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Characters: Angel, Darla, Buffy (mentioned), Kat, Kai (mentioned), Cordy, Klaus, Freya (mentioned), Kol (mentioned), Marcel (mentioned), Alistair (mentioned), Elena (mentioned)

Summary: Set in Angel after the S5 finale, “Not Fade Away.” It’s a few years after the Circle of the Black Thorn was defeated, and they lost a few people. Spike and the others have moved on. A year after the finale, Darla comes back. She and Angel get back together. What if Kat suddenly found herself in LA? What if Cordy had a vision of someone else from Kat’s world?


Kalijah (mentioned)

A/N: Cordy’s still alive.

It was a nebulous night in LA, as Angel patrolled, on the lookout for anyone in danger, as usual. It was a nightly routine for him. He was the protector of the city, doing as he had ever since he’d fallen for Buffy a few years ago. He and Buffy weren’t together anymore and they weren’t in the same town, either. They’d grown apart, but if she’d called him and told him that she needed his help, he’d be there for her, no matter what.
He stood on a rooftop, overlooking the city. It was quiet tonight, but he knew silence didn’t always mean that there wasn’t any danger. Sometimes danger lurked in the shadows.
As he looked at the streets below, he sensed a presence; her presence, behind him. He’d know her anywhere, since she’d turned him.
She went to stand next to him.
“Protecting the humans, my Angel? There’s no danger tonight. You and I should go home. You should take up a new hobby. You can’t save everyone.”
“What are you doing here, Darla?” he asked, looking at her.
“Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to keep you company,” she replied.
“I don’t need any company. Go home and wait for me there.”
“Why would I do that?” she countered.
He realized that she wasn’t going anywhere, so he let her stay.
“Just stay out of my way.”
Suddenly, a very familiar smell came to him.

Katherine, human, had just escaped a prison world and Kai, only to end up in LA, injured and get a run in with a vampire. He’d pulled her into an alley.
He vamped out.
Even though she knew what his intention were, having been a vampire herself, she wasn’t afraid. Instead, she pushed him away from her, just as she saw a guy and girl enter the alley. She realized they were vampires too, but they weren’t here to harm her. She was a good judge of character, when it came to vampires.
She looked around, but didn’t see any pointy objects to use as a stake. She then looked at the vampire whom was getting to his feet.
“Someone should teach you lesson. Don’t attack an injured girl; especially, me. I may be human now, but I used to be a vampire. I was never like you, though. I was discrete, even though I did some bad things I’m not proud of. The only reason I’m human is because my doppelganger shoved the cure for vampirism down my throat. I’m Katherine Pierce, though. I always manage to survive, somehow.” She looked at the vampire in black. “Got a stake?”
He took it out to give to her, realizing what she was going to do. Then, he watched, as she staked the vampire and picked up the stake.
After staking the vampire, she gave the stake back to him. She assumed these were different kinds of vampires, since the staked vampire had evaporated, instead of turning into a corpse. She also noticed no Daylight rings, indicating that they were forever stuck in the dark.
“Thanks for the attempted rescue, but I know how to deal with vampires, human or not. I’m Katherine. Now who are you two?”
“Angel. This is Darla. You should get to a hospital,” he introduced and suggested.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you. Where do you suggest I go for help? I don’t like hospitals. Unless you have a friend with a knowledge and some experience,” she replied.
“Why don’t I take you home. Cordy can probably help you. She’s tended to me countless times.”
“Then why don’t you take me to meet this Cordy.”

After a little while, they walked inside Angel Investigations.
Katherine limped over and sat on a couch in the lobby. She then looked at her leg and saw the arrow Kai had shot her with.
“Cordy,” Angel called, loud enough for her to hear.
Cordy was in the kitchen, when she heard Angel, so she came out, only to see someone she didn’t know, hurt.
Cordy got the first-aid stuff and then approached her.
“What happened?” she asked all three of them.
“I escaped what’s called a prison world, where a Gemini witch Kai is. He doesn’t take kindly to those who want to leave without him. When I got out, I got a run in with a vampire, but I kicked his ass back to wherever he came from,” Katherine explained.
Cordy sat by her.
“How do you know about vampires?”
“I used to be one.” Katherine quickly pulled the arrow out of her leg. “I wasn’t the good kind, though. I was all the bad parts. When I tried to kill my doppelganger, Elena shoved the cure for vampirism down my throat. I thought it was partly her fault Elijah left, but I’ll never know.”
Cordy got all her wounds tended to.
“So, what are you going to do now?”
“I don’t know. Maybe stay here for a while. Vampirism was everything to me. I don’t have anything as a human, and I’d rather not call Elijah.”
“You can stay as long as you need,” Angel assured her.
“You can stay with me,” Cordy suggested. “And maybe you can help us take care of people in need of help.”
Katherine smiled.
“I’d like that. Thanks.”

An hour later, Katherine walked into Cordy’s apartment with her.
Soon, she settled into the apartment and was laying down in the guest room. She’d been through hell, so she needed the rest.

