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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Coming of age story- possibly YA/Adult. MC is teenage boy, love interest is strange girl who likes H.P. Lovecraft, she disappears. [s]

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Kelsey Rowe | 2 comments Can't remember the name of the title or author.

I bought the book from Boarders sometime between 2004-2007. Let a friend borrow it and never got it back. Can't remember the year it was published, but it was a modern book.

The title possibly had something to do with cold, winter or snow or it was snowing on the cover.

The main character was a teenage boy. I don't think the book ever gave his name, but it did mention he was named after his uncle who had died.

The love interest was a strange girl. She liked H.P Lovecraft. She gave the boy weird nicknames. Higgly Piggly maybe? She ends up disappearing somehow and the boy has to come to terms with the fact that she's gone and the strange relationship they had.

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Krista | 132 comments Seconding As Simple as Snow.

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Kelsey Rowe | 2 comments SOLVED. Definitely As Simple as Snow. Thank you!!

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