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━━━━━━━ [ RAY'S PIZZA PARLOR ] ━━━━━━━

. just outside of the city, rests one of the best pizza parlors around. fresh and homemade pizza at all times. they also offer smoothies and ice cream. just a small little place, vintage inside. the owner is a very loud italian man, sweet as they come. it's one of those places where everybody knows each other, because the customers are the same people all the time.

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after the ten minute walk or so through the forest, harley was relieved to be at their destination. it was beginning to get a little hot, even in her t-shirt and shorts that were slightly soaked through. "just straight ahead now," she told caspar, walking toward the small building. she had taken him through a short cut in the forest, a way she often went to get to the waterfall and back to the city.

this place had a special place in her heart. and not just because of the delicious pizza they made. her parents always took her here, every sunday they would go as a family. and now she had the opportunity to share the place with a friend. if she wanted pizza or should some place to hang out, ray's was her go-to.

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Caspar had enjoyed the walk trough the woods. Nature recognized as a shapeshifter, somehow, and so all such walls were peaceful and easy, for the most part. And he always enjoyed them. And he liked Harley's company. She was fun, and could make anything enjoyable, he thought. He did have to admit it was getting hot, but what did he expect in Louisiana?

He nodded when he saw the place. It was little, a bit of a hole-in-the-wall. He could appreciate that. "Good thing," he told Harley. "I'm getting really hungry now."

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harley laughed lightly, "you and me both," she replied. now that she thought about it she hadn't eaten since breakfast - which was a good few hours ago. she walked up the side walk and over to the glass door. as she opened it, the little bell on the top of it rang out - announcing their arrival. she took in a deep breath, her senses becoming overwhelming from the pizza. being a werewolf, her sense of smell was always flooded more than a humans. it was both a blessing and a curse.

she held the door open until caspar entered. "welcome to ray's," she said with a smile. her eyes gazed around, the familiar tables in the middle and whatnot. not very many people were here at the moment, and she wasn't complaining. she walked over to the counter, trying to decide what kind of pizza she wanted. "oh, and don't worry, it's on me," she told him, giving him a playful wink.

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Caspar blinked as Harley declared the meal to be on her, and quickly said, "No, Harley, you don't have to do that." He moved to catch up with her. He hated feeling like he was taking charity, even though he knew she didn't mean it in the same way. "I can pay for my own food, really." He smiled, hoping she wouldn't take it the wrong way. Though what that was, he didn't know.

And he really could pay for it. Honestly. He had enough money for a pizza; he'd been saving the past few weeks. Not for anything in particular, just for indulgences like these. "I hope it's as good as you say it is," he said, scanning the menu. He wasn't super picky about food, but there were things he didn't like.

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harley raised an eyebrow slightly at him when he denied her offer. "are you sure? I really don't mind, I got some pretty good tips last night," she responded, smiling. She loved being giving and whatnot; it made her feel good about herself. She always offered to help friends out, sometimes even complete strangers. She just couldn't help herself.

"Hm, I'll have a slice of hawaiian pizza please," she told them employee behind the counter. She watched as the girl opened the glass and pulled out the slice with the tongs, placing it on a plate. She followed her to the cash register, adding a bottle of lemonade to her bill. "are you sure, Caspar?" she asked again, looking at him as she got her wallet out.

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Caspar nodded. He was going to insist on paying for himself whether she liked it or not. He wasn't going to be the poor friend. "Yeah, Harley, I've got it," he said, smiling at her. "Promise."

He let her move forward, ordering a slice of garden pizza — he often choose to eat meatless things, as he had been so many animals the thought of eating one wasn't pleasant. He added a bottle of water, and headed for the register. "Harley, seriously, its fine." He said. "Really."

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Harley rolled her eyes slightly before huffing, "Fiiiiiine,". She couldn't force him to let her pay for him, even if she wanted to. She finally paid for her things before taking them and walking to an empty table. She set her plate and drink down, sitting down on the bench and glancing back up at the register where Caspar was still paying for his things. She tore a piece of pineapple off her pizza, placing it in her mouth and chewing it while she waited for her friend too join her.

This place has barely changed over the years. It still had the cute little lights strung out across the room with all the old wood tables dotting the floors. It was clearly vintage - one those "hole in the walls" place. She couldn't help but smiled lightly as she thought about it.

