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Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging
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Jul - Tribe > Jul - Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger

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Megan | 85 comments If you have general thoughts about this book, please share them in this thread.

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Sarah Stewart Holland (sarahstewartholland) | 9 comments I read this several months ago and LOVED it I find myself quoting it all the time

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Kim Guerrette | 13 comments I've heard this from others too. What are some of the bits that stick with you most?

Paula Godoy | 2 comments Hello all! I am only a chapter into this book but wanted to share some thoughts and maybe open a discussion about the movement from civilization to a relatively more primitive lifestyle. Perhaps this is a reach - but I liken it to the subgroup of Millennials who are moving away from huge cities and populating smaller (more affordable) cities. I find myself thinking about thresholds of wealth, comfort, and the cost of living, what it is about human nature that seeks to buffer these three, and how raising wages (or adding a universal minimum wage) would grant more freedeom when choosing a lifestyle based on personal preference as opposed to financial burdens. Maybe Junger will talk about this more! :)

Megan | 85 comments Kim, the below quote sticks out to me:

"If you want to make a society work, then you don’t keep underscoring the places where you’re different—you underscore your shared humanity,”

The author talks about war, trauma, disasters - all of which being people together because of their shared humanity. In difficult times, political parties are forgotten as people work together towards a shared goal. I'm my opinion, this is what the current political climate is missing. We are focusing too much on our teams and not enough on the goals.

Megan | 85 comments Paula, I started a new thread for the interesting point you brought up about the move from civilization to a more primitive lifestyle. I would love to hear more about your thoughts.

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