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Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments okay you go ahead and get started sorry currently watching The Shack

((( Silver O. Smith - "Recording all three networks and PBS." "All three. Wow." "And PBS." ))) description

Silver Ora Smith

- Snow Queen
-- 3636
--- Nightingale
---- Evolution
----- Evolution's Nightingale
------ No. 6


December 24, 1927



Age She Looks:



Silver is 5'7" tall. She has a strong build and trains often. Her skin is deathly pale, not pasty white though. Silver has short, silver hair that covers her left eye. On the left side of her head is shaved the SSR symbol, she did it herself to rebel against Hydra. Her left eye is silver and her right eye is black. She has a scar going two inches above her left eye, through it, and ending a half an inch above her pink lips.
Silver's left hand has been replaced with a robotic hand, much like Bucky's arm but just her hand.
Silver's uniform while at headquarters consists of a black tank and combat cameo pants with matching boots. On her right, upper arm is a band that shows that she is a Jew. Just like the ones back in WWII. She also has number tattooed on her left arm: 36361728. Silver always wears a high tech arm band on her left arm, it is from her father which she has forgotten. The arm band covers the numbers.
Silver's battle uniform is all black. It has hidden pockets, filled with weapons, and she has guns and daggers hidden all around her figure. She has one sword that can bend so it is hidden along her left leg. She wears black combat boots. Silver also wears a black mask, that covers her entire head or her mouth
She has several small scars up and down her body, never wider than half an inch and never longer than three inches. Her ears have several small nicks towards the top.

(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_2iSSI8Mqc5c...) Shorter and silver
(http://www.offgamers.com/blog/wp-cont...) Longer and tighter and silver
(http://orig12.deviantart.net/6d0d/f/2...) No cape or bird

Bucky Barnes - Does not remember him even though she worked closely with him


- English
-- German
--- Russian

- Super Soldier Serum
-- Superior Intellect



- A Jew
-- The leader of the Winter Soldiers
--- Knows how to erase the mind controlling system from each soldier
---- Doesn't remember anything about her past or who she is
----- Bucky Barnes told Silver stories about Cap and Agent Carter which Silver fantasized about them rescuing her. She calls them Captain Carter
------ Silver used to have a necklace from her mother but they took it away




Name: Lady Riska von Strucker

Aliases: Madame Hydra

Age: 40


Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight


- Member of the Council of Hydra
-- Head of the Winter Soldier project

(view spoiler)

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker - Father - Dead
Werner von Strucker - Brother - Unknown

- Citizen of Germany
-- Knows German and Russian and English
--- Superior Intellect


((( Silver O. Smith - "Recording all three networks and PBS." "All three. Wow." "And PBS." ))) The gifs are to show fighting and such.

Shall we start when my character is on a mission? Kind of like in the Winter Soldier movie?

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments WOAH. THIS IS HEAVEN. Yes yes hold on I need to gather my forces LOL

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Give me like a half an hour or so lol still need to work on assignments for school today.

((( Silver O. Smith - "Recording all three networks and PBS." "All three. Wow." "And PBS." ))) Should I make a boss who is in charge of the Winter Soldier project? I like being the bad guys.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Sure! Sorry for delays trying to do like three things at once....

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments okay so the character I had in mind I couldn't find in my files so tomorrow when I'm on the road I'll work on a new one.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Maybe it's better if I give a brief history and provide pics along the way? Sorry I hate travelling and just woke from a one hour nap....

((( Silver O. Smith - "Recording all three networks and PBS." "All three. Wow." "And PBS." ))) Sure. Captain America right? I've seen all the movies. They're awesome!

And you can go first. I have to go but I'll be on tomorrow.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Okay cool! I'll work on the history and put my first post up and see you tomorrow!

