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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult romance/paranormal about a girl who falls in love with a ghost

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Raven | 1 comments So I remember reading this book probably around 2012 and it was the second book to a series because I remember I couldnt find the first one. But basically the book was about a girl who had fallen in love with a guy who is ghost/spirit and there was a day when he was allowed to come back alive I think once a year, possibly on the same day he died. (The bad guy - Im not entirely sure what his goal was - but I think he wanted the girl for himself)
In the book I remember the scene of the day the ghost comes back to life and they spend it cooking or baking.
Im pretty sure it was an adult book because there was a really romantic and passionate scene between the two at one point
Thats pretty much all I can remember. I'd appreciate the help in finding this book again

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