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what did u think of the surprise ending?

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Kristin Cantor (Spoiler)I thought it was a real surprise ending. I would have liked more detail. What becane of edison (ruths son)? Why was Turk intending on divorcong Brit, (prior to her ending her life) ? Was her depression eating at their martiage? why couldnt Turk work and support his new family? All in all it was a great book. Well written.

Melissa I think you needed to read between the lines a bit. It appeared that Edison graduated from Yale, I believe, based on the picture Turk saw in the office. Turk had come to think that perhaps if hate could grow then so could love and Brit obviously was unable to cope with the revelation of her mother's true identity. Turk having seen the error of his ways ideologically would be unable to go on with Brit and likely she would have agreed if she hadn't committed suicide prior to the filing of the divorce. Turk decided to make his life's work doing speaking engagements to make up for the sins of his past and perhaps change the minds of others. Since his wife had a job that could support the family, he could be primary caregiver especially since a speaker can make their own schedule more than a typical 8 hour shift worker.

Phyllis Babrove I loved the ending of the book, as I did the entire book. Jodi Picoult is my favorite author and I have read most of her books. "Small Great Things" is the best book I have read in a long time. To me the ending proved that people can change, if they want to.

Wendy I thought the ending was pathetic and ruined an otherwise good book

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