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Amyiw | 914 comments Mod
July is in full swing and the heat is on. I decided to get my act together while on vacation and post a July challenge. Fun in the sun for us Northern Hemisphere people or if you are like me in Vermont, rain, lots and lots of rain. Not today though and I am enjoying the cooler weather (than the Washington-Baltimore metro area).
Let's see how many we can get of these.
Summer time fun.
1. Water, A book with a scene (or cover/ or title) with a beach, sea, lake or river, swimming.
2. Sand, Scene with sand (or cover/ or title), beach or desert (why do I want to say dessert)
3. Vacation, A vacation is planned, taken, or they go somewhere people go to vacation.
4. Hot, Fire, Burn, yep, we all know the summer hot. Scene or cover or title.
July things
5. 4th of July (USA) Red White or Blue cover. (Canadians July 1st Canada Day, along with Independence Day for many countries)
6. Forgot, I Forgot Day is in July so, a book with someone forgetting something important.
7. Ruby, July's birth stone, red and signifying contentment. Red cover or happy ending.
8. Magic or YA, J.K. Rowling is born July 31st. Read a YA or NA or a book with magic.

2 books read- a starter black coffee
4 books read- morning joe
6 books read- caffee latte
8 books read- capuccino or esspresso

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Jeana Budnick | 90 comments I'll join.

1. Captive Moon (magic)

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Amyiw | 914 comments Mod
Glad you posted because I forgot to.
I'm going for 6, I think.
1. Water; lake, beach, river, etc... The Mighty Hunter Mer people
2. Sand; beach, desert Ashes
3. Vacation. Juneau to Kenai: An Imp World Novella (vacation in Alaska)
4. Hot, Fire, Burn- Blaze (Demon Fire burn)

5. Red, White and Blue. Blue Devil's Paw
6. I forgot
7. Ruby Red- Silver Silence
8. Magic or YA Besieged

Juneau to Kenai (Northern Wolves, #1) by Debra Dunbar Blaze (Dark in You, #2) by Suzanne Wright Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity, #1; Psy-Changeling, #16) by Nalini Singh The Mighty Hunter (Lords of the Abyss, #1) by Michelle M. Pillow Ashes (Dark in You, #3) by Suzanne Wright Devil's Paw (Imp, #4) by Debra Dunbar Besieged (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #4.1, 4.2, 4.6, 4.7, 8.1, 8.2, 8.6, 8.7, 8.9) by Kevin Hearne

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Amyiw | 914 comments Mod
I got 7 of 8. Didn't get a forgot book.

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