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Marlana Williams (marlanawilliams) | 25 comments This book has no summary, though it provides one on the hardcover 2010 edition, which only shows Max Brand as the author (instead of his original pen name of George Owen Baxter).
Iron Dust

Could someone please copy/paste and add this summary?
From the inner flap of the hardcover jacket:

For fifteen years after Andrew Lanning's father died, his Uncle Jasper raised him. Jasper wanted his nephew to be the kind of man who rightly belonged with the Lanning clan: good with horses, even better with guns. But the results proved disappointing. Andrew became the mild-mannered town blacksmith.

Then one day something happens that changes that. The belligerent Buck Heath confronts Andrew, and Andrew fights back, a single punch knocking Heath down, probably killing him. Andrew flees into the wilderness where he turns outlaw, relentlessly pursued by Deputy Sheriff Bill Dozier and a posse.

When Andrew is finally within the sights of their long guns, he stops them by means of a fabulous long-distance shot, killing Bill Dozier. Andrew does not know that Buck Heath recovered, that he was mistaken in believing he had killed him. But now, with the killing of an officer of the law, he is outlawed for sure. Only one thing keeps him going. The love he has for Anne Withero. She is terrified of Andrew and drawn to him at the same time. She is the fiancée of rich Charles Merchant, the man who offered Bill Dozier money to keep up the pursuit of Andrew Lanning even though Andrew was actually innocent of any crime. Now more than ever Merchant wants Andrew brought in dead and increases the price on his head. For Andrew remaining free has suddenly become more dangerous than it has ever been.

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Marlana Williams (marlanawilliams) | 25 comments I typed this whole thing out, and realized I could have copied/pasted from here too. :)

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Codex | 3403 comments [#1⇢] #2: Used your (more complete) description—thanks.

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