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message 1: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (LaceyParisBooks) | 381 comments Mod
A small grassy area with wooden targets. Here students can practice various different archery activities. There's several different options for varying skill levels.

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments Camille walked onto the archery range, breathing in the fresh air with her enhanced smell. She sat down on the grass and closed her eyes, thinking as she waited for Aja to come.

message 3: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin had eventually caught up, as she had gotten distracted by animals on the path. She hadn't notified Camille though as she just easily caught up. When they stopped at the archery field Acelin smiled slightly and nodded. She liked archery and was slightly good at it.

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments "Over here!" Camille waved her hand, as if beckoning for Aja to come over. She stood up. She was in her favourite corner of the field. Under the tree where she felt great, calm, happy. She wanted to talk, but decided to let the tree talk for her.

message 5: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin came over, but got distracted by the bows. She focused herself and sat down next to Camille, looking over the whole field. It was large, and looked really updated instead of just string bows and old arrows. She kind of wanted to try it out, but she didn't want to be rude to Camille.

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments "Do you want to try the new archery range gear?" Camille asked, noticing the sparkle in Aja's eyes. She wanted to try it out as well, even if it meant not learning about Aja, her new cabinmate.

message 7: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin shrugged. "Looks interesting and much more updated than most camp gear." She said passively, seeing Camille kind of wanted to try it herself. She stood up and walked over, picking up a 15 pound bow with a quiver of arrows.

message 8: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd ((?))

message 9: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd ((Hey you still alive...?))

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
((when it's been two or three days I would encourage you to message the person directly as they may not be receiving the notifications))

message 11: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd ((Okay thanks))

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments ((My bad, I was offline yesterday.))

"The targets are too easy. How shoot an arrow to the sky and have it land on a target?" Camille replied as she wanted to see how Aja's archery skills were.

message 13: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin thought about it. "Okay...I think that's a possibility. Let me get a few test shots in to get a feel for the bow and I should e able to do it..." she replied, drifting off in thought. She shot a few practice shots, consistently hitting the target and eventually continuously hitting the center after i few rounds. Eventually she backed up a bit, looked at the sky while squinting her eyes, and shot up into the air. It went high up out of sight, didn't hit any birds, and came crashing down onto the target. It hit the very top straight on, lining up perfectly with the center. Not a technical bullseye, but still not easy.

message 14: by BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (last edited Aug 19, 2017 09:57PM) (new)

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments Camille smiled, impressed. She was horrible at archery and everyone who could at least hit the target was at least 10 times better than her. She didn't want to embarrass herself by standing there, but then again, she would if she shot an arrow, so she took the risk anyway. She picked up a lighter, smaller bow and a smaller quiver of arrows. She stood in front of the targets and took a deep breath. She did some quick error-filled mental calculations and shot it up slightly forwards, with a risk of it falling on her even though she didn't think about that. The arrow zipped up, nailing three birds in a row and started to fall down on Camille, who was still looking at the target.

message 15: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin grabbed a handful of Camille's shirt and yanked her back away from the falling arrow. She didn't look at the arrow when it landed on the ground, not wanting to see the hurt birds. She still managed to keep a straight face as she kept Camille from falling back due to the sudden backwards force. "Shooting straight up results in it coming straight down." She said calmly. "Luckily your head wasn't impaled by a falling arrow."

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments "Thanks." Camille was still shaken up from it almost falling. Suddenly, the smell of blood overwhelmed her systems and she lunged forwards for the arrow. She looked desperately at the arrow with the three birds perfectly skewered on. It was practically calling for her to eat it. She hadn't ever had blood and didn't understand why most vampires would crave it, but with the fresh smell of dead bird basically served to her on a golden platter, she was desperate to try some.

message 17: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin could tell that when Camille went for the birds she wasn't exactly going to try and help. She saw her hesitate though, almost reading her mind as she seemed to weigh the pros and cons. "If you want their blood go's better than them dying for no reason." She said calmly, picking the bow up. "I'll go collect the arrows." She said in passing, heading towards the target filled with arrows from the previous shots.

