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Alexandria's characters will be posted here.

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Name: Mirana Aion

Nicknames: Mira & Ana

Gender: Female

Age: 17

New or Returning: Returning, 3 years

Species: Faerie

Sexuality: Heterosexual



Mirana is quite pretty, after all, that's simply how genetics work, when both your parents are beautiful people chances are you will have a decent appearance. She has hair the colour of a light milk chocolate, cut short for easy care and always carefully done so that it isn't in her way. She has eyes the brown of an oak tree that seems to hold with them a warm gaze. Her complexion is pale and, due to immense care is free of any blemishes. As far as how she dresses and all that she prefers a simple yet refined look. Understated colours, whites, blacks and greys make up most of her wardrobe and if she;d wear it chances are it would be appropriate for a business meeting.

Mirana does not fit in well with the idea of behavioural issues arising due to her powers, in fact, she is very behaved. She is very polite, well spoken and displays high-level etiquette in day to day situations. This arose from being raised in a household where such things were important, because of this she finds it easier to be around polite people. Her polite manner is paired with a somewhat more timid exposition.
It is nothing major, bur she prefers a pleasant quiet situation, like a lunch with a selection of close associate rather than massive party boasting countless guests.

Mirana's refined personality makes her fit in well amongst adults, sometimes making even them appear quite crude at times. She is often viewed as the "teacher's pet", but in all honesty, it's because she is simply far more comfortable in the presence of an adult. Due to this, she is often found near her counsellor, offering any help she can. The time spent in the company of these types people has paid off well for her as she is quite intelligent, something that could also be partially attributed to her parent's over-intensity about her academic pursuits. Her knowledge of chemistry and biology, particularly anatomy, exceeds that of almost all other fields which is why her goal for the future has always been to become an anesthesiologist.

Due to her life at home Mirana has a "layered" personality, the outer layer is the refined intellectual that her parents want her to be and the other is truly her. Once someone gets to know her very well she can be kind and sweet, but also very vulnerable. It's in this inner layer that a person can truly see the effects of how her parents treat her. She is very easily embarrassed and extremely curious, almost childlike as far as how curious she can get. Sadly, unless Mirana is mentally breaking down she tries to keep this inner layer under control to keep her parents happy.

Mirana's life was rather planned out from well before she was born. Her mother was a cutthroat business executive and her father a leading neuroscientist. The two wanted a child so that they could have a proper family. Their child was to be well behaved, intelligent and ambitious, someone that they could be proud of and could boast as about as yet another success. They had everything set up for her in advance, private school, a university, people with whom to begin networking with and just about everything else in between. They treated having a child as just another project,
an experiment, and if it failed they'd simply dispose of it. In the end, there was no emotional attachment to their child,
merely an intellectual pursuit in hopes of making themselves even more perfect.

Mirana was born a few days late so, in other words, she was a failure right off the bat, but she was given another chance to prove that she wasn't a complete waste of space. She was a quiet baby which worked in her favour as it didn't bother her parents who were usually hard at work. She was rather quick to begin rolling around, however, her parents were disappointed in the fact that she wasn't crawling on time, however,
shortly after she did begin crawling she skipped right on ahead to walking. Her parents were uneasy about it so her parents merely bragged about what she did early and neglected to mention anything else. Her speaking skills were noted to have been rather advanced as well, likely due to her parents consistently working with her to ensure that she was ahead of her age in development. Her very first word was "Fratercula", the scientific name of a Puffin, her favourite animal which was taught to her by her scientist father.

As she got older she was taught how to act in social situations both politely and in a refined manner. She was raised to fit in perfectly in adult social circles, her parents often forgetting the fact that she was still a child. Sadly such ways didn't work perfectly, in the end, not even little Mira could hold up under the amount of pressure on her from her parents.
She made one small mistake, but it caused her to freak out,
she left immediately, ran to her room and cried, upset with herself for not being perfect like her parents were. Her parents made her come back out to the guests and didn't seem overly phased by what had happened. The entire gathering proceeded as planned afterwards excluding the odd apology. It wasn't until after all the guests had left that things went downhill.
To be brief the way they spoke to her and the way they treated her after that was inexcusable.

After that, things were very different, her family's rules became far stricter and she was under constant watch. She went to a private school as was planned from before her birth and as expected performed excellently. She began to enjoy the sciences, both chemistry and biology so her parents took it upon themselves to encourage her to become an anesthesiologist. The kept her focused on this one goal above all else and made sure that she never strayed from it. She was expected to follow through on everything asked of her. It was during all this that her parents were approached with the option of sending her to a program that would teach both higher etiquette and would provide an intellectual challenge in a camp-like setting so that it would help her understand the importance of natural spaces. It came with an elaborate wording and a made up series of fanciful activities, but eventually, they were convinced. This ended up being Camp Occult. It turned out that the person who had discovered her and approached her parents was her gym teacher who noticed the birth mark during a class.

There she was discovered to be a Faerie with a natural affinity for air control. Her intelligence and understanding of Sciences made it possible for her to control the air on very minute scales, mustering up very particular air compositions and she was also capable of large feats as well, but in any case, she far preferred to rely on her own abilities as a competent person rather than her air control. She often stuck around counsellors as she found it difficult to associate with many of the campers who weren't often raised to be the pinnacle of the upper class. She would partake in activities as expected, but beyond that, she preferred to quietly read on her own. She continued to attend the camp for a couple years under the same ruse and her parents were never able to figure out what the camp really was.

Special abilities: Air control

▪ Mother - Charlotte Aion
▪ Father - Owen Aion

Pet: Countless fish as her family owns several aquariums

Likes:Reading, Chemistry, Anatomy, Tea, Quiet, Puffins, Salmon, Chocolates, Horseback Riding

Dislikes: Excess Noise, Spicy Food, Mess, Cruelty, Heels, Toads &Frogs

Fears: Failure, Small Spaces & Chimpanzees

▪ Often moves her fingers as though playing the piano
▪ Can't balance on one foot without help
▪ She goes very high pitched when embarrassed

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Before I take a look at her, would you mind switching to the character creation template so we can keep everything consistent?

☕️Alexandria || If music be the food of love, play on☕️ | 6 comments
Should be fine now! Apologies about that, I'm in one group where everyone has these very elaborate formats so I've been trying to make a template that wouldn't appear out of place there. Anywho, it should be fine now. There are two parts in point form and I simply cut off the extra bit because I had nothing I wished to add, that would be the only possible discrepancies format wise, I can change them if needed, but it just seemed to be the most logical and efficient course of action as far as the formatting goes.

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Thanks! The points should be fine! I just have two small notes. Would you add for how many years she's been at Camp Occult if she's returning and who was the person that approached her parents the about the camp?

☕️Alexandria || If music be the food of love, play on☕️ | 6 comments Fixed, to make it easier I said 3 years and the person happened to be the school gym teacher, that bit is rather tacked on in all honesty, but it is what it is.

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Perfect! Approved!

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