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Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Okay so here's the history:

Name will be Espinoza the First. She is really an ancient creature, but the history is what is more interesting. During the Cold War, when everyone went crazy making nuclear bombs and threatening each other, she was born, in a German Lab, so technically, she is German. However, Germans managed to steal part of Captain America's blood that had been saved in a secret location in America, and used that to make her, readying for World War III, and she was the key to their army. But everything went terribly wrong when a clumsy scientist oozed nuclear waste into her precious growing pod. Thus, Espinoza the First was born, her name meaning "Light out of Darkness." Within the pod, at the age of four months, she grew small wings, and an elongated tail (with two sharp metallic splinters she soon learned, like a scorpion). It was determined that because of these growths, she could never be born, and so they shipped her away, coincidentally near where Captain America was crashed, and dumped her in the ice, never to be seen again.

As many searched for the Cube that started this all, as well as the poor Captain, she was found first before Rogers, in 1983. The 80's were a rough time for many, but by that time, she had matured fully, somehow her metallic like body growing fast within the ice, and only to be stopped when she matured at what appears to be the age of 27. No one knows how old she truly is, because it was S.H.E.I.L.D. who found her. They trained her, taught her everything she knows, and now she works for them full heartedly. And yet.... Germany calls to her. And so, that is where she investigated, slowly realizing the truth, but never telling anyone.

Her Secrets are her own, and she has only ever shared with The Black Widow. While she trusts Black Widow more than anyone, she has a great respect for the Captain. Having to work with the Hulk especially tugs at her heart strings, almost as if she can feel everyones pain. But her own powers are still to be discovered as she continues to dive in more and more everyday to find out who she really is.

Descriptions of her body and face will be posted shortly, and then I will begin the roleplay!

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Espinoza is very....unique. She looks like a wood elf, even though she is completely Human... well not completely. The blood they used to make her was mixed, and even she does not know exactly what was used to create the blood that flows in her veins. All she knows is that she is friends with Captain America, and she always refers to him as just the Captain, and never his first name, her respect for him too great. Sometimes when she is consoling him she will say "Roger..." very slowly, the word like a foreign language on her tongue. She feels like she's known the Cap since the beginning since she's seen the museums, and read all the comics, and now, meeting him in real life, was just such an honor. She has been fighting with him and the rest of the Avengers from the sidelines, but now that a new force has awakened, she is slowly making herself known. They barely know her, but she knows all about them. Soon, they will know......
To describe her features, she has a round, small face, a small nose, petite, but full lips, and fangs that can elongate at will. Some whisper that Vampire blood was used, but she could never be sure, since she is, in her mind, at the very least 75% human. She has fair dark hair which she ties up in various styles since its long, reaching down to her bum. She refuses to get a much needed haircut, which leads scientists to believe she might also be part Werewolf. All she knows is what she feels, and she feels a lot Not like a normal human. She can literally sense everyone's emotions and when shit Is about to go down. That's why she has fast reflexes, like a snake constantly coiled up inside. She is actually quite small for her immense power, which is why she hides and acts like an assassin for the group. She is able to hide in shadows and not be seen, despite the glint of her tail and horned wings. Her wings are still small, but Large enough on her small body to carry her. She is exactly 5'5' and has been that way for as long as she can remember. She weighs about 178 pounds, but a lot of it is muscle. She has all the same powers as the Cap, except a few extra since they knowf for sure animal blood, and a bit of some type of metal were used to try and create an indestructible being like the Hulk. And they did..... sort of. You see, though she is small an fragile, her skin has the ability to shift into a bit of metal, refracting most bullets. But if a sniper ever saw her, she would be dead instantly, for it takes quite a bit of will power to conjure up her little shield trick. She uses this trick often, much like the Glass character from Marvel's X Men, except not as grand. In fact, when she uses this skill, no one can ever tell. Her skin is in touchable, and yet she still has many battle scars, mostly on her back because that is her weak point. Her wings have healed over and over, along with her tail and fangs. But for some reason, the rest of her body is almost defenseless, and so she uses her strong wings a lot to protect her. With all that being said, she really is a gorgeous creature, but her hidden scars are her own.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Okay MY first post will be up a little later sorry))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Actually working on it now but I know it'll be long so bear with me....))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments It was a nice summers day at the S.H.E.I.L.D. hideout, and Espinosa, often referred to as just Essi or Es, or quite often her grander name, The First, (Even though she isn't the first in the eyes of the Captain) was hidden among some trees, watching the compound quietly. She was slowly growing closer every day, wanting nothing more than to meet the Captain himself, but being too scared to actually step inside. Instead, she patrolled the woods, making sure no monsters that were released among them got to anyone. She often spotted the Hulk in his full form doing the same, but they hardly noticed one another. She had been studying the Hulk lately though, wondering how he did it; managed to be an enraged at one moment, and then the next calm and quiet, smartly lopping off into the trees, only to be followed by his assassin friend, Black Widow. Being a fellow assassin, she was sure the Black Widow at least knew she existed. Often times their eyes would meet and they shared a respectful nod. They talked for hours under the stars only once, and so all that had to be said has already been said. But still, their mysterious lives were never the same, always a little different, and so they never quite fit well together. But this time, Espinosa the First, was watching carefully. Since she chose her nick name, The First, which no one would ever know about, she just told the poor mortals her full name and they picked a name for her; Viper. Such was her trademark that it just kinda stuck.