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments Camille lunged for the birds not wanting to use her hands, she reached into her pockets and pulled out a pair of gloves, quickly placing them on before grabbing the first bird. Her pupils started to get wider, getting slightly crazier. She was totally unaware of that happening, and all that she could see was the blood, dripping off the birds' bodies in slow motion.

message 19: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin could here the noises going on behind her and did everything she could to ignore them. She found every possible thing to fix and straighten up on the opposite side of the field. She then quickly made her way to the starting area, ignoring the sounds and smells that would probably upset her. She organized the bows that Camille and herself had used as well as the ones that had been messed up by previous uses. She organized them from heaviest to lightest, and did the same thing for the arrows.

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments Camille finished with one bird, and she felt slightly sick. She dropped the others, stuffing them in a plastic glove each inside out. She quickly zipped it in her pocket. She turned to face Aja. She didn't realize that there was a piece of bird on her cheek, and some blood dripping down her shirt. She noticed Aja sorting the bows and arrows, and headed over slowly, feeling kind of stuffed from eating a whole fat bird. What do these people feed these birds? She thought.

message 21: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin finished and, feeling proud of herself, turned to face the now finished Camille. She quickly saw the piece of bird on her cheek and the blood and immediately screwed her eyes shut, feeling her stomache drop. Her head had tilted down and she was doing all she possibly could to avoid the sight or smell of dead bird. She hated having to do that but she hated seeing dead animals even more. " have something on your face..." she muttered unsteadily.

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments Camille's smile disappeared. "Where?" She asked. She didn't feel anything on her face, but she looked down, noticing that the blood was on her shirt. She frantically wiped it off, noticing that Aja was extremely uncomfortable with the sight of the blood and whatever was on her face. She was so tired and felt like she needed to sleep.

message 23: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin thought for a moment, focusing on trying to be descriptive instead of uncomftorable. Her voice changed to calm and calculating. "You have a part of a lower rib on the left corner of mouth dropping towards your chin as well as other tissue circling your upper lip. Hydrogen peroxide can get anything proteins based out of cloth but it can damage the color when used in excess." She said methodically, still keeping her eyes closed and pointed to the ground.

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments Camille wiped it off her face and onto a small napkin in her pocket. "Is it gone now?" She asked softly. She didn't' like that she was making people uncomfortable. She looked up at the sky as if watching for any birds that were going to fly by. She started to close her eyes, slightly more tired now. She wanted to just drop onto the grass and sleep, but she didn't want to get her million-dollar dress dirty, as it would cost her a fortune to pay someone, probably a shapeshifter or a water faerie to get it cleaned.

message 25: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin looked up. "Yeah it's gone." She said, noticing she looked really fatigued. "Do you want to go back to the cabin to sleep? I can get the blood out of your dress while you nap, unless of course you want to keep it there as a new fashion statement." She said jokingly, grabbing her backpack from under the tree.

BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments "Sure!" Camille replied sarcastically. "I'd love for people to think that I am a thoughtless, messy, cannibal that no one would ever socialize with. She picked up whatever she left and started to walk back to the cabin, sort of dragging her feet.

message 27: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Acelin followed, now knowing where the cabin was.


BubbleWaffles ~Catching Up~ (agentcupcake) | 60 comments ((Okay. Would you like to start?))

message 29: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments Skylar walked towards the archery range. It was nice to get some alone time, especially at the archery range. She loved archery.

message 30: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
Chase had been at the archery range for awhile. But he just couldn't seem to hit the target when he shot the bow and arrow. It frustrated him, he was usually so good, but today was an off day.

message 31: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments Skylar finally reached the archery range and noticed someone was there. He seemed familiar but she couldn't quite pinpoint where she had seen him before.

message 32: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
He fired another arrow and then gave up. Setting the bow down he turned to leave, but saw the girl he had met earlier come in. "Came to shoot? I could use some pointers." He said, looking at the tip of the arrow that he had in his hand. It was a terrible joke but he had said it anyway, giving her an apologetic look.

