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message 1: by Don (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:44AM) (new)

Don LaVange (wickenden) | 4 comments I noticed that two versions of the Tao te Ching that I have show up as combined (regardless of which ISBN I enter, it shows the same rating and review I gave the other one). I noticed this on the tips for "combining editions":

"Editions/translations of the book in other languages. Even though many translations differ significantly, we've made the decision to combine them all, and have people note the differences in their reviews."

While that might make a certain sense for some things, I find it problematic for texts where the translation is only part of the work. ISBN:1562790854, by Red Pine is a very different work from ISBN: 0877735425 by John Wu. True, the text being translated is the same, but the extensive commentaries make them radically different works.

Note that on the first ISBN I listed, the following note appears: (note: review of version with isbn 0877735425).

So, I don't get why my review of the second appears when I try to add the first, and would like to know how to disambiguate them.


message 2: by Otis, Chief Architect (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:45AM) (new)

Otis Chandler | 315 comments Mod
Hi Don,

You are right it was slightly difficult to add a review of two editions. We've made a few corrections to the interface, which we'll release later tonight or tomorrow. So let us know if things are better!

Combining editions of translations is a gray area, but the policy that we came up with (which most people have agreed with), is that if the original text is the same, we combine them. This allows for richer comparisons in the reviews, which wouldn't be possible if things weren't combined. We have plans to extend the combining features to make 'subeditions' to improve things in the future.



message 3: by Ritz (new)

Ritz (maravillosodesgarro) | 2 comments Saludos a todos,

Disculpen la traducción en inglés a continuación, es fatal porque la hago con un traductor on line, pero por el momento estos son los medios.
He estado un poco distanciada de Goodreads y de sus maravillosos cambios y avances, aspa que hoy cuando quise introducir mi reseña sobre Todo es Eventual (P&J, 2003, trad. Tyroller) me encontré con la modalidad de Libros Combinados. ¡Excelente!
Sin embargo entre los 28 ejemplares no estaba el que yo lei así que lo incluí y primero tuve problemas con el ISBN y después para cargarle la imagen, haciendo algo más algo menos, siempre cuidadando la exactitud de los datos, logré cargar el libro en cuestión)
Pero ahora, no logro combinarlo para que forme parte del grupo “Everything's Eventual by Stephen King”.
Ya he molestado mucho a Otis vía correo, y quería preguntar por este medio si ¿me pueden ayudar?
Cuando entro en a la edición que yo cargué
Voy a mano derecha a la opción “other editions” presiono “edit” busco al grupo “Everything's Eventual” lo selecciono y le doy a “Combine editions”
Nada pasa.
¿Alguien me ayuda?
Gracias a todos


Regards to all,
Forgive the translation in English later, it is fatal because I do it with a translator on line, but for the present time these are the means.
I have been a bit distanced from Goodreads and from his wonderful changes and advances, arm that today when I wanted to introduce my review Everything´s Eventual (P*J, 2003, trad. Tyroller) I met the modality of Combined Books. Excellent!

Nevertheless between 28 Editions it was not the fact that I read so I included it and first I had problems with the ISBN and later to load the image, doing something more a little less, always watching the accuracy of the information, I managed to load the book in questio) But now, I do not manage to combine it in order that it forms a part of the group " Everything's Eventual by Stephen King ". Already I have bothered very much to Otis route mail, and I want to ask for this way if can you help me?
When I enter in to the edition that I loaded I Go to right hand to the option " other editions " press "edit" search to the group "Everything's Eventual" select it and give him to " Combine editions " Then … Nothing happens.
Does someone help me?
Thanks to all

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41427 comments Mod
I fixed it. :)

But I see a bunch of other King translations that could use the attention of librarians fluent in Spanish, German, and French.

message 5: by John (new)

John | 73 comments I've managed to do just about all of the French, Spanish and Portuguese editions. Someone else will have to tackle the German!

message 6: by Ritz (new)

Ritz (maravillosodesgarro) | 2 comments Rivka

Muchísimas gracias!
Muchas gracias por incluir el libro TODO ES EVENTUAL en la combinación.
incluí una edición más en español para ser precisa porque no había otra edición con las mismas características que la que yo leí y poseo (edición, año)
Como Librero cuando yo incluyo un libro lo hago con todos sus datos, no sólo titulo, autor ISBN, también busco su portada y reseña en contraportada.
Nuevamente gracias

Thank you very much for including the book TODO ES EVENTUAL in the combination.
I included one more edition in Spanish to be precise because there was no another edition with the same characteristics that the one that I read and I possess (edition, year) As Librarian when I include a book I do it with all his information, not only title, author ISBN, also I look for his cover and review in counter front.
Again thank you.

message 7: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41427 comments Mod
De nada. :)

message 8: by Kathrynn (new)

Kathrynn | 189 comments If someone has a moment could they pop over to Clive Cussler's books and combine titles that are (I believe) in french, spanish, and german. I did what I could with the english versions, but can't read the rest.
Thank you.

message 9: by Lasairfiona (new)

Lasairfiona | 38 comments What about volumes that aren't part of a series? Many translations of longer books are broken up into multiple volumes because the translation makes the book even longer or cultural norms require shorter books. Should those volumes be combined with the main books or should they be left separate? They usually have different titles or subtitles which adds to the confusion.

ps: I posted this in another thread but it never got responded to. Since this has a new post, let's try here.

message 10: by Lasairfiona (last edited Mar 01, 2008 10:11PM) (new)

Lasairfiona | 38 comments Also: Worked on Clive Cussler's books with babelfish. Sometimes the translations are direct and it is easy to combine stuff. However, with his books even people who are fluent in German/French/Spanish are going to have a hard time. His books, like some other books when translated, change titles. I'm sure the new titles go along with the story but not having read his books, I don't know where to put a lot of the books.

For example, there is a french and spanish version of (translated) Panic at/in Casa Blanca/White Mansion depending on the language of course. However, the only other title with white is White Death. That might be the same but it is too far apart to guess. There is a book called Mediterranean Caper but that doesn't have any other books, english or otherwise, and it is also too far to combine. However, Fire Ice and Frozen or Ardent Ice is close enough so I combined those (especially since those had the english title listed too :) ). Make sense?

message 11: by Saturnina (new)

Saturnina | 12 comments When combining editions in different languages, I usually look for a list of the author's works, preferably with publication years, and compare that with a similar list in another language. Wikipedia's already pretty useful in this, but sometimes I have to dig deeper.

message 12: by Lasairfiona (new)

Lasairfiona | 38 comments I don't find the publication years very useful as the translations can come out at different times depending on how long it takes. An author website is typically very helpful. A lot of authors I have had to look up have a page dedicated to translations complete with covers. If you get stuck, try that. I do it with authors I know but with Clive there, I don't know his stuff and so I haven't dug deeper than babelfish.

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