"Still hiding out in these woods, Viper?" Natasha called now, her red hair flaming in the sunlight as the Hulk dealt some damage to a poor flock of deer. Espinosa rolled her eyes, and slunk down from the tree, tossing the end of an apple core aside.
"Call me The First. I told you this," she whined softly, shaking her head but smiling. "It's good to see you two getting fresh air again after such a long campaign," she said simply, for she was a simple being, yet on the outside, she screamed for help. Natasha just laughed.
"Yes well... things happen inside that Hub more than you know... Hey... so I know I promised to keep your secret but... a mission has come up and I need your help... very badly. And the Captains help. Are you finally ready to reveal yourself to the team?" Natasha wondered, one of the many questioned she asked Espinosa a lot when they talked like this. Espinosa on the other hand just sighed wearily, forgetting about being concealed, and just walking over to Natasha.
"I don't know... you're all a team. I'm an assassin. How do you do it? How do you put up with that... thing?" she wondered loudly, glaring at the shape of the Hulk who had just finished kicking over a grand tree, his angry roars echoing in the forest. Natasha just shrugged.
"I dunno. You just... get used to it. I had no choice. But you always do. You should use that power you have for more. You'd be a great addition to the avengers. Don't you want to find out who you really can be?" Natasha spoke clearly and plainly with the smaller woman, telling her exactly what she thought. And so Espinosa, the Viper, responded ruefully.
"No, I don't. I don't need to know who I am to be a good fighter. And if the Capitan ever saw me for real... who I really am... he would want to destroy me too, like S.H.E.I.L.D. tried to when I first came out of my sleep."
The memory was quick and dangerous, but to put it shortly, her thawing of the ice was much different compared to Rogers. The entire time, the moment a body part was free, she would kick and lash, and so they unfroze her quickly, easily finding out her abilities. It was scary to them all, and it took a lot of effort to calm her frenzied thoughts, the animal blood flowing strongly with the human blood. All she could think to do at the time was kill, or be killed. But it was Nick Fury, as always, who stepped in and put her down right, without killing the poor beast. When she awoke, she panicked there after, and fled the facility, being chased for months, constantly on the run. It was Natasha who brought her in, and so it was Natasha she valued the most, though she idolized Rogers very much.
And so they had a business arrangement. Nothing more. Being an assassin was always hard for the Viper because she is just like that; a true Viper, always on edge and ready to fight, but always ready to hide the next second, always ready to flee out of fear of being killed, and knowing she was too weak to prevent from being killed sometimes even if she tried really hard. She needed more power, more skill, and so along the way, she came in contact with the Tesseract finally, when Natasha let her into the room to learn from the cube. Which, went well, she supposed. Her wings used to be much smaller, and her tail was never as long as it was now. She never experienced horns on her wings, or the sharp edges to her tail; that was a big improvement, for before the tail was used to grab and trip. But now, she could really just... slit peoples throats without them even knowing she existed, making it all too easy for her to hide even further within herself.
And now there was a mission she had to do with the Avengers... what could be so powerful that the Avengers needed her? She thought long and hard, Natasha's strong gaze never leaving hers, The Viper's cool green gaze unwavering as she was lost in thought.
"Okay. I think you are right. Today is the day I release myself to the public, like you have done yourself. I follow in your footsteps, dear sister," she said quite dramatically, making her assassin friend laugh loud.
"Oh we are far from sisters," she joked with a wink, making Espinosa smile ever so softly.
"Can I help this time... with the beast I mean?" she asked then.

