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AYAYRAWN Book review:

Assassins creed Brotherhood is novel in the the Assassins creed series Written by Oliver Bowden. It is the second book in a trilogy about a man call Ezio who is an assassin. The novel is an action and drama genre and is mostly set in Rome in the early 1500s but the setting changes in some parts to Spain and other parts of Italy.

The Assassins creed series is about a fight between two groups who have opposite ideals called the ‘Assassins’ and the ‘Templars.’ The Templars believe that people do not know how to use their will to make the world a better place, because of this the templars believe there should be a higher power to control people which knows how to use their will to improve the world and, with the combined force of all people, make a heaven on earth. The Assassins on the other hand think that people should be free to think for themselves and should not be controlled by any higher power. They believe that people can learn from their mistakes and will be able to make the world a better place without higher powers controlling people against their will.

The novel takes place a couple of years after the first novel in the trilogy “Renaissance” after Ezio has obtained a very powerful device called “The Apple of Eden”, which is device made during the time of a very advanced civilisation that predates the human race, from a templar who had used his power and influence to become the pope (The plot is complicated so you should definitely read the previous book to understand it better). The main characters are Ezio, his sister Claudia, the templar pope Rodrigo Borgia, the popes son Cesare Borgia, Ezios uncle Mario and many more. Ezio, the main character, is my favourite character because even though he has been in the war between these 2 groups for 30 years he still burdens the responsibilities he has as his groups leader and does everything he can to give his group the advantage over the other. He encourages people to think for themselves and not let people with power manipulate them and use them for their own gain.

My favourite part of the novel was during the climax when Ezio and Cesera have an intense fight scene and argue about their opposite ideals. Cesare argues about how the ideals of the Assassins are unrealistic and that a world without order would invite chaos. He argues that people do not know how to use their will to improve the world and they need a higher power to guide them that does. Ezio argues that although the templars ideals of a perfect world without chaos and with complete order is not evil, the way they go about achieving it through control over the population against peoples will and the templars tendencies to kill anyone that stands in the way of their ideals is evil, and that he must kill Cesare because that is what he will continue to do. I thought this part of the novel was great and written very well because the protagonist and antagonist weren't just fighting physically, but were also arguing about their ideals and the reasons for their actions. This was very interesting and gave the reader a point of view from Cesare, a Templar, rather than Ezio’s perspective, as an Assassin, which the reader has had for the whole novel.

There are many detailed scenes when Ezio, who is a very good fighter, battles his enemies and outsmarts them tactically like when he disguises himself as french guard and speaks french to enter a french fortress to save his ally. Or when he stealthily infiltrates a fortress to assassinate a criminal banker to cut of his his enemies blood money supply.

Overall I thought this novel was very enjoyable to read because of its detailed action scenes, Its interesting plot of a war against opposite groups with opposite ideals, and how it makes the reader question whose ideals are right; the Assassins or the Templars. I would recommend this novel to people my age and above, and I think that the novel is appropriate to this age group. People who enjoy this novel should also read the other novels in the series which there are 7 to choose from.

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