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Sarah Canning (Books Over Sleep, Author Services) (booksoversleepauthorservicessjc) | 114 comments * Title

Twice Dipped Murder: A Cozy Mystery (The Rita Reincarnated Cozies Book 3)

* Author(s) name(s) Daphne DeWitt


* Publisher Self

* Publication date July 24, 2017

* Format Kindle

* Description
When Second Springs wins a bid to hold the nation's fifth largest dog show, the town goes into full blown K-9 fever. But when a prominent shower falls to his death during the preliminaries, it's up to Rita to get to the bottom of this dog related death.

Did he fall? Or was he pushed? Was it an unfortunate accident? Or was this a calculated murder?

Rita's on the case and the only way to investigate is from the inside. But how will Mayor McConnell take to being primped, polished, and forced to participate in a show that goes against his very prickly nature? Spoiler Alert: Not well!

Can Rita Redoux catch a killer? What connection does it have to the night she fell down the stairs? What's going on with Peggy and Aiden's relationship? Who is that Rita's dad has been kissing on his front porch? Will she go on that date with Sammie and, if so, how will Darrin take it?

All these questions and more will be answered when Rita, Reincarnated solves a delicious doggie dilemma in TWICE DIPPED!

* Page count 178

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message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 10505 comments Done & created series as well.

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Canning (Books Over Sleep, Author Services) (booksoversleepauthorservicessjc) | 114 comments Thank you!

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