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Heather | 5109 comments I thought of this the other day as I was reading through past posts. It was from a month or so ago when there was brief mention of why there aren't opposing views to the professional critic's critiques of works of art.

So, I want to add this folder. I hope it will be fun for all, it is not meant to be such a serious topic, more like a game.

How to play the game: We are all professional art critics. We are paid millions for our ideas regarding new artists and the continual change of movements in art around the world.

I will start with posting a painting. I will not give any information regarding the artist. Some of my paintings may be completed by already world-famous artists, and I will try to find some of the less obvious, more obscure art of these art celebrities. Other works will be by artists basically unknown to the world as of right now. We can make or break his or her reputation and notoriety in the art world by our observations and commentary.

Anyone is welcome to post any painting. It can be some random doodle you see on Pintrest or a sketch found in an old library begun but not finished by Leonardo da Vinci himself.

Everyone is invited to add your thoughts, even encourage any thoughts regarding the piece. Express what you see, how it makes you feel, your sensory reaction upon seeing it for the first time. Study it and try to create a 'news column' dedicated to that artist and painting. No need to try to guess who the artist is, it is our job to put together how this artist will be seen by the public because of our observations.

This will also be interesting to read the opinions and views of each other. Here I think we will find opposing views and that, I think, could be fun!

(After the discussion has died down regarding that piece of work, I will post the identity of art and artist)

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Heather | 5109 comments I see this isn't a very popular thread but I want to add this article I found about an artist whom I am not familiar with. I'm going to introduce him more in another thread, too.

I'm curious as to your reactions regarding his work. I will post some of them here:

I especially like this one!

To read more about this artist, see my other post in Introduce an Artist and/or Work

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Heather | 5109 comments Alright, I posted this, no action, then forgot about it. I found some rather interesting, and IMO rather well done paintings by various people that I would like to post.
For all of you well versed in the techniques, mediums, etc. of various art, I would love to hear what you have to say about these. And with your critique, just take a stab at the age you think the artist did these works and maybe of the more famous artists, which would you attribute these most like?

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Watchful Eyes

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Taste of Art

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