The next day, she left with Cordy to Angel Investigations. She was going to help her and Angel out.

They entered the former Wolfram and Heart building. Angel obviously wasn’t there, since it was daylight.
“What do you need help with the most?” Katherine asked her.
“We could use a filer and someone to answer phones. We haven’t done much since the big battle, and Angel has yet to figure out phones. You’d think he’d pick up on something after 150 years.”
“I can answer phones. I’m not an organizer.” Katherine sat at the desk that had a phone. “Not all vampires pick up on everything. Some adapt with the times. Others don’t. I’ve known both.”
“And here I thought vampires, apart from Angel, were all the same.”
“Well, I don’t know what kind of vampires you’re accustomed to, but they’d not all monsters. Some go their entire existence without turning off their humanity. Some turn it off, but when it suits them, they turn it back on. Some can walk in the sun and others can’t. Where I come from though, werewolves and werewolf-vampire hybrids exist too. So do doppelgangers, which is what I am. I’m also descended from Travelers. You may know them as gypsies, but they’ve adapted to the times. They’re not who they used to be. Klaus is the very first hybrid; the original hybrid. His siblings are the original vampires,” she explained.
“How old were you?”
“538 years old. I grew up in a Bulgaria village. I was one of the vampires whom adapted.”
“Wow,” was all Cordy could think to say.

That night, they were home, hanging out in the living room, when Cordy had a vision.
When it was finished, Cordy told her everything, describing the guy she saw.
Katherine got to her feet.
“I’ll go. You stay here. I may be bringing him here and you’ll have to invite him in. It’s Klaus and though he was my enemy for 500 years, I forgave him. Plus, Elijah wouldn’t appreciate me not helping his brother in his time of need. I have to help him. Besides, it’s the right thing to do.”
With that, Katherine left to go find Klaus. For the first time since she’d met him, he genuinely needed help. She just happened to be the one that was going to help him.

Once Katherine found Klaus in an alley, she went to his side, not at all being cautious of him. She wasn’t afraid of him anymore. Not since she’d died and been sent to that prison world. Plus, she knew that he had a daughter, and if her experience was nearly the same as his, it had changed him. Besides, she didn’t think he’d hurt her or be able to.
She knelt at his side, where he lay on the ground, and saw a wound that wasn’t healing. That’s when she knew that something had happened in New Orleans. Maybe a new weapon had been made that was deadly to any Original. It wasn’t impossible, since anything was possible in their world. Plus, the stab wound wasn’t healing. There was only one thing she knew of that would prevent a vampire or, in Klaus’ case, a hybrid, from healing. A werewolf bite. Klaus was a hybrid though and his blood was the cure, so werewolf venom shouldn’t do this to him. That’s when she figured that it was something more than werewolf venom. It had to be something to do with witches. Living or dead, witches could be a nuisance and backstabbers.
She looked at him and saw, even without needing to touch him, that he was sweating. She knew that that meant that at least part of whatever it was, had werewolf venom in it. A wolf bite couldn’t kill an original, but it did give them symptoms for 24 hours, just like it would with a normal vampire.
She put a hand on the side of his face.
“Klaus, can you hear me? It’s me,” she called to him.
When she realized that he wasn’t waking up, she knew she had to magically get them to the apartment. She wouldn’t be able to get him to the apartment without help, when he was in this condition.
She took her hand away and put it on top of his hand. Then she magically made them appear outside of Cordy’s apartment. She then put his arm around her shoulders and got to her feet, using her body weight to hold him up. Then she knocked on the door.
He began to awaken and Kat saw that.
Cordy opened the door to see them.
“Come in.”
Kat got him inside and Cordy closed the door and helped her with him.
“Let’s get him on my bed,” Kat suggested, in which they did.
Once he was on her bed, Kat had Cordy get a cool wet wash cloth, and Kat put it on his forehead.
“You should get out of sight. If he’s hungry enough, it won’t end well for you, and he’s got the symptoms of a werewolf bite. Until now, we all thought there was only one thing that could kill them, but now I’m not so sure. When a vampire is bitten by a werewolf, the vampire will feed trying to quench his or her hunger. Vampires usually have control, but not when they’ve been bitten,” she informed Cordy.
Cordy left the room, figuring Kat could take care of him herself.
Kat sat on his bedside and looked at him.
Klaus looked at her.
“Katerina?” he inquired, knowing that she was supposed to be dead as of a few years ago.
“It’s me. I’m not a hallucination. I assure you. What happened to you?”
“Alistair stabbed me with a sword. I think it had Marcel’s venom on it. He turned himself into a weapon against us all. It kills within two hours’ time.”
“How was it created? Maybe I can find a cure.”
“My long-lost sister, Freya, has already made cures for it. Just in case we’re bitten again,” he informed her.
“Then I’ll have to get in touch with your sister. What do you mean again?” she replied, afraid for the Originals. She didn’t know who was in their bloodline, since she didn’t know who had sired Mary.
“He bit Kol and Elijah, but a cure was found and created. They’re alive,” he assured her, assuming what she may be thinking about. He knew how much she and Elijah loved each other.
She was relieved to hear that, but was peeved at Marcel for harming them in the first place. She was going to kick his ass when she got the chance to.
“Marcel and I are going to have a conversation or more about going after Mikaelsons,” she replied.
“Be careful, luv.”

