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Nick Morrison (chewysugar) | 3 comments Title: Ocean Shadows

Returning from the horrors of World War 2, young veteran Jack Trapper is looking to escape memories of blood, mayhem and his own web of lies. Lured by a newspaper article, Jack arrives in the East Coast town of Ravenmouth, prepared to relax and carve out a new life for himself. Jack’s plan for rest and relaxation are abandoned when he learns of the murder of his childhood sweetheart’s father, Felix Worth, and also comes into possession of a diary belonging to a famous ax murderer.

Jack quickly realizes that there’s something afoul in Ravenmouth. Joining forces with a ragtag group of young citizens—including Felix Worth’s daughter, Rosemary, and combat nurse Claire Darrow—Jack faces off against an ancient conspiracy, doing battle with horrors from the deep, deep down in a desperate bid to save humanity.

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Spoon Bowl | 19 comments Hello, if interested, please send to

I love Lovecraft, I cannot wait to read this!

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