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Detours in Time, #1
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Pamela Canepa | 20 comments Detours in Time, a story of time travel and two friends of very different mindsets navigating the skies, was released on 6/16 and is in need of some reviews. I can supply a PDF or mobi file. (I finally figured out mobi) :)

Here are the links to the book details:

Please contact me and I'd be glad to send you a copy!

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Joss Landry (goodreadscomjosslandry) | 20 comments I would like to read your book, Pamela. I am reading one now, so it will be the next one. My email is: May I have yours?


Pamela Canepa | 20 comments Thanks! Joss, would you like me to send the book to you now? I have no problem with that. I just sent you an e-mail, and we can discuss it there! -Pam

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