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message 1: by Zeljka (new)

Zeljka (ZTook) | 1982 comments Mod
There are several adaptations of Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden, and I think you won't regret watching any of them. The first widely known adaptation was The Secret Garden (1949) with Margaret O'Brien and Dean Stockwell in the main roles. The other two adaptations that come to my mind are The Secret Garden (1987) and The Secret Garden (1993).
However, we should read the book first, shouldn't we? Being a classic, it won't be difficult to find in your libraries or online for those who prefer e-books.
I already feel this book will rekindle wide-eyed innocence of my childhood. I hope it'll be same with you!

message 2: by Ellea (new)

Ellea Thank you, Zeljika! This was my favorite book as a teenager - and I didn't see any of the movies till now. I am worried that they fail to meet my expectations actually.

Celia Walters | 9 comments I love this book! I've seen 2 of the adaptations. A fellow reader commented that Colin Firth was in one of them! Must watch it!!

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