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“I learned I’m descended from Travelers, so I’ll be fine. Maybe I can even find a way to turn him normal again. Until then, I’m going to contact Freya and you need to rest. Keep what strength you have left. I’m not going to let you die if I have a say in it.”
“Why are you helping me? You’ve hated me for obvious reasons. After what I did to you, I don’t deserve for you to help me,” he wanted to know.
“Because I forgave you on my deathbed. Also, you have a daughter. I couldn’t raise mine or even fight to keep her. When I turned human, she found me and protected me from Silas, but I lost her in the end. At the time, I was still afraid of you. I told her that your blood was the cure, but she didn’t want me to give anything up just to save her. She spent her entire vampire life searching for me, only for us to lose each other. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Not even you.”
“Thank you, Katerina,” he replied. He wanted to offer her some comfort over the loss of her daughter, but it wasn’t for him to do. That was his brother’s department. Not his. He knew the loss of a child, one way or another, was hard. He’d felt it a few years ago when they’d had to give Hope to Rebekah. It had been so hard for him to deal with, let alone keep Hayley from killing supernatural creatures over her own grief.
“You’re welcome.”
While he rested, she called Freya to let her know that Klaus needed the cure.

After Klaus was cured, she and Klaus left the apartment to talk, and because he needed to feed after what he’d been through.
After he’d fed, they began to just walk through the LA streets.
“So, when did you get here, luv?” he inquired, asking when it was that she had gotten to LA.
“The other night. Thank you, by the way. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you came to town to gloat over my death, but Caroline stopped you. After all, you never came. Although, I would’ve liked it better than Damon being there, getting inside my head. He really does hate me, although I don’t hate him. I don’t blame him for what he did. Being dead was worst though, since I ended up in a prison world with a certain Gemini witch.”
“You’re welcome, luv. You’re right. Caroline gave me a pep talk about how much it sucks to die. She wanted me to back off, so I did. In exchange for her to confess her true feelings to me. I also promised to never return, although my promise still stands if she ever finds herself at my doorstep. I doubt it, though. After what Marcel has done, we’re thinking about leaving for our own safety and for Hope’s.” He wanted to say something about Kai, knowing which Gemini witch she was talking about, but he didn’t. He would’ve loved to kick his ass for possibly hurting Katerina. Nobody deserved what Kai liked to do to people. What Kai liked to do was too much for Klaus’ taste. He’d never met him, but he’d heard of two prison worlds, as well as Kai. He was psychotic and a maniac, more so than Kol. At least Kol didn’t do what Kai did to people. If he ever came face to face with Kai, he’d kill him for what he did to Katerina.
“Now that I’ve saved your life, are you going home? I know I plan on leaving town so I can deal with Marcel.”
“Well, I do eventually have to go home. I can’t stay here forever,” he replied. “We could leave together if you wish, luv,” he replied.
She gave a smile and he smiled back.
“I’d love that,” she replied, agreeing with him.

A few days later, they went to New Orleans together. Klaus went back home to his family, while Katherine went to the compound to deal with Marcel the best of her ability.
Katherine entered the compound and saw Marcel.
“Katherine. Long time no see,” Marcel greeted. They’d been allies shortly after Mikael had burned the city to the ground. She’d helped bring back the tourists and he’d rebuilt everything.
“I heard what you did. You had no right. You knew I’d find out one way or another. You went after the Mikaelsons. That was a bad move on your part,” she said, as she approached him.
“I had to get them to fear me. It was the only way,” he defended.
“You bit Elijah, Marcel!”
“Well, I doubt he still loves you,” he replied.
“It doesn’t matter if he still loves me or not. He and I would die for each other. You go after the Mikaelsons, you become my enemy. Things have changed, Marcel. I’d die for the Mikaelsons if it came down to it.”
“Things have definitely changed, Katherine. You dropped off the face of the earth. I figured you wouldn’t care what I did. Besides, they had to pay. They got the one person closest to me killed. Everything they touch, eventually dies. They ruin everything and everyone. They deserved what they got.”
She magically through him against a wall.
“Nobody deserves something like that. Not even Klaus himself. You may not have friends linked to Klaus and I may not either, but there are people I care about. I don’t know which bloodline they come from, since I don’t know where my line begins. Next time you do what you did, you’ll have to take me down too.”
“Gladly,” he replied.

After a while, she found a spell that would turn him back to normal, so she did just that, and Klaus killed him. Then they went home after he was dead.
Later that night, she and Klaus began to kiss in his room. They were together now.

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