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Girl on the Leeside
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Girl on the Leeside > If you could meet and talk with one of the characters, who would it be?

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Sarah E  (sarahann119) | 344 comments Mod

Lynn (book_music_lvr) | 351 comments Katie. Rarely am I so taken with a character and wanting to know
More, more, and

Lynn (book_music_lvr) | 351 comments Katie. Rarely am I so taken with a character that I am left with an overwhelming desire to know more, more, and even more about him/her! But Infekt that way with her. I would have appreciated more insight into her past. Why was she the way she was? Why was she willing to "wait" for Kee? I loved the ways in which she helped both Kee and Siobhan recognize and understand characteristics about themselves, but she was also quite insightful about her own personality and needs! I saw her as he peacemaker and would love to know more about what made her that way! 😀 I am also fascinated by Maureen! She and Kee were certainly polar opposites, especially as siblings raised in the same household by the same caregivers!

Cece (Creed777) | 64 comments Great answer Lynn :) I would say my thought was Gwen as we are introduced to her for a brief time early on in the story and then toward the end. Since Siobohn connected so much and gave so much weight to what Gwen's thoughts and feelings were, I would love to have known more about her back story and how long and why her family started traveling in the caravan.

Lynn (book_music_lvr) | 351 comments Ooh, yes! It would be great to know more about Gwen!

Rebecca  (rjh121) | 24 comments For me, Gwen would be the most fascinating. She has lived a nomadic way of life which is quickly disappearing in the modern world. She is a bridge from the past to the present, her knowledge of the Doyle family is essential to the story.

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Bam (bamcooks) | 323 comments These were all great answers and I can do nothing more than echo your thoughts. I love great, strong female characters!

♥ Sandi ❣	 | 152 comments I thoroughly agree. I loved all the characters and their individual idiosyncrasies, however my choice would be Gwen. She not only bridged the gap from the old days to more current times, she was the most mysterious. The stories she could tell, her age, the experiences she had had. She came from a different time, a different way of life, and a different mind set. To listen to her would be nothing more than a learning experience.

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