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Valencia (vvlovesu) | 52 comments Mod
This topic is for discussing movies. Post your favorite movie, review various movies or look for suggestions.

*Movies may have a prodominately black cast.
*Moveis may be directed or written by African Americans
*Movies may be a attempted reflection of African American culture, history or lifestyles.

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Valencia (vvlovesu) | 52 comments Mod

Rating: 5 Stars
Review: This movie is my spirit animal. I connect with it on so many levels. I really love the fact that this movie is teeming with African American entrepreneurs. I feel that the romance is really authentic and has a great build up. Another aspect that I greatly appreciate is the number of happily ever afters in this movie. I feel that it's important for people in the African American community to do good for themselves, and not only be okay but have a hand in others in our community doing well and being happy. NOt to mention the male cast is immaculate.

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