((Did you wanna be the Hulk or....?))

((( Silver O. Smith - "Recording all three networks and PBS." "All three. Wow." "And PBS." ))) ((Holy cow...... Sure, I'll be Hulk. Also, what type of skin does she have? That's the only part I can't imagine. And lastly, I am going to make the mission involve the Snow Queen.))

The Hulk, losing interest in the trees, moved on deeper into the woods as the two women talked. Every so often he would roar causing some branches to snap off due to the immense rush of air.


In a secret Hydra headquarters, somewhere in New England, a woman in a blue suit was walking swiftly down the green hall. Her blond hair up in a tight bun. The woman's name was Lady Riska Von Strucker. Or, as her inferiors called her, Madame Hydra.

She quickly typed on her tablet as she walked towards the holding cell, the cell which held the leader, the queen of the notorious Winter Soldiers. Silver Ora Smith or better known as Snow Queen.

Riska entered the cell not long after discussing with the guard about the new mission. Riska stood in front of the girl who was slouched over, tired from the mornings 'correction'. "You know the mission. Is it clear?"

The girl gave a slight nod.

"You are to take out as many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Avengers as possible. Correct?"

The girl nodded.

Riska sighed. "I do not want a repeat of last time. Is that clear?"

"Yes Madame." The girl muttered.

Riska nodded, satisfied, before leaving for the main part of the headquarters.


The girl, Snow Queen as she called herself, was taken out of that room and into the changing room. Snow changed her clothes into the full body armor. Snow looked at the cape and took it. She put it on and then put on her armor.

Snow painfully remembered the punishment for last time's rebellion. She shoved the memory away. It seemed to Snow that Riska that she could be broken, her rebellious spirit put out. Riska was wrong, Snow, Silver would rebel against Hydra till her last breath. She dreamed of Captain Carter getting her out since Snow had lost the idea on how to get out.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((YEAH I GOT EXCITED. Sorry for caps will respond shortly just need to respond to other intense roleplays first!))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((That's fine Idk if I'll make it to this one I'm burned out! Have a good night! It's been fun starting all this out!))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Just remind me tomorrow if I start being active again and forget!))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Sorry busy day... I'll reply when I can!))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((( Silver O. Smith - “Every villain is a hero in his own mind.” ― Tom Hiddleston ))) wrote: "((Holy cow...... Sure, I'll be Hulk. Also, what type of skin does she have? That's the only part I can't imagine. And lastly, I am going to make the mission involve the Snow Queen.))

The Hulk, los..."

The Black Widow sighed, watching the hulk run off, and nodded to the Viper. "Yes, he looks like he could use a ladies touch... Just be careful... he's all bite and no talk," she warned the smaller creature, and Espinosa only nodded.
"I've been watching him most of my life, remember?" With that, the two converged, The Black Widow taking the right, and the Viper on the left. They took their time, trailing behind the ravaging beast, and of course it was Natasha who spoke up.
"Hey! Big Green! Over here!" she waved him down, motioning to Espinosa to go further out, and hide. The Viper was quick, sliding into the trees around her, and disappearing easily, smiling softly. Oh how she loved the darkness that trees brought, even on a day like this. She hardly moved, but when she did, she was a blur, and no one could see her coming. It was easy to move out in front of the beast.


