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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Girl goes over seas for her boss to finalize the details before selling the business and ends up sleeping with one of the new owners. [s]

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Shelia Williams | 786 comments Looking for a book I read in the last six months.

Girl has to fly over seas for her boss who couldn't do to family emergency to finalize the details before her boss will sell his company to the H (Adam) and his brother (i think his name may be Aiden but not sure). While there h And H start sleeping with each other. H decided that when the h went home he was going to go with her and also help with the transition of him and his brother buying her bosses company. When they get back to the states they go straight to the h's apartment and the ex (i think his name may be james or something that starts with a J) is still there because he refuses to leave (an has a habit of bringing is current girlfriend who he cheated on the h with just to rub it in the h's face). Adam makes the ex leave but not before the ex has to voice his opinion about her sleeping with Adam their new boss.

I remember another part where the h goes with the H and his brother to a party of some kind (maybe a family thing of the H and his brother). She excuse herself to go to the restroom and when she is done an walking to the stairs or down the stairs when she hears voices. She looks over the banister to see the H, his brother, and a couple of other guys talking about how they were going to have to let people go six months (which was against their agreement in the contract that they wouldn't fire anyone). She gets angry and either leave and confront him later or confronts him then can't remember that part but either way she won't let him explain what is going on. Later she finally lets him explain and i think they both come up with a way to help by maybe a very nice severance pay or a place in one of his other companies.

Can anyone please help me find this book.

I just remembered that i believe the h and H may have met prior to going over seas while still in the states.

I remember a part where the h is in the elevator of where the meeting is when the Adam gets on the elevator and she is shocked to see him. He starts talking about their night together an how he wants to do it again. At this point she has already figured out he is one of the brothers who she is meeting with and tells him that it won't be happening again. She also learns that when they met before that he knew who she was along and she get angry.
I hope this help help a little more. Any ideas.

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Shelia Williams | 786 comments I just remembered this:
I think her boss's wife was having a baby an that is why he couldn't go an take care of the finalizing the details himself.

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Shelia Williams | 786 comments I finally found it and some of my detail may have been wrong or backwards, but found it.

The billionaire's kisses by Julie Farrell

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Ruzza | 306 comments Link for Shelia's book: The Billionaire's Kisses by Julie Farrell

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Shelia Williams | 786 comments How do you do the link thing like that.

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Ruzza | 306 comments If you're on a desktop above the box where you write a comment there is a link that says "add book/author", click on it and then write the name of the book in the search bar.
I don't think it's possible if you're using the GR app on a phone or tablet.

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Shelia Williams | 786 comments Ok thanks

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