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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments here it is! Xx

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Thank you!!!

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments no problem!

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments So ready to discuss???

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments yep! c:

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments So what were you thinking with characters and setting???

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments And do you want to follow the book plot or change it up??

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments I was thinking that we would double. Maybe can I have a girl from District 2 and her love interest can be a boy from District 2 who is ruthless, but a total sweetheart on the inside. He is just a bit misunderstood. Also, they have been friends for a long time, but they have a love / hate relationship.

Maybe change it up a little bit? Maybe they could have more than one Hunger Games to keep the people of Panem more entertained than ever?

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Cool! I'll want a girl from a Lower district that was moved into a higher district she's a outside that hasn't shown her skills and her love interest well she doesn't have a love interest she's just forced to be with someone from District 1 so she can survive? Does that sound okay??

Yeah we can do more then one hunger games!

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments Yeah! Of course! I'll get started on the charries. I'll just do the basic age, name, looks, weapon, and district. c:

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Sweet!' When I get on my laptop I'll do the same!

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments
NAME -- Ashton (prefers Ash) Grace Lovelis
AGE -- 16


NAME -- KJ Archer Cameron
AGE -- 17
WEAPON OF CHOICE -- Swords + Hand to Hand combat.


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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Name: Mercedes Cole
Age: 16
District: 11 moved to District 1
Weapon of Choice: Sword, Axe, Bow, and Arrow, or hand to hand combat.


Name: Dominic Anderson
Age: 17
District: 2
Weapon of Choice: Hand to Hand Combat, Knives, Sword, and hand to hand combat.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments love them! would you like to start or would you like me to start?

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Thanks! Could you start, please?

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments sure! i'll start at the reaping. :)

This year was going to be different. They were going to have twogames due to the lack of excitement happening in Panem. One half of Ashton wanted to go to the Games, see what it was like. The other half of her wasn't excited. She didn't want to die. As her mom finished waving out her hair, she looked at her and smiled. Her mother smiled at her, a big grin spreading across her face. "Oh, darling. We will forever be proud of you." She mentioned, like she was actually going to the Games. "We will see you soon, sweetheart." She added as Ashton made her way out the door. Looking at the ground and doing the usual things that she did when the day of the reaping came, she stood with the group of girls that were hoping and praying that they would not get reaped. However, Ashton was surprised that some of her friends wanted to be in the Games.


KJ was a fanatic about the games, training nonstop in case he was reaped, which he hoped. District One was crazy about the games, always congratulating the people who went on. His father actually won the games a long time ago. However, he doesn't like to talk about it that much. After all, he hated to brag, sometimes. KJ fixed the collar of his white dress shirt and nodded. This was it. He was hoping that he would be reaped just so he could show the City of Panem what he could do. He was waiting for his moment in the spotlight, to step in the arena and show people what he could do. After all, he was underestimated a lot of the time. Walking out of the house with a smile on his face and the sun shining on his hair, he walked to the stage where the reaping was going to be held, doing the usual protocol. Then, he went with the other group of hopeful males.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments The Reaping day scared her more then anything it was a day of fear and horror for those that weren't prepared on her first reap she was terrified because she lived in District 11. Then she was moved to District 1 to live with her uncle. Now she didn't feel fear she felt more nervousness because she didn't belong in a district like this. She scrubbed herself clean and slipped on a black dress before she brushed out her hair and put in simple curls. She did very faint make up before she walked to the reaping. But it was different this year there was a second hunger games because it wasn't so popular anymore. Mercedes stood in her age group of girls hiding her emotion because she was terrified and nervous. If she was reaped her District partner may not trust her because she used to be nothing. And she's was still nothing in their eyes.


Dominic combed his hair back and buttoned up his shirt. He saw his father look over at him with joy he had a feeling his son would be chosen this year and his year he would win. It terrified him but he was trained to be a vicious fighter from District 2. He finished cleaning himself up and left to the reaping. He stood in his age group staying calm and confident he was ready to enter the games to please his parents and hopefully lead on his legacy. His ancestors always were close to winning but they never did and he intended to win.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments ((This reminds me of this song I heard hat I thought could have been in the hunger games called something more by second hand serenade omg it's amazing!))

