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message 1: by jingles (last edited Jun 26, 2017 02:49PM) (new)

jingles | 1267 comments Mod
Hi! My name is jingles, and I'm a reading challenge addict!

Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone else plan out their reading? Or when you go looking for a book, do you check to see where it will fit?

What's on deck for you?

message 2: by jingles (new)

jingles | 1267 comments Mod
I'll confess...I recently started carrying around a manila file folder that has at least one reading challenge printed out that I want to focus on. It's one of those challenges I've been doing for a long time (started in 2014) and I just need to get it done!

It's a spell challenge, so I printed it from my original Word document (where I track all my reading challenges) to make it easier to see where I need to focus.

So far this is my on deck list (in no particular order):

1. G = Gail Carriger|Heartless
2. A = Anna Godbersen|Envy
3. A = Alice Clayton|Screwdrivered
4. H = Harlan Coben|The Final Detail
5. G = Grafton, Sue|S is for Silence
6. G = Goodwin, Daisy|The American Heiress
7. G = Gregory, Philippa|The Lady of the Rivers
8. A = Agatha Christie|Death on the Nile
9. I = Iris Johansen|The Face Of Deception
10. E = Elizabeth Peters|The Deeds of the Disturber
11. R = Robert B. Parker|Brimstone

What's on your challenge reading deck?

message 3: by Delitealex (new)

Delitealex | 12 comments I do participate in many but I'm definitely not a planner. I usually pick challenges kinda geared toward what Id normally be reading only minimal planning needed :)

message 4: by jingles (new)

jingles | 1267 comments Mod
Sounds like it works well for you, Delitealex.

message 5: by Delitealex (new)

Delitealex | 12 comments You are very organised spreadsheets are too much for me. I like flexibility for when I need to change up

message 6: by jingles (new)

jingles | 1267 comments Mod
Right, Delitealex...sometimes planning doesn't work out so well.

message 7: by Bonita (new)

Bonita | 183 comments Yeah...I might have this problem. I have had to stop being super strict about finishing challenges by the deadline. It was starting to drive my family crazy. I'm focusing on my TBR based challenges (where I need to know the TBR position before starting the book). I want to get my TBR down to zero and just add books as I start reading/finding them. I eliminated almost everything off except what I own. I also have several older challenges that have fewer than 20 books left to read that I'm trying to get finished up. I do use spreadsheets to track series' that I've started and lists for the challenges that have specific books to read (like the Classics Challenge).

message 8: by jingles (new)

jingles | 1267 comments Mod
I don't even pay attention to a challenge deadline anymore. Lol. If I finish on time, great! Usually I don't though.

I do love reading series books. I have a spreadsheet to track hose as well. I also use Fict Fact to track my series. It's a pretty handy website.

message 9: by