((I didn't know if you wanted to play the cap or if I should? We should talk about assigning charries to be honest until then this is the best I got... I could be a Hyrda person too like the winter soldier himself if that would help but he's on the caps side now, right?))

((( Silver O. Smith - "Recording all three networks and PBS." "All three. Wow." "And PBS." ))) ((I can be Cap, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Fury and Coulson in nessacry. Can you be Bucky, Stark, Widow, Hawkeye, Vision?))

The Hulk grunted and turned to looked at Widow. He tilted his head to the side and took two steps forward.


Snow swiftly walked onto the covered truck that would take her to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Warehouse, which held hundreds of powerful, alien weapons.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Yes of course! My faves literally! My car was named after Hawkeye haha! give me a moment to respond dealing with a situation at the moment in my brain xD))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Natasha sighed softly, looking at the Hulk, or rather Bruce with soft eyes, arching a brow. "Don't make this difficult big guy," she murmured, glancing over to where Espinosa hid. Natasha held out a hand. "Come here," she murmured, getting a little closer. "The suns getting real low....."


"Tony, stop you're going to tear the whole building apart!' Vision said, walking after him down the stairs. The man moved fast, but so did the Vision. Stark only laughed.
"What do you mean tear the building apart? It's just another suite, darlin'," Tony said with a wink and a smirk. Bucky appeared with a groan.
"Oh dear God, what has he done this time?" he asked, crossing his arms, giving Tony a hard look.
"Well, if we watch carefully, he might just let us know BEFORE the ashes start flyin'," Hawkeye said, jumping down from his roost, and putting his hands on his hips. "Where's the Captain? Isn't he supposed to regulate your.... experiments?" These words made Tony gasp dramatically.
"I'm shocked to see you care, blondie. You too, Vision, I was sure you'd be with your little girlfriend, the Witch?" Vision sighed, giving Tony a look.
"She's not my girlfriend. We just happen to be.... closer." That caused a laugh from all of them
"Oh.... she's your girlfriend alright," Hawkeye giggled, crossing his arms now to control his own laughter. Vision rolled his eyes.
"I'm leaving to find the Captain. I know Thor is gone now, and so I don't have the time to entrance the rest of you with shenanigans like he did. We need Roger's here, immediately."

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Yeah just had to deal with a bloody condom for the first time in my life... disgusting...))

((( Silver O. Smith - "Recording all three networks and PBS." "All three. Wow." "And PBS." ))) Hulk paused and stepped back before stepping forward. He grunted and held out his green hand.


Scarlet walked in but stood in the doorway, arms crossed. She remained silent and watched the men argue. The highlight of the day.

Captain America walked in. "No reason to find me. What are you doing now Stark?" He asked, arm crossed. He wore his leather jacket,white shirt, and blue jeans.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Natasha smiled, and met his hand easily. "That's it big guy... just calm down and it'll all be over soon. A new friend has come to visit...." she touched her finger tips to his arm gently, causing the reaction needed to change him back. At the same moment, Viper slowly stepped out, readying herself behind the Hulk, or Bruce or whatever its name was before actually revealing herself.
((I guess she's kinda like the Vision to be honest? I have no idea what I'm talking about do I? XD))


"Ahh there he is. Mister America himself, welcome to the party, always late as usual I see," Tony laughed, walking over and fake punching the Captains arm. He brought out a tablet, and began swishing his fingers around to show him a new suit. Vision groaned. "Please, Rogers, control your.... your friend, as it were." When Scarlet Witch appeared, The Vision turned and smiled. "Hello madam," he said enchantingly, giving her a long stare. "And were are you coming from today?" Hawkeye laughed again. "Look at him, he's learning how to flirt!" That caused a harsh laugh from Bucky. "Oh please that's not flirting, that's just sad is what that is. Can I teach him how to flirt, Steve?" Bucky pleaded, giving his old friend a smirk.

((( Silver O. Smith - "Recording all three networks and PBS." "All three. Wow." "And PBS." ))) Hulk stumbled back as he slowly shrunk and turned back into Bruce Banner. Luckily, Dr. Banner's pants shrunk with him so he was only shirtless. He shook his head, trying to get out of his daze.


