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message 1: by W.M. (new)

W.M. Driscoll (WMDAuthor) | 19 comments Always helpful librarians - My new poetry collection just dropped under my full name William Driscoll but I would like it to appear with my other poetry books on my W.M. Driscoll GR page - I believe you've done this in the past by adding W.M. Driscoll as an author - could you please add this one as well:

isbn: 978-0990406488
The Collected Poems of Driscoll

If you need anything else to make this happen, let me know and thanks as always for your help - William

message 2: by Codex (new)

Codex | 3403 comments #1: Author name normalised per Goodreads rules.
Created Kindle edition (cover from Amazon): The Collected Poems of Driscoll

message 3: by W.M. (new)

W.M. Driscoll (WMDAuthor) | 19 comments Beautiful - thanks, Codex - you guy are great!

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