fun person to be around. DON'T EVER GET ON HER BAD SIDE. I know your thinking what is she going to do to me, she won't talk your crush into not liking you, she won't prank you,
she won't even passive agressive. You will lose her trust for ever.

( Sorry it won't upload the picture ): She's 5'6 and has natural hair she's a Black woman(it's not racist it's a fact) and her hair is usually in a goddess braid
you'll mostly see her wearing some booty shorts and a blouse with some nice sneakers.

History: Straight-A student Amorette((Ace)) grew up with her mother in Austin, TX after her father left her. She never forgot the day when she got the scholarship to Jewel High School. She was ecstatic when it happened but when she realised she wouldn't be able to see her mother except on holidays she cried. Though after all was said and done, her mother told her to go and be succesful.

Family: Mother: Diandra Bellerose

Crush/Bf/: Open

Fatal Flaw: She will protect the ones she love no matter what.

Strongest Skill:Physically: Archery

Weakest Skill: Physically: Melee
Just-In-Life: Not knowing when to stop harming someone

Other: She's a musician, she loves playing the drums, piano, bass, but strangely not guitar.

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Amber | 100 comments Mod
I really like this thread. I think it is a cool way to see the characters and all of their info without all of the extra comments. Thanks! (Huh look at me talking about no extra comments, yet making and extra comment.)

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