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SarahC (SarahCarmack) | 1473 comments Mod
I will post the first reading discussion section tomorrow. The divisions are based upon the Vintage Classics edition, 2007, reflecting chapter numbers of 3 volumes of the novel. I thought it would be helpful to present the entire division of the discussion in this comment, even though only the first will be posted tomorrow. We will probably see what pace to take the discussion in the first week or so.

Here are the discussion sections:
vol 1, ch. 1-8; introduces Fanny Price at 10 years old and moves forward to her 18th year, living at Mansfield which is the home of her aunt and uncle, cousins, and additional aunt nearby; most of the main characters are introduced in this section; it ends with the arranging of a visit to Mr. Rushworth's estate, Southerton, and the travelers getting underway
vol 1, ch. 9-13; ends with Fanny, the Bertram cousins, Rushworth, the Crawfords, and Tom's friend Yates producing a private play at Mansfield -- which causes its own private family theatrics

vol 2, ch. 1-8; ends with focused preparation of a ball given by Sir Thomas to honor Fanny, and the gift of a chain necklace
vol 2, ch. 9-13; ending with Fanny's receipt of a proposal which she hopes to stop at its early stage

vol 3, ch. 1-6; ends with Sir Thomas hoping to remedy Fanny's proposal situation by sending her with her brother William to Portsmouth (before he ships out) to stay with her Price family for a period of time.
vol 3, ch. 7-12; ends with Fanny still in Portsmouth; Henry has left Portsmouth; Fanny receives letters from Edmund about Mary and from Lady Bertram about Tom's serious illness
vol 3, ch. 13-end

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SarahC (SarahCarmack) | 1473 comments Mod
I have just posted 2 more discussion sections at the same time in order to pick up the pace. Again I apologize for being slow at my duties. I hope that things have now settled down with some recent issues going on with me lately.

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SarahC (SarahCarmack) | 1473 comments Mod
I have posted the last sections for our reading discussion. Again, I am sorry I have delayed the postings. I feel this point, I will not be able to rejoin the discussion. Some real-life ups and downs have continued, and, as of yesterday, some health problems of my mother-in-law have worsened -- she has broken her hip.

I would like to carry out some of the ideas I had in some small things to celebrate the commemorative Austen 2017 year and to celebrate our group especially. I love this group and it is a great comfort to me in all days, not just difficult ones. So I will keep shooting for some special things, just not to be in the next coming weeks.

Louise Sparrow (LouiseX) | 277 comments No worries, Sarah. Take your time and thanks for all you do.

Melindam | 88 comments Than you for taking care of us Sarah & take care of yourself/family.

Andrea (Catsos Person) is a Compulsive eBook Hoarder  (CatsosPerson) | 145 comments Don't worry Sarah! No pressure.

I'll send positive vibes to you and your loved ones during this difficult time!

Abigail Bok (Regency_Reader) | 340 comments I’m so sorry your mother-in-law broke her hip! That kind of accident can set an older person back in multiple ways. Don’t worry about us; we’ll be thinking of you and hoping things get easier.

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