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Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod
Are y'all excited?! My copy is supposed to arrive sometime next week!

Chloe I'm so thrilled! Buying my copy next this Friday.

Chloe Whoops! It's this Friday just to clarify lol. Anyway I read the first little preview of the book on the amazon website and I can't wait to read the entire book.

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod
I think my copy comes today, but I don't know if I'll start it until I finish The 100: Rebellion or if I'll just start it right away regardless.

Chloe I'm gonna start reading as soon as I buy my copy.

Miranda Kennedy | 71 comments I'm trying to finish the first Throne of Glass book and then I'm going to start it

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod
I started it two hours ago. I'm flying through. I can't put it down and part of it is because the way it's formatted. I can't wait to be able to talk about it with you guys!

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod
I finished it last night. I can't wait until you guys read it! I need to talk about it with someone!

Chloe Getting my copy tomorrow morning!

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod

Chloe Oh my gosh started the book and so far I love it!

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod

Miranda Kennedy | 71 comments I think that I'm going to be starting it tomorrow!

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod

Chloe Such a good book hate it when I have to put it down.

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod
Without spoiling anything for Miranda, how far have you made it?

Chloe A little past the credit card application.

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod
Oooh. You're getting to the good stuff!

Chloe Yes page 139 and some big happened

Chloe Totally not what I expected to happen! I mean hello it was going as I thought it would and then it was like nope you're wrong this happens. MIND BLOWN 💥

Miranda Kennedy | 71 comments I just got my copy and I am starting it now!

Chloe Yay! It's an amazing book and I'll guarantee you will love it. I'm currently writing a review in my notebook.

Miranda Kennedy | 71 comments I love the way that this book is written

Chloe I know the style is amazing, I want to go and pick The Sun is Also a Star and read it too.

Miranda Kennedy | 71 comments Let me know how it is

Chloe Will do!

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod

Miranda Kennedy | 71 comments I also really want to know if she ever forgives get mom

Gabriella (Gabmore) | 257 comments Mod
Right?! Like I need just a little bit more info. I want to knowwwww.

Chloe I wish they had closure in what happened with her mom too. But I was reading it and totally thought is was going to be like the Fault in our Stars but then that letter came and I was like WHAT!

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