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Mansoor Nazeer | 3 comments She stares at her feet at the far end of the sofa. They are big like her father’s, and dark; her heels have fissures from wintry dryness, and her toe nails, especially those of the big toes, are in dire need of clipping. Those feet are so different from the fine limbs of the senior girls in school. What hateful fascination she has for their limbs, like polished bronze, and the fairer ones with their milky translucence! She stares at their arms obsessively when the girls roll up the sleeves of their lab coats. It was forbidden to do so. Yet she never took them to task for it, wishing all the time, as they moved about with test tubes and beakers containing dangerous mixtures in their delicate hands with their prettily formed fingers, that a splatter of acid might disfigure their priceless skin forever.

- from my debut novel 'Anomaly'

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Mansoor Nazeer | 3 comments Dear Members,
The Giveaway for ANOMALY opens in 70 minutes from now!

Thank you for your support!

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