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Weird and Odd's characters will be posted here.

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Weird And Odd Thank you!

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Weird And Odd Name: Acelin Jade Alain

Nickname: Ace, Aja, Lin, Lain, Jade, and more aliases

Gender: Female

Age: 15

New Camper

Species: Fae
Sexuality: Complicated

Appearance: Acelin's hair is a deep, dark black. Sometimes in the middle of the night and the moon shines on her hair just right, it can have a tint of navy blue. She keeps it long and uses it to hide her face in any normal confrontation. She puts it up into a tight, perfect pony tail when about to fight or solve a hard problem. It comes down to just below her shoulder blades and falls in soft curls. Her eyes are a molten silver, often changing for lighter to darker shades with the light. She is also strikingly pale, and often mistaken for a vampire. She is a short 5'7" when standing normally, and 5'4" when hunched in hiding mode.
She wears simple, mostly dark clothes. She always wears jeans, combat boots, and her tops vary. She always wears jackets, even if it she hot out.


Personality: Acelin is kind, gentle, caring, and easily concerns herself with other peoples well being. She will go out of her way to help others, whether it be solving a puzzle, or getting them something. She has sympathy galore, and can understand people's difficult situation. She works hard, and is patient with those who need help, doing her best to help people grow and develop as humans, and overcome weaknesses. If she knows she can do something to help, she will do her best to do it, and she wont stop until she is finished.
Acelin also loves reading, solving puzzles, and overall intellectual work. If you put a puzzle in front of her she wont stop or take a break until it's done. If it's an impossible puzzle, then she will either solve it, or figure out it's impossible and make it to where it is possible. She likes 'reading' people, figuring out aspects of their life through their physical and verbal cues. If she is faced with a problem or fact, she will solve the problem and fact check. Often she doesn't believe something for a long period of time until she can make 100% sure it is right.
Acelin is a complex person, but very few people know her as well as she knows herself. She is shy, and rarely talks to anyone unless it's crucial for her to help them, or harm them. She usually does solitary activities, and avoids social gatherings like a swarm of angry hornets. Because of her social disadvantage, she often has a hard time conversing with people without being misunderstood, or having her point completely missed altogether. She usually just gets ignored, and doesn't talk at all.

History: Acelin lived a normal life for 12 years. She had an insufferable father, and an unavailable mother. She was basically independent by 8, and practically never home by 10. She was out at the library when her parents were caught and arrested for smuggling and doing cocaine when she was 15. Seen as unfit to parent, they were stripped of their parental rights and Acelin was to be put into the foster care system. While she had always hidden her s birthmark with thick bracelets, she was basically forced to reveal it when she was to remove any and all jewelry and unnecessary clothing like jackets and shoes when they went to take her weight for record. A social worker happened to glance it, and he got her out of their and into Camp Occult. While she did put up a fight, she was eventually assimilated in.

Species abilities: Umbrakinesis

Family: None

Pet: None

Likes: Dark, reading, being alone.

Dislikes: Bright lights, annoying people, stupid people.

Fears: Someone who knows all her secrets and her dad

Quirks: She can quickly change her tone and facial features as well as body language to convey different emotions, even if she doesnt feel them and without warning.


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Ooh I really like her!! I just have a few small things.

So for her sexuality I'm all for not putting labels on anything but would you mind explaining it in her history if it's long and confusing.

Appearance looks great, would you just add in what clothing she likes to wear,

For personality I love the idea of her being so intellectual but you say she goes out of her way to help people. You also say she avoids social interaction at all cost so your contradicting yourself a little bit. If you want her to be shy maybe explain that she'd like to help as many people as she can but sometimes her shyness gets in the way.

History looks good maybe just elaborate on her relationship with her parents a tad more.

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Weird And Odd I can do all of that except for the history I purposefully left vague to show how distant she really was from her parents. I didn't describe them much because she never really knew them. Is it okay if I leave that the way it is? And for her sexuality it's just a couple of words that not many people would understand and I don't exactly like explaining it.

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Weird And Odd I highlighted areas in her history that explains she is definitely a walking contradiction, mostly in the last paragraph.

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Lacey (LaceyParisBooks) | 381 comments Mod
Yep that looks good, she's approved:-) You can leave her sexuality, just out something like undefined or not into labels.

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Weird And Odd Okay, thanks!

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