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message 1: by Jessiebee (new)

Jessiebee | 6 comments I know that there are many hidden genres from the list that appears on the main page, and I'm suggesting that the "genre" Audiobook is added to them. It's a format, just the same as "Ebook", and that is hidden from appearing.

Here's an example book:
The Passage

The first genre that appears is Audiobook. But if you look at the actual tags, you can see that "ebook" is 5th on the list, above science fiction, and ebook does not appear on the main page.

I think it makes a lot of sense to hide it, as it's not a genre at all.

message 3: by Emelie (new)

Emelie | 161 comments +1

message 4: by Shaun, Goodreads Expert (new)

Shaun (sponting) | 4147 comments Mod
Hi Jessiebee! I'll send your suggestion to hide "Audiobook" from main genre page on to our developers for consideration. I couldn't say right now if this will be implemented — if there are any updates we'll post back here.

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