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Explain me pls this

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Chris Gousopoulos I know for most ppl this question is trivial but can somebody explain to me how 700 ppl in 150 AV turned to be almost 200 million in just 850 years? There is no way that they could evolve to be more like a couple of hundred thousand ppl at most. The way Cronin handled many things like passage of time, numbers, populations etc felt very rushed. Not researched at all. In general as the books passed they became very incoherent

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Andrea Carta Where is the problem? Any population, without real dangers or inner conflicts, can double every 30 years. Just do the math: 600 or 700 years should be enough.

Chris Gousopoulos That it have never happened in any place of the earth in any time. Not even close. On the contrary. Anyway it was my least of concerns regarding the third book

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