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A Carrion Death (Detective Kubu, #1)
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Anastasia (AnastasiaHarris) | 1063 comments I am reading this for AtYB 2017 for week 24- a book by two authors. It is also counting towards the Around the World Challenge for Botswana.
I was really excited to find out that this one fit both challenges. One of the authors lives in South Africa and the other in the USA. They have written several books together for this series.

I have heard of husband wife teams deciding to write under one pseudonym together, but not two people who live in very different parts of the world. Imagine dealing with the time differences.

Smashed skull, snapped ribs, and a cloying smell of carrion. Leave the body for the hyenas to devour-no body, no case.

But when Kalahari game rangers stumble on a human corpse midmeal, it turns out the murder wasn't perfect after all. Enough evidence is left to suggest foul play. Detective David "Kubu" Bengu of the Botswana Criminal Investigation Department is assigned to the case.

The detective's personality and physique match his moniker. The nickname "Kubu" is Setswana for "hippopotamus"-a seemingly docile creature, but one of the deadliest on the continent. Beneath Kubu's pleasant surface lies the same unwavering resolve that makes the hippopotamus so deceptively dangerous. Both will trample everything in their path to reach an objective.

From the sun-baked riverbeds of the Kalahari to the highest offices of an international conglomerate, Kubu follows a blood-soaked trail in search of answers.

Beneath a mountain of lies and superstitions, he uncovers a chain of crimes leading to the most powerful figures in the country-influential enemies who will kill anyone in their way.

A memorable detective makes his debut in this gritty, mesmerizing thriller. Set amid the beauty and darkness of contemporary Africa, A Carrion Death is the first entry in an evocative new series cutting to the heart of today's Botswana-a modern democracy threatened by unstable neighbors, poachers, and diamond smugglers. Those trying to expose the corrupt ringleaders will find themselves fighting for their lives...

Anastasia (AnastasiaHarris) | 1063 comments This book was great. It had some good twists that kept me guessing. The authors left an open ending that was nice.

There is a glossary in the back of the book with definitions if you need them, which was a nice addition. It also had a pronunciation guide in the front of the book for names.

I am adding the next books of the series on my list.

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