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments
Ashton stood with her age group, standing on the tip toes of her black dress shoes to see if she saw anybody that she knew. Then, she saw Dominic. Rolling her eyes and getting off of her tip toes, she looked forward. Dominic wasn't her favorite person. They were friends, but they had that love and hate relationship. Some days she truly cared about him, while other days she didn't because he almost drove her off of the deep end most of the time. However, she would guess that he was an alright guy. Suddenly, a woman with poofy orange hair came up to the stage, a smile glued onto her face. "Happy Hunger Games, District Two." She stated with a nod and a couple of waves to the crowd as they played the video that they did every single year.

KJ smirked as he crossed his arms, walking over to the group of boys who were also his age. Who wouldn't be excited about the games? It happened every single year and now there was going to be more than one game! Two! Not one, but two! And KJ wanted to be reaped so bad. He would die either way if he didn't get reaped. He couldn't think of a better way to spend his days. As he spent the next few minutes talking to one of his friends from school, he couldn't get his mind off of the games. They were action packed, heart pounding, adventure of a lifetime that everybody in District One wanted to take part in. However, only four, not two, got to take part in the games this year. And it was about to begin whenever a woman with straight teal hair stepped onto the stage with a very weird hot pink outfit mixed in with a color that looked like the color of her hair. They played the video, but KJ couldn't watch it. He was too distracted on the thought of the woman's hair. Was that even her real hair?

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments ( I haven't heard that song yet, but I'll have to listen to it sometime! :) ))

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments ((It really fits the theme lol.))

Dominic looked over at Ashton and smirked slightly before he turned his attention back to the stage when the poofy orange hair lady walked onto the stage. The video finished playing and he sighed softly. "Now Ladies First," He watched her hand slide into the glass bowl as she shuffled through all the names before she chooses one and pulled it out. "The first female victor is Ashton Lovelis." She announced with joy and Glee. Dominic smirked at her he knew Ashton was good but under pressure could she really handle it? He watched Ashton walk onto the stage and the Woman chooses the next female.

Mercedes stood and listened as the Woman explained the two games and then choose the first female a friend of hers but actually an enemy that hated her so much. But she held her breath when she pulled out the second female's name. "The Second Female Victor is Mercedes Cole." She felt stares over her as she pushed herself to walk up onto the stage.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments ((I'm sorry that post is so small I'm on my phone.))

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emma (theonlytanman) | 241 comments
(( you're fine! no worries. ))

Ashton almost fell to the ground because she couldn't feel her legs anymore once she heard that her name was called. Maybe somebody would volunteer? But nobody volunteered. After all, her parents probably paid everybody not to volunteer if their daughter was reaped. Making her way up to the stage, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she walked up the steps, brushing a piece of her dark brown hair behind her. As she was walking, she caught a glance of Dominic, who was smirking at her. She wondered what he was thinking. Was he thinking about how desperate every single girl in this District was for him? Was he thinking about her? That wasn't possible, so Ashton brushed the thought out of her mind, only to not hear who was reaped, but then she saw the first male who was reaped and it was him. Crossing her arms, she sighed. Him? Why him?

KJ smirked as he heard the name of the second girl being called up. The used to be District Eleven citizen. Laughing softly, he nudged his friend in the ribs. "Really? The used to be District Eleven? Once an Eleven, always an Eleven, am I right?" KJ whispered, looking forward and crossing his arms as he watched Mercedes make her way up the stage. He knew her, but had never talked to her. He just cracked jokes about how she used to live in District Eleven to his friends, but he would never make them in front of her. Who knows if a fire ball of terror lived inside of her. Then, it was the second male's turn and KJ's name was called. Getting a ton of pat on the back from friends and hoots and hollers, he chuckled at their reactions. They were really supportive, but were they really his friends? After all, he didn't know anything about them! Making his way up to the stage, he glared at Mercedes.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Dominic smiled slightly and got up the stage when he was called. He stood on the stage and saw his family were so proud. They would support him all the way he has to win. He glared at Ashton and stood tall when they were praised. He walked with them to the building and he saw his father come to him and talk to him with pride. "You kill her last and you will I will be so proud, son." His father said to him. He nodded his head, "I won't let you down sir." He promised his father. When he left Dom was alone but he knew he can't let his father down.

