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message 1: by Spoon (new)

Spoon Bowl | 6 comments I am looking for beta readers for my novel which blends features of thriller and a bildungsroman. The setting is in a fictional land based on 18-19 century of our world. The novel features vampires as a solid part of society, wielding powers that may benefit humans but also threaten them to a great degree. The plot takes place in a kingdom ruled by a ruthless queen who has to deal with a very wretched state of her kingdom plagued with corruption. For this, she made a pact with powerful vampires who are able to eradicate the corruption and made the cities respect the royal court once again. The first half (which can possibly stand as a separate piece) of the novel has been read by betas before and many corrections were made and I think it is in a publishable state right now but I need a few more keen eyes to read and evaluate. The piece is 257 pages long.

What to expect:

- complex and developed characters featuring different shades of good and evil, I am trying to create characters that cannot be classified as either good or bad, they are real people (and vampires) with flaws and different personalities. Types of characters vary from prostitutes to deeply religious people.

- torture and disturbing scenes from time to time. A lot of blood

- various different locations in the kingdom, each aimed to be unique

- a world richly supplied with researched details of the technology of the 18. and 19. century and also some made up fictional features

- a balance of comic and tragic (or at least I hope so, it is one of my aims to sprinkle these two equally in the text)

I will be looking forward your response. If interested, contact me here or send me an email:

message 2: by FM (new)

FM (FMRolan) | 3 comments The piece is 257 pages long. -- How many words?
Are you willing to trade?

message 3: by Spoon (new)

Spoon Bowl | 6 comments Helllo. I am currently working on the new chapters and reworking the older ones as well. In the current situation, I would prefer sending it in shorter, 20 000 word pieces instead of the whole thing. And yes, I am willing to trade, feel free to send your work.

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