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Winterfae *spiro, spero* (WinterFae) | 9 comments Mod
Reminder: Characters must be approved by a moderator before they can roleplay. Follow the guidelines below. As ever, Winterfae welcomes any and all questions / suggestions.

Template & guidelines coming soon

Winterfae *spiro, spero* (WinterFae) | 9 comments Mod

A work in progress.


'''''Skin Type and Texture: (examples: human calloused, amphibian spongy, scales, feathers, fur, etc.)

[HAIR] (if applicable. If character has styled horns, feathers, tentacles, fur, etc., then here's where to put a description.)
'''''(Color, texture, length, style, etc.)

[SIZE] (IF you decide to use specific measurements (200 lb / ~91 kg), showing both customary AND metric units are preferred, though it's not required. If you need help, there are many online converters, like Google, that do the conversion for you.)

Weight / Build: (ex: Slight / light / lithe / slim... Medium / average... or Large / heavy / bulky / muscular .)

Height (ex: 4'9" or ~1.4 m)

Shoe size: If you really wanted to...and if your character has human feet.... then go for it! ^,^

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