Mercedes sighed softly as she stood up on the stage when she saw KJ was called she glared at him back when he stood on the stage. They were praised as the victors and brought to a building to meet their family. Her Uncle came to her and praised her. "I'm an outside the careers won't trust me at all." She said to him. "No, you have the skills tell them that you can help do what you can to be a career." He said to her with no remorse or worry. "Just come out alive." He warned her before he left. She closed her eyes and figured she may just work at the district 11 tributes whoever they are. Because she knew KJ hated her and refused to work with her hell he may just kill her first.

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After the reaping was over, Ashton saw her mom and her dad waiting for her with her arms open wide. Did they even think that she could do this? As tears started to fill up her eyes, she buried her head in her mother's shoulder. "Dear, you are ruining your makeup." She replied with the shake of her head. She gave her mother a hug and turned to her dad, who was looking at her with a straight face. "Do good. Don't let us down." He stated in his usual monotone, which left Ashton only to nod. What did she even say to that? There wasn't really anything to say. Taking a deep breath, she was taken away from her parents as she got on the train that would lead her to the Capitol. Too bad that she had to suffer with Dominic around. He was definitely going to be a pain that probably would disappear for a very long time. Taking her hair down from its neat bun that her mother did, she ran her hand through her hair and sighed again, taking a seat at the table.

KJ was praised in front of a crowd, along with Mercedes. He went back and saw his father, who gave him a very hard slap on the back which he was sure that it would sting for a while. "Son, please don't let the Cameron family generation down. The Cameron's always win." His father stated, which suddenly made KJ a lot more nervous. He wasn't nervous before, but now he was. If he let his family down, he would be a disgrace to his family. Besides, he wouldn't even be there to say that he was sorry. He would be dead. Looking at his father, he nodded sharply. "I'll try my best, Father." His father gave him a stern look back, getting closer to his ear. "No," his father began to his in his ear quietly. "You will do your best. You will not let us down. You will win." His father left the room, and KJ was left with the large quiet space as the words rolled through his mind.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Mercedes walked onto the train and sat down on a bench near the window their trip wasn't going to be long but being stuck with KJ was murder. She saw him come in she turned her head away wanting to avoid him but she thought of what her uncle said. She would talk to him later and tell him she may be District Eleven but she wasn't a real threat. Because she may know ways to find and kill any of the other districts. Or maybe she'll use her body for him to keep her alive long enough. She wasn't sure yet. "I know you don't trust me." She said to him. "But we are district partners we can't just avoid each other." She said to him after a few long minutes of silence.

Dominic got onto the train and sat down in front of Ashton but he was slightly tense because of his father. He looked down at the floor wondering how he was going to win with her as his partner? She was so weak at times and he hated it because he was a fighter a warrior he had to win and the chances that the career pack had a Cameron inside meant he was going to work twice as hard to win. His family always came in second place each year but this year it was going to change he had to win.

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Ashton watched as Dominic came and sat in front of her, with something stuck on his mind. How could you not think about so many things? You had to at a time like this. Was she even going to stay alive? Is she going to win? Who would be rooting for her? She was strong, but she wasn't that strong. She was weak, sort of. Looking over at Dominic, she still wondered what he was thinking about, but she wasn't going to ask. Crossing her arms across her chest, she looked at the place mats that were on the little table by the window in case they wanted food, but Ashton wasn't hungry. She didn't want food. If she did have food, she was pretty sure that she would get sick. So, she picked at the corner of the pale blue place mat, looking at her bit fingernails as she did.