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Paying didn't take long. Caspar grabbed his plate and drink and turned to look for Harley. As he did, he got a good view of the place. He liked it, he decided, even though it was a bit more cutesy than he usually liked.

Finally spotting Harley, he headed over to her with a smile. "There you are," he said, "I thought I'd lost you for a minute." He sat down, picking up his pizza to take a bite. "I hope this is as good as you say."

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Harley was pulled out of her slightly deep thoughts when Caspar came over and sat with her, saying something. She laughed lightly, "Of course not silly. I'd never leave you," she told him with a kind smile. It almost felt weird saying that, but she shrugged it off. She hoped he doesn't take it a weird way either, the last thing she needed.

She smiled, "I promise it is!" she told him, a bit more excitement in her tone now. As he took a bite into his, she also picked hers up and took a small bite. She chewed it up before swallowing, the familiar taste lingering.

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Caspar smiled. "I know you wouldn't." he said. He didn't think it weird at all that she'd said it; in fact it was almost reassuring: she would never not be his friend, he took it to mean. And he was okay with that.

"I'll be the judge of that," Caspar said, before biting into his pizza. And he liked it. The flavors were slightly different than the stuff he usually got — he thought maybe there was something in the cheese — but it was definitely good. He nodded to show Harley he approved. "This is good stuff!"

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Harley couldn't help but laugh at his comment about the pizza. "See! I told you!" she exclaimed. "Amazing stuff for a cheap price to," she said, winking playfully. She took another small bite of her food with a smile.

She swallowed her food before thinking for a short moment. "So, we don't know much about each other.." she trailed off. She didn't mean to get too personal, more like something to keep the conversation going. "How long have you lived in New Orleans?" she began, starting with a simple question.

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Caspar nodded, his mouth full. He loved pizza, he really did, but he didn't get to eat it nearly as much as he would have liked to. He took another bite, then put the pizza down, nearly choking at Harley's question.

He grabbed for his drink, sipping at it while he avoided the question. He knew she was right, but there was a reason he never said more than necessary about himself. He didn't want to. He couldn't let her know half of the things about her life. But he thought he could at least answer that. It wouldn't hurt. "My whole life," he said finally. It was true, after all.

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Harley could tell she made him a little uncomfortable, and she felt a little bad but didn't say anything - just looked out the window. Another werewolf instinct, both a blessing and a curse in her opinion. She nodded a bit at his answer, "Yeah, me too," she responded. Sort of. More like in the forest of New Orleans, but close enough right?

She cleared her throat before shifting her soft gaze back to him, studying him for a moment. And than she realized she was staring and looked down at her pizza. "What about family?" she continued. Bad idea Harley she told herself mentally, why she did feel so nervous so suddenly?

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Caspar nodded at her answer. A lot of people living here had grown up in the city, it seemed. Harley seemed to be a little awkward too, though he couldn't tell if it was because of his reaction or if she was just as weird about the topic as he was. He couldn't imagine why she would be, and if she was, why had she brought it up.

"Um..." Caspar eyed his pizza, then took another bite to avoid answering her. He hated conversations like this. "No one left," he said. Technically true: there was no one left, that he knew of. He couldn't tell her he didn't know his family.

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"Same here," she responded. All she had was her parents, who were killed a few years ago by a fellow werewolf. She tried not to think about it and often told friends of hers that they were still alive. She realized that she had never really told the truth about them to anybody, until now. She had never been close to anybody enough, and she wasn't even really close with Caspar.

"Looks like we have a lot more in common than we thought," she said, smiling faintly. She wanted to brighten up the mood - for her sake anyways. "Do you work anywhere in town?" she asked, taking another bite of her pizza.

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[ahh sorry this took so long!]

Caspar nodded. "I'm sorry about that," he said, making a face he hoped conveyed the emotion. Hopefully. Finding that she had no family left either was almost reassuring, actually: she was more like him than he had thought.

"Yeah, I guess we do," he agreed, though secretly, he disagreed. They had many differences still, ones he couldn't tell her. Her next question brought more panic. This one he definitely couldn't answer with the truth. Not unless he wanted to go to jail - which he didn't. "No, not really." he said. "I do some online stuff."