message 33: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "Well lets first see if I'm still as good as I was last year," Skylar replied as she grabbed a bow and three arrows. She put the first arrow in the bow and aimed it towards the target. It ended up landing right in front of the target. The second arrow landed on the very edge of the target and the third arrow landed right in the center of the target. A perfect shot.

message 34: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"Nice job." He said leaning against the wooden fence that blocked the shooters from the range. "I seem to be having an off day." That or something wasn't right. He shrugged it off and kicked the dirt. He hadn't made an effort to look good today, just wearing green shorts and a gray hoodie gave him a right out of bed appearance. Or at least he thought it did.

message 35: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "Thanks, and who knows maybe tomorrow might be your day."

There was one last arrow left.

message 36: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"Yeah possibly." He said ignoring the last arrow. He looked down at the dirt. She still felt familiar but he couldn't place the feeling. He then got the guts to look at her. "Do I know you from somewhere? You're really familiar." He asked, ruffling his hair trying to make it less serious and also to avoid fidgeting a lot.

message 37: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "You know you also seem familiar," Skylar replied.

An idea then popped into Skylar's head.

"Maybe if we talk about ourselves something might click."

message 38: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"I'm Chase Dawnson. I'm an Earth Faerie. I grow up in a small woodsy area. Love the outdoors." He rushed through the words, not really knowing what to say or where to begin. He tucked his hands into his pockets and looked away.

message 39: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "Ok.. I'm Skylar Anne....Dawson."

message 40: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"Who's your parents?" He asked turning to look at her closely. Is blue eyes searched her, who she was was beginning to form in his mind.

message 41: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "My mom's name is Claire and my dad..."

Skylar's smile immediately vanished.

message 42: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"You're my cousin, you were there at my brothers funeral, I remember you now." He said looking down and avoiding her gaze. Oh boy, this was going to be interesting.

message 43: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "Cousin.. wait what," Skylar said in shock, "I know I have a cousin but..."

Skylar started pacing back and forth. She could barely believe what she was hearing.

message 44: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
"Our dads are brothers." He said remembering how she knew him. He remembered both dads at his brothers funeral, they were there for each other and chase was actually introduced to him, and that's when he had pointed out his family, including her. He turned to look at her.

message 45: by Abbigail (last edited Sep 04, 2017 06:04PM) (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments "That would explain why you looked so familiar," Skylar replied. She was still in shock.

((Congrats on becoming a moderator.))

message 46: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments ((Do you still want to continue this or no?))

message 47: by Kya | Diamond, Tired one... (new)

Kya | Diamond | 443 comments Mod
((I'm sorry. I've been meaning to respond, but I've been getting writers block bed been dealing with some personal issues.)

message 48: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail  (Abbigail) | 494 comments ((Oh. I'm sorry to here that. Hopefully things get better.))

message 49: by Allie (new)

Allie | 122 comments ((Mac/Hap))

Ella stood by one of the targets, plucking arrows from the wood and shoving them into the quiver at her side. She was getting better, but most of her shots found the middle rings instead of the center. She wanted to perfect the sport before moving on to another hobby, which sounded crazy, but she couldn't just quit if she wasn't great yet.
Ella walked back to the line drawn for shooters, wiping her red bangs away from her sweaty forehead. It was unseasonably warm, and she regretted wearing her hoodie out to practice.

message 50: by Mac (new)

Mac K (Mac_k) | 44 comments Hap was at the archery range, arguably his worst skill. He could play hockey, he was a good runner, and even was pretty good with fencing as he'd gotten into it a year ago. But put a bow and arrow in his hands and he became awkward and rigid. He waited for the shooter to his right to retrieve her arrows before taking aim and loosing an arrow, hitting only an inch inside the large circular target. How could he possibly be such a poor shot? He was a decent marksman with a rifle, so shouldn't he be able to shoot archery. With a sigh of frustration, Hap took aim once more, realizing that those around him were probably seeing his efforts as a comedic act.

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