KJ sat down, still satisfied that he was reaped after all of these years. He would finally have his chance in the spotlight. However, his father made him terrified. If he didn't win, he wouldn't be around anymore to see their reactions, so his father could say anything to anybody about how his son, would he even still call him his son?, was the biggest disgrace in the whole entire 74 years of the games. Shivering at the thought, he ran his hand through his hair and jumped at the sound of a voice, only to find that it was Mercedes who was talking. "I know, and I think that I can survive on my own." He nodded, grabbing one of the mini powdered donuts and popping it in his mouth, some of the powder on his lips. "Well, that's right. I don't really trust you, because you came from Eleven, a poor poor district that farms. You're just a farm girl who lives with her uncle."

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Dominic didn't mind that she was ignoring him but he was still thinking of what's going to happen. He has to win and he was going to use her to win but first, he had to talk to the district one male tribute. If he gets a better alliance with him then he can use her and the district two female to kill the other tributes and then them and district one's male. He knew it was wrong but he had to win this time.

Mercedes ignored his insult. "I may be a farm girl but at least I know how the lower districts will work and hide." She said to him. She closed her eyes slightly. "I need to stay alive at least until the last rounds I may be from a lower district but I still train in a higher standard. You wouldn't survive without someone with farm skills. But I wish you luck." She moved away from him and looked out the window thinking that she needed to help the lower districts to scare the careers.

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Ashton looked up at Dominic, still picking at the corner of the place mat. He was probably mapping out how it was going to be like when they got to the Capitol, training, or even the Games. He was mostly thinking about the Games probably. Blowing a piece of hair out of her face, she tucked it behind her ear as she stopped picking at the corner of the place mat, then she began again. She couldn't ignore Dominic forever. It just wasn't possible at all, but for right now she was, unless Dominic talked to her, but she wasn't going to let out a peep. He would have to say something first. She wasn't going to spill her heart out to him like those ladies did in fairy tales.

KJ rolled his eyes, letting out a chuckle. "Hah. That's very funny, miss. Well, suit yourself. You'll need me soon." He winked, taking another donut in his hands and popping it into his mouth. He should have never ate the first one, or the five donuts that he had eaten after the first one because it was bad for his health. Plus, it was horrible in general. He didn't want fake sugar to slow him down, but he needed food and there was so much to choose from, so he settled for what was in front of him at the moment and those were the donuts. "Thanks for the luck, sweetheart, but I don't need it at all at the moment. I have hundreds of people back in District One rooting for me." He mentioned. "They are my angels, my luck." He added, acting like he had a huge fan base back in his home district.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments "We have to make a alliance with one if we want to get close to winning." He said to her. "Do you even want to win do you want to try?" He asked her. He didn't sound like his regular arrogant self he was pissed off and ready to win the fight to win. He saw the Capitol was near they would meet District 1 Victors soon enough.

Mercedes rolled her eyes at his arrogance. "Have fun." She stood up when the train arrived at the Capital she waved at the citizens and was escorted inside to be groomed and cleaned up for the games. She hated it but it didn't take long for them to finish and help her to the stylist. She already hated her because she wanted to show more of her body with luxury items of District one.

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Ashton looked up at Dominic as she stopped picking at the place mat. Also, the sound of the picking made her feel kind of weird. "Of course I want to win, but doesn't everybody want to win? Only one of us can." Ashton stated with a shrug. "Everybody wants to live up to the fame and the glory." Ashton added, looking out the window. Just a few more minutes and then would be at the Capitol. Then, everything would change and both of their lives would be different forever.

KJ wiped his face off with a napkin, looking out the window and waving a couple of times before looking back down. People already loved him. Mercedes mostly needed the support. When they arrived at the Capitol, KJ's stylist took him away to be cleaned up, mostly so he can get the smell of powdered donuts out of his mouth and somehow off of him. His stylist picked out a real blue suit for him to wear and it really brought out the color of his red hair and his brown eyes. The interviews were approaching and he couldn't wait for the whole entire city of Panem to know him, to praise him forever.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments "Then be ready to work with me to make a good impression." He said to her he saw the train arrive he got up and got off he said hello to everyone and shook their hands before he went inside he was being pulled in to be cleaned and ready for the games. He was changed and dressed into a gold suit his hair gelled back. He sighed looking at himself but he didn't care of his appearance.

