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message 1: by Tom (new)

Tom (beachcomberT) | 27 comments A group of about 6-10 older gay men are thinking about forming a book club. Appreciate any suggestions on how to make such a club work, how to facilitate, best venues, should we discuss a book as we progress in reading it, or wait until everyone has finished it. Also any ideas for titles to consider, both fiction and non-fiction, preferably those with a theme relevant to seniors. Personally, I'm thinking of recommending one of the David Sedaris books for humor, and maybe an Andrew Hollaran book for something more serious.

message 2: by Brad (new)

Brad Graber (bradgraber) | 2 comments Hello Tom. Sorry to be a pushy author. But I read your post and couldn't help but reach out and tell you about my novel, The Intersect, which has won a National Indie Excellence Award in GLBT Fiction this year. Without going into too much detail - my characters are mostly north of 40 - in the their 50's and 60's - facing challenges that come with life experience. Personally, I wanted to read about older people and the challenges they face in life and building relationships. Not everyone is gay - mixed crowd - but it is a compelling read - focused on issues of ageism, immigration and teen homelessness - but set in an engaging and fun read. 46 reviews on Amazon; 10 on Goodreads. As for the book club - there really are no set rules. People tend to select a book - read it - and then check to see if the author has on their website discussion topics for a book club. Most of us do - which should make that easier. Also - there are even some authors who are willing to travel to meet the book club and answer questions live. That is something to also look for. Okay. I apologize if I pushed the boundaries. Sorry. Humbly stepping back into the shadows now. Good luck with the book club and all my best to you. Warmly, Brad Graber

message 3: by Tom (new)

Tom (beachcomberT) | 27 comments Thanks for contacting me, Brad. I'll be glad to suggest your book to our Daytona group once we start meeting, probably late September. For starters, we will probably read the David Sedaris collection "Let's Talk Diabetes with Owls." Your novel with its many subplots sounds ideal for us, especially if we end up with a coed group.

message 4: by Brad (new)

Brad Graber (bradgraber) | 2 comments Good for you. I love Sedaris. He's amazing. Have fun!

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