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-This is from Melissa Marr's website!

I'm not sure if I shared this before, but in light of the Niall comments elsewhere.

NOTE: Okay, this sequence would go back in the book if I had a way to make it fit. Their friendship matters in Fragile Eternity (book 3), but this section took away focus from the plot of Ink Exchange. I'd considered following up on this & the few bits in FE that show they used to have a relationship, but I'm not sure where that text belongs. I may write it just for the sake of writing it, but for now . . .

Slender arms slipped around him. Siobhan--one of the Summer Girls--held him. "You look sad, Niall. I saw you from the dance--" she slid around to block his view of the window "--and came to fetch you."

Want more? Vist her website here for the resr ->

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ALSO she mosted more writings on HER GOODREADS PROFILE!

Deteled wiritng that was going, but never made its way into the books...

Go read [:

And like I said it's on her profile just; Melissa Marr that is.

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