Mercedes stood in front of a mirror she was dressed in a matching blue top that was sheer with lace that showed her cleavage and her bottom instead of being a full dress it was a matching pair of blue shorts with the same lace and sheer material with a matching lace skirt dark blue. She wore matching heels and her hair was left alone it was just curled up. She went and walked out of the room with her stylist. "Honey I promise the capital will love you with that body and your attitude. You may have been from District Eleven but you shine like a star of District 1." She blushed at her words. "Thank you." She saw KJ and looked away from him.

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Ashton sighed, nodding. They were from the same District. Working with Dominic shouldn't be too bad, but one of them had to go in the end. They both couldn't stay. As she got taken away by her stylist, Ashton was put in a tight yellow dress with black lace and black heels. Her brown hair was gently waved out, but it didn't look like how her mother or how Ashton usually did it in the mornings, and all through out the day. Looking in the mirror, Ashton sort of shivered. She would die if she saw herself like this every single day. As she looked over at her stylist who seemed like she knew what she was doing, she gave her a thumbs up, wiggling her silver sparkly eyebrows up and down. Well, at least she had a great attitude about things.

KJ smiled, making faces at the mirror and laughing about them. However, the whole entire day he couldn't get the thought out of his head about his father. That ruined him and crushed him all at the same time and he wasn't sure that he could be repaired. He was broken and he couldn't be fixed. As he stepped out of his dressing room, stepping around his stylist who tried to constantly fix his hair even though the really expensive gel was keeping it in place, he looked over at Mercedes who looked, different. There was a lot showing, which the Capitol had a thing for. "Wow. You look, nice? Is that a word I can use in this situation?" He asked, scratching the back of his neck nervously. This was one of the times where he was really thankful that he wasn't a girl. "You do look really pretty though."

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Dom walked out dressed and ready he saw Ashton and was caught by how beautiful she looked. "You look great." He said to her. He looked at his suit feeling like a circus clown in the yellow. "Um are you ready to meet the kids from District 1?" He asked her since they had enough time to socialize with them and make a plan before they board the carriages for the parade.

"Thank you." Mercedes fixed her hair and looked at her body it in athletic shape from being stuck at the farm all the time. "You look nice too." She said to him. "I think the word that fits her more is seductive that is how she's going to get to the top just like her sister did." Her stylist giggled and walked away when she was done. "She's talking about my older sister Arden Cole, she almost won if she didn't die from her wounds." Arden Cole was her only sibling that was reaped when she was 12, she saw her sister a district 11 tribute rise above and she was close to winning she was second that year if a Cameron hadn't sliced her arm off leaving her to die from her wounds.

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Ashton looked over at Dominic and lightly smiled and blushed a light pink. "Thanks. This dress is torture though. It's tight. It is the tightest thing I have ever worn in my whole entire life. You don't look so bad yourself." Ashton chuckled lightly as she looked over at Dominic, nodding. "Sounds like a plan. I think that this night is going to be busy, the part, the parade, the interviews, and then a lot of training." She replied. She was so talkative now to Dominic, just like old times. She just needed to get the thought out of her head that one of them won't ever get to see the other again, or their parents, or they will not get the chance to go back home unless they are in their coffin.

KJ smiled and nodded as he listened to Mercedes's stylist bring up her sister. He knew that she had a sister. He had just never seen her around before. "Oh. Well, I didn't know that she was in the Games before." KJ mentioned with a shrug. The sad part was that he didn't think that she won. After all, she wasn't with Mercedes anymore and she wasn't in the District. He didn't watch the Games a lot, but he always heard who made and who didn't make it. "I know what happened to her, and I'm sorry. My father always says that the Cameron family had to win. If not, we will be a disgrace. That year, it was my cousin. Never saw him again after due to the changes he went through. He's a mess now, like that Haymitch guy." KJ mentioned, remembering some of the sudden outbursts that his cousin would have.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments He nodded his head. "If it makes you feel better this outfit is giving my body a itchy wedgie." He admitted. "It's going to be a lot but it'll work out." He assured her. He saw the time and sighed softly, "we should go." It was time to go down to the parade so they had time to get ready and talk to make alliances.