Scarlet Witch smiled kindly at Vision, thankfully not blushing in front of the others. "Hello Vision. I just came from my room." She said with a smile.

Roger smirked in return. "If Vision would like the assistance then sure. I don't see why not." Roger then turned his attention to the tablet. "Another suit, Stark? Seriously? Why in the ruddy world do you need another suit?" He asked incredulously.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Espinosa sighed with relief when the Hulk changed back, making her shake her wings out a bit, and cross her arms. She eyed him closely. "Not so dangerous now, is he?" she wondered, looking him up and down, only having seen his human form from afar. "I hear he's smart," she muttered, giving him a strange look Natasha nodded, giving her a knowing gaze. "Smarter than anyone in the group. Get up Bruce. Time to meet our new recruit!"


"Oh great, now I have both Scarlet and the Cap on my ass about a new suit? You two are going to drive me nuts," Tony muttered, moving away and shaking his head. "It's got more weapons than the last one.... and a better shield. Maybe I can reach the moon this time!"
"And will I have to save you again like last time?" The Vision then added, giving Scarlet an apologetic look. Tony scoffed. "That wasn't saving. Thor saved me in New York. Your idea of saving is not the same as Thor's, trust me."
"Thor taught me all that I know," Vision pointed out.
"And who was the one who gave you the program to learn?" Tony retorted, giving him a hard look.
"Ladies, ladies, calm down," Hawkeye laughed now, shaking his head. "Cap, deal with this please? I have better things to attend to. The Hulk is on the loose and Natasha has gone to find him... plus she's told me some.... other things about a new member."

((( Silver O. Smith - "Recording all three networks and PBS." "All three. Wow." "And PBS." ))) Bruce stumbled to his feet and then, eyebrows furrowed, he turned around. "Oh! Um, hello." He said, feeling awkward about being shirtless in front of the young lady. Banner glanced at Natasha before holding out his hand to the new recruit. "I'm Dr. Bruce Banner which you probably already know."


Scarlet chuckled.

Roger nodded at Hawkeye. "Good luck." He said with a smile. He returned to Stark. "I don't think that you need another suit. Why not upgrade one of your old ones?"

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Sorry! Again RTX week and still on vacay!))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Sorry I know it's been a long time I am trying so hard to not fail these classes and so after the summer things should actually calm down since I'll be transferring to a different school and doing something else haha I will respond as soon as time allows!)))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Thanks so much! <3))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Man I'm sorry I have so many RP's to catch up on, including this one so please be patient with me you've been so cool the entire time!))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Bruh how long has it been?))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments ((Idek. You still wanting to roleplay?))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (ReapraWulf) | 105 comments Natasha watched with proud eyes as Espinoza looked Bruce over one more time before putting out a hand. “Hello,” she said simply. “I’m Espinoza The First. You can call me Es. Or Viper as Natasha calls me,” she groaned, giving him a harder look. “Just don’t ever call me a snake,” she muttered, giving him a curious stare. “So uh…. I guess it’s gonna be a walk back to the compound,” she decided, looking around the area. “You’ve made quite a mess really.” Natasha laughed, and patted Bruce on the back. “It’s ok. He’s a big teddy bear. But no doubt we’ve got Barton on our asses after that little charade…”


Vision perked up at Barton’s response. “Wow, a new member already?” He wondered airly, giving Roger a look. “Are we sure we can handle another potential failure?” he wondered softly making Barton laugh as he walked off.
“I hear she’s cool!” he told them as he left the compound. Stark sighed, shaking his head. “Another one bites the dust… as she’s not even here yet,” he said with a shrug. “As for your comment Rogers, I’ll have you know the newest suit is going to be integrated in the technology that will help guard New York….. That new spider guy is really something…. I think he causes more trouble than he's worth but…. Whatever,” Stark waved a dismissive hand.
“Lord have mercy…” Vision muttered, shaking his head.

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