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Chapter 7- Chapter 9

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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie (katiepatricia) Thoughts on Chapter 7 to Chapter 9 go here!

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie (katiepatricia) I love the complexity of Dianora and her inner battle between loyalty to Brandin and her desire to kill him and avenge Tigana.

message 3: by Anna (last edited Jul 05, 2017 01:17AM) (new)

Anna (vegfic) I've read Part 2, so that's chapters 7 and 8.

I was very happy to be introduced to Dianora, I really like her story so far. I don't want to talk too much about chapter 8, I've read too many books with similar content this year and it's really not something I want to read about. At this point I'm just pretending I didn't read that and hoping it doesn't come up too much later in the book.

Something this book does very well is showing the setting up of plots and schemes. It's not a quick two week thing, it takes years and years of hard work and patience, and everything can still go very wrong in the blink of an eye. Both Sandre and Dianora had a long term plan, one more detailed and the other a more general one, but they both failed miserably for very different reasons. It'll be interesting to see how these two separate plots will eventually come together.

I wish we'd get more of Tigana before the war.

message 4: by Thia (new)

Thia (thiareadsalot) | 13 comments I took a break after Chapter 8... Again, not a fan of how sex is used in this story so far...
I get that Dianora had somewhat forgotten her goals and even started to care for Brandin, but her sudden change of heart feels petty.
I did enjoy the contrast between Brandin and Alberico's way of ruling, and their back and forth correspondence.
Erlein seems a very interesting character (I'm especially curious to know how the group will use his powers). And causing mischief is always fun.
New vocabulary:
Vie: to strive for superiority; contend, compete
Dissemble: to put on a false appearance; conceal facts, intentions, or feelings under some pretense
Demur: delay, hesitate
Preternatural: inexplicable by ordinary means; especially
Aegis: control or guidance by an individual, group or system
Truculent: scathingly harsh; vitriolic
Drawl: to utter in a slow lengthened tone
Redress: to make up for; compensate

message 5: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey | 8 comments The chapters have gotten considerably longer. Not something I normally notice while reading, but it means this was a longer chunk than the previous ones!

I'm not sure yet how I feel about Dianora's relationship with Brandin, but I am really interested in where her story is going. She's a very uniquely placed character, as well as a very complex and layered one. The incest seemed really random, though? Like, why?

I continue to love the way Kay ties the arts so closely to the politics in this book. It's clear that of the two tyrants, Brandin is the one who understands the importance of art, as we see both in the presence of artists at his court and in his destruction of Tigana's art. Alberico, on the other hand, doesn't "get it," and in his provinces poetry becomes a form of resistance that he can't control.

message 6: by Renata (new)

Renata Lessa | 5 comments I feel like now the book is picking up steam, or at least things are getting more complicated and interesting. Dianora was a breath of fresh air. I especially enjoyed her ambiguity and inner conflict. Plus, that's at least one female character who has a voice and a well defined motivation. Catriana, on the other hand, continues to be a side character.

The Erlein plotline that was introduced was problematic, but I feel like that's the point. It's trying to show that their quest for freedom and memory might well bring about awful choices. To achieve freedom for Tigana they had to enslave a mage. How far will they go?

message 7: by Katie (new)

Katie (katiepatricia) Renata - I think that's what the Erlain storyline is there for, to make us question how far is too far and also to show us that Alessan is not a perfect character

message 8: by Anirien (new)

Anirien | 4 comments These chapters are a good example of how GGK likes messing with his readers. Because Beard is in disguise in the first few chapters it keeps the reader from guessing the identity of Dianora's brother until the most shocking moment.

message 9: by Rachelle (new)

Rachelle Hamilton (superbeautifumonster) | 4 comments Thia wrote: "I took a break after Chapter 8... Again, not a fan of how sex is used in this story so far...
I get that Dianora had somewhat forgotten her goals and even started to care for Brandin, but her sudde..."

Thia, I love how you are tracking new vocabulary! I often do this as well. Looking up and learning new words is my favourite.

I also agree that sometimes the way sex is used in this story doesn't always work for me.

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