"You know I'm not upset about what your cousin did to her. I'm upset that she was foolish, she had the herbs to create a barrier over her wound to keep it from getting infected but she didn't do it. She was representing district 11 in a good way. There was hope." She admitted. She closed her eyes. "Um are we going to meet the District 2 Victors to see if there's a good alliance with them?" She asked him slipping on some jewelry her stylist gave her to wear. The parade, Interviews, and Training would be tough. But they had no choice.

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Ashton's eyes widened which made her really glad and actually thankful that she wasn't a boy and even though she was wearing the super tight dress, she didn't want to be stuck in an itchy suit. "Yeah. We should." She mentioned, nodding as she looked down and watched her steps as she followed Dominic to where they would be meeting the tributes from District One. Ashton suddenly wondered what they would be like. Would they be nice, mean, sweet, ruthless, or just a combination of mixed emotions and feelings? Ashton didn't know, but she was really curious to find out.

"She was young. She was twelve, and maybe she was foolish, but she probably didn't know any better." KJ mentioned with a nod as he made his way to the place where they were going to meet the tributes from District Two. "Nobody who is that young should ever participate in the games. I find it foolish and horrible to place somebody so young in that sort of position." He added, holding open the door for Mercedes. He started to feel bad even though he didn't kill her younger sister, but her cousin did. He could imagine all of the sweet memories that they could have had together if she were still here with Mercedes and her family. He couldn't imagine his father going away from his all of a sudden, but sometimes he wish he did.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Dominic walked with her to the District One tributes. "KJ Cameron fantastic." He muttered. "Hello I'm Dominic Anderson," he shook KJ's hand and Mercedes hand. "Its nice to meet you both." He said to them in his head he was laughing at Mercedes he knew where she was from originally. He was ready for the games so he couldn't focus on that.

Mercedes nodded her head. "If I was old enough I would have taken her place. But instead I haven't been reaped until today. My uncle doesn't even feel emotions anymore." She admitted. "There are the district two members." She sighed softly. "Dominic Anderson this will be fun with him." She sighed softly. "You already got a enemy." She sighed softly. She saw Ashton though she didn't show much emotion because she was already dealing with enough teasing from people about her district originally. "Mercedes Cole." She introduced herself to them.

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Ashton looked up at Dominic and then back over at the District One tributes. "Ashton Lovelis, pleasure to meet you guys." She said with a soft smile. Too bad she wouldn't know them for a long time though. All of them would be gone, but maybe one of them would still be here. That's the only part that Ash couldn't get out of her head, and it tortured and tormented her. Smiling as she stayed quiet, she looked at her nails which were bitten due to being nervous earlier, but now they were painted black and they actually looked nice and shimmery for a change.

"Awe. Does he not feel anything anymore? No more pain? No more sorrow? No more happiness in his life?" KJ asked as he immediately stopped talking whenever he saw the District Two tributes. He didn't know if Mercedes wanted them to know about what was going on in her personal life. KJ smirked as he shook Dominic's hand. "KJ Cameron." He stated, nodding. That was all that he really needed to know. After all, he wound possibly find out more later. He didn't want to spoil all of the fun now!

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Dominic nodded his head. "See you both in training." He said to them and walked away with her to the carriage. "He's a pain in the ass." He muttered. He helped her into the carriage and sat down with her.

Mercedes wanted to smack KJ upside of his head but of course no they had to walk over before she could. "Nice to meet you both." She said to Ashton more than Dominic and KJ. She looked up when they were gestured to their carriages. "We will talk more during training and the interviews." She said to them when peacekeepers came over and escorted them to their proper Carriages. "My uncle has always been cruel abusive and cruel don't joke about living with someone like that." She said to KJ harshly before the Parade started she smiled and waved around.