Was that really the best lie he could come up with? He couldn't even ask in return, because he knew where she worked - had met with her there before. He was an idiot.

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Harley cleared her throat, "It's okay. It was a long time ago," she said plainly. She numbly chewed up the piece she took, swallowing it. "Online stuff?" she questioned, raising an eyebrow but just shrugged it off. It was really none of her business if he didn't wanna specify. She had run out of general questions, or her brain was just drawing a blank right now. She wasn't sure what was wrong with her.

She reached for her beverage, twisting the cap open and taking a small drink. "Sorry," she started, pressing her lips together. "If I made things awkward," she said, laughing nervously before glancing out the window again. She was trying to avoid eye contact at this point.

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To be completely honest, Caspar was glad when Harley didn't press the issue of his "work". She must have been able to sense his discomfort at the question. So he just nodded and took a big bite of pizza.

He shrugged. "It's okay," he told her. "You didn't know it would." He saw her evasion methods, and wondered if his reaction had upset her. He couldn't see how, and he ducked his head. Maybe it was time for him to go.

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Harley forced herself to snap out of it, this wasn't her and it just making things worse. She reached over and grabbed his hand - in a friendly manner of course. "We should go find something to do. Go on an adventure," she said with a newly bright smile. She studied his face for an expression, hoping she hadn't upset him or anything. The last thing she wanted was for Caspar to be scared off and start avoiding her.

She shyed away, pulling her hand back. "That is, if you still wanna hangout," she added on. She hadn't bothered to ask if Caspar had any other plans. But than again, he said he did online stuff, so what could be possibly be having to do?

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[i am an awful person I'M SORRY]

Caspar hated to admit it, but he jumped. She had startled him, and that was hard to do. She was worried. He could tell just by looking at her, and he frowned. He hadn't meant to do that... "I don't have any plans." he said, making an effort to smile kindly. He valued Harley's company, and didn't want to loose the only real friend he had. "What were you thinking?"

He didn't stop her from pulling away. He didn't want to make her more uncomfortable, after all. That would be a bit counterproductive. And besides, he had been telling the truth: he had nothing else to do.

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[ sh no you're not its okay ]

Harley was too far into her excitement that she hadn't even notice that she startled him. Even if she didn't mean to. She was pleased to hear that he has no other plans. "Ya know, if you get bored of me or whatever, you don't have to continue hanging out with me," she told him, a tone of teasing in her soft voice.

She tapped her chin a few times, trying to think of a cool place to do things. "The forest could be fun, there's always freaky and interesting things to find," she suggested. "But if you don't wanna be out in nature, we could always head to the arcade. I heard they just added an air hockey table," she told him with a playful wink.

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Caspar blinked. What on earth had made her think that he was tired of her company? "I'm not, Harley," he said. "I like hanging out with you." Total truth, wholly and completely. For once.

He leaned back, folding his hands behind his head and grinning. "Well, I think I've had enough of nature for the day." he said, "But I am killer at air hockey." He hoped he still was good at it, anyway.

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She gave him a sweet smile at his response. She couldn't help but blush a little, she just hoped it wasn't noticeable. That'd be tad bit embarrassing. "Aw, how sweet. I enjoy your company as well," she told him, truthfully. She loved being around other people in general, it made her feel like herself. But Caspar had a different aura to him, but one she enjoyed nonetheless.

Harley nodded, "Nice call. Arcade it is," she responded. She agreed completely. They had already went to the waterfall, already got food, so the arcade was the next best choice. Plus, she hadn't been there for quite a bit now. "Shall we?" she inquired before pushing her chair out and standing up. "Oh is that so? We'll have to see about that," she laughed slightly, hinting at a competition.

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[okay! i hope you have a good day at work!]

Caspar grinned. "Well, I'm glad," he said, completely serious. He would hate it if Harley decided she didn't want to hang out with him anymore. He would live, but he wouldn't be happy about it. She was the only person he could be around and not be in constant worry. And that was nice, to have someone to joke around with. Who didn't care if he was weird.

Caspar nodded, copying her. "Great." he said, standing and gathering his trash. "Oh, I will kick your butt." He was, perhaps, a little overconfident, but that was half the fun, wasn't it?

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