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message 1: by Lanelle (last edited Jun 30, 2017 05:02AM) (new)

Lanelle | 200 comments Mod
Each month we will read a public domain book in a certain genre, about a particular subject, or by an specific author. Report which book or story you've decided to read. Feel free to discuss what you're reading and the author's writing style. Don't forget to leave a review of your selected work.

June is the hottest month where I live. Temperatures are often above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm ready for cooler weather. That's not going to happen until the end of October though.

Well, we can read about cold weather! This month's theme is cold weather in the title. Think blizzards, ice, snow, or even just winter.

Here are some books with wintery words in the title:
The Winter's Tale
The Burglar and the Blizzard
A Night in the Snow or, A Struggle for Life
Snow-Bound A Winter Idyll
Children of the Frost
Delilah of the Snows
Fast in the Ice Adventures in the Polar Regions
A Winter Amid the Ice
Storm-Bound; or, A Vacation Among the Snow Drifts

message 2: by Sawako (last edited Jun 28, 2017 06:49AM) (new)

Sawako | 260 comments Mod
I am already in LOVE with this theme. 😍😍

Same here, the weather in Egypt is super hot 🌡️🌡️🌡️. That my laptop gets hot even when the AC is open.

message 3: by Lanelle (last edited Jun 28, 2017 06:51AM) (new)

Lanelle | 200 comments Mod
Here in Arizona, the monsoon season begins soon, and the temperatures will come down to a somewhat reasonable level. Thank goodness!

message 4: by Sawako (new)

Sawako | 260 comments Mod
Thank goodness for that. I will Google the monsoon season.

message 5: by Lanelle (new)

Lanelle | 200 comments Mod
I decided to try a new author. I read Storm-Bound; or, A Vacation Among the Snow Drifts. It turned out to be the 8th (I think) book in a series focusing on a group of young men in a Boy Scout troop.

It was a easy read, but I didn't enjoy it that much. It was rather preachy. The author kept inserting bits about how prepared and good a Boy Scout is.

message 6: by Sawako (new)

Sawako | 260 comments Mod
I have decided to read Delilah of the Snows. But life is eating my reading time. I still haven't finished last month's read.

message 7: by Lanelle (new)

Lanelle | 200 comments Mod
I'm sorry that life is getting in the way of your reading! Why don't you try a short story? I recommend The Burglar and the Blizzard.

message 8: by Sawako (new)

Sawako | 260 comments Mod
Thank you so much for your recommendation. I will read it as soon as possible. 😊

message 9: by Sawako (new)

Sawako | 260 comments Mod
Hello, Lanelle. I have read The Burglar and the Blizzard. Thank you so much for the recommendation. The book is lovely and short. I can't wait to read The Unknown Ajax. I always look forward to your book recommendations. 😊

message 10: by Lanelle (last edited Jul 28, 2017 08:09AM) (new)

Lanelle | 200 comments Mod
Sawako, I'm glad you enjoyed The Burglar and the Blizzard. And I think that The Unknown Ajax is my favorite Heyer book. I look forward to your thoughts about the story and characters.

Have things settled down for you?

message 11: by Sawako (new)

Sawako | 260 comments Mod
I am trying to manage my time. I have also started reading in the morning. Same here. I want to discuss The Unknown Ajax with you very soon. 😊😊😊

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