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Looking over at Dominic, Ashton gave him a confused look, but the confused look erased to a light pink blush whenever he helped her into the carriage and sat with her. "Oh. Well, that's not very good." She replied with a nod as she pursed her lips together and looked over at Dominic. "I guess that nobody would want to be a pain. That's the worst." She added with another nod as she tapped the carriage with her fingernails, a habit that she had. "Just up until the Games start, do you think that everything is going to be alright? I mean, after this is over, it won't be over. No matter who wins and who doesn't, life will be different, for better or for worse." When the parade started, Ashton was a bit surprised that the carriage went forward with a jerk. Smiling and waving a bit shyly to the crowd, she watched as the carriage went forward.

KJ nodded as he left the District Two tributes alone, helping Mercedes into the carriage carefully, making sure that she didn't fall forwards or backwards. That would be a horrible thing to happen. After all, she had to compete in the Games no matter what, no excuses. "I wasn't joking and if I was, i apologize. I had no idea." KJ stated as he hopped into the carriage, sitting down as he waited for the other tributes to get settled into their carriages. "I mean, that's not god that he is mean and cruel and abusive and you should probably tell somebody about that if you make it back to District One." He said, his words trailing off into a mutter. "Nobody should ever be hurt, Mercedes." When the parade started, he showed the world his best pearly white smile and waved.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Dominic waved his hand over to the Capitol's people he smiled at them and tried to make small jokes to get them to see him and Ashton and love them both. "That was fun." He said to her when the parade was over. He sighed softly and got off the carriage before he helped her off the carriage and towards the elevator to their floor to where they are staying. "I can't wait to get this thing off me and burn it." He said to her with a bit of a joke but not a full joke.

Mercedes got onto the Carriage and waved at the people she smiled at them as she tried to ignore him. When the Parade was over she got off the carriage and walked with him to the elevator and to the rooms. She didn't say anything to him when she went into the bathroom to change out of her clothes and change into more comfortable clothing. What he didn't understand is her uncle has the power to make it seem like she's lying she can't tell a soul besides KJ. Instead of getting rest she sat in the living room watching past game's recaps but also watching her sister. At night she couldn't sleep so much it was too much for her so resting on the couch may help her fall asleep later on.

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"That was actually really fun. Probably the highlight of my whole entire day." Ashton stated with a smile as the two of them made their way to the elevator to the room that they were staying in. "Also, please don't burn anything. I know that was a joke though." Once she got into her room, she got ready for bed and got in it. Most of the time she would have just relaxed, talked for a little bit, but today was crazy. However, she couldn't go to sleep. Ashton kept tossing and turning and looking at the walls. She couldn't get the thought out of her head that she was going to make it or that she was going to die. It was all way too much for her to handle.

After the parade was over, KJ helped Mercedes out of the carriage and went over to their room that they were going to be staying in for a few nights. He got ready for bed, putting on a night shirt and a pair of lounge pants. He looked around and looked at the giant bed and sighed happily. It looked really comfortable. As he made his way to get a glass of water, he looked over at Mercedes who was watching game recaps. "Hey, do you need anything? Water? Food?" He asked softly and curiously as he cocked his head a little bit slightly. He wondered which year Mercedes was watching of the Games, but he didn't want to ask. He felt like he had annoyed her all throughout the day.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Dominic chuckled. "I won't I promise." He waved at her and slipped into this room. He got changed and slipped on some sweats and a shirt. Though instead of bothering to sleep he couldn't. He went to the kitchen and got something to eat and sat down but he didn't watch anything instead of the actually recap of the games he watched the recap of all the readings that happened today and the Parade at least to see a glimpse of each competitor.

"Hey, no I'm fine I got something over here." She admitted she continued watching the games and sighed softly it was the first few games she was watching how their mentors were able to win. "You can come sit if you want I don't bite." She assured him she was annoyed at him earlier but she doesn't hold grudges at all.

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Ashton put her pillow over her head, tugging at the sheets. She looked out the giant window in her room and sighed as she heard the sound of the TV. The recap of the readings and the Parade was on, but she didn't feel like watching. Leaning over and grabbing her little glass of water, she took a sip and took a deep breath. She would do anything to be back with her mom and dad right now, but being with Dominic wasn't entirely all that bad. He was being sweet, but just imagine when the Games started. She didn't want to imagine that.

KJ nodded as he leaned over and looked at the TV, taking a sip of his water and swallowing it slowly. KJ nodded as he sat down by Mercedes and nodded again, looking at the TV. "I knew that. You don't seem like the type of person who would bite somebody." KJ stated with a light chuckle. Rubbing his eyes and tucking his legs up to his chest, he looked up at the TV with wide eyes, watching everybody. He watched how they moved, acted, and defended themselves. He needed the practice and the support from the past winners if he wanted to win.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Dominic sighed as he watched the recaps he had nerves when he saw KJ he wasn't a match to him. He's freaking out what if he didn't win against him? His father would be so angry. He closed his eyes shaking badly he turned off the tv and went back to his room and just sat on his bed never sleeping.

"What do you think will happen if they changed the rules?" she asked him. "They claimed the best hunger games was with the different rule changes." She closed her eyes not ready to die. "I'll help you kill the lower districts but I'll have to socialize with them and when they're gone we can go our separate ways until only one person lives." She said to him thinking it was a good offer. She could manipulate the other tributes just to do it.

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Ashton still laid on the bed, looking out the window as she let out a yawn, closing her eyes and going to sleep. However, it didn't last long. She shot right up screaming something as she realized that she was covered in sweat and breathing in and out heavily. The Games haven't even started and they were getting to her already. Listening to the whole entire area stay still and quiet except for her, she looked around in the dark, the room staying aglow by the one light that she still had on in her room.

KJ looked over at Mercedes, shrugging as he looked back over at the TV. "I think that it will be kind of hard. Everybody is so used to the basic deal, you know?" KJ said, doing his little hand motions that he did lots of the times when he was giving reports or rambling about something that probably wasn't needed. "Cool. That sounds good, Mercedes." He replied with a nod, frowning as he looked back over at the TV. Until one of them lives That really got to him when she said that. One of them would live and the other would be gone.

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments Dominic looked up to her screaming he ran out of the room and went to her. "Hey you okay?" He went over to she side. "It was just a nightmare you're safe." He held her close and rubbed her back gently. "You're safe and sound." He assured her. He wanted to make sure she's okay and not scared.

"Everdeen managed to do it." She said to him not sure how it's going to happen. "Maybe it'll happen if we make a good show a really good show." If they got high scores and got the citizens to love them maybe they'll save them? "It doesn't matter I know who will win already." She said to him. "It's obvious that you will win."

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Ashton looked up at Dominic as he entered her room, walking over to her side and holding her close. Taking a deep breath and burying her head in his shoulder, she nodded. "I'm sorry, Dom. I don't want to go, but I have to. I have no idea what is going to happen." She spoke, her voice muffled. "I can't stop thinking about the Games because it is right around the corner. I'm scared."

KJ nodded. "That's true. One of the higher districts were also with Everdeen , but they both died. If Clove and Cato were the last two, the Capitol would have let them survive. After all, they were the popular picks of the game before Everdeen." He stated, nodding as he took a sip of his water. "I think that we can possibly do that." KJ nodded. They had to do it. After all, District One was the most loved District. "Nah. I don't think so. I don't think that I'll win." KJ admitted. "It is just not like me to win at this sort of thing."

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Janellie (JanelliePatellie) | 1713 comments "Don't be sorry I know the fear it's rising in me too it's getting worse. We will be okay I promise if we make a good impression with the capital our chances of winning grow we have to get good training scores and have amazing interviews. It'll keep us alive." He said to her meaning those words they would be safer that way.

Mercedes nodded. "I'm willing to do it if you are." She was ready to do a high score if he was. "Right now it seems like you have a better choice but if we work together we can do it." She was terrified of death but she was willing to work hard to get them as famous or even more famous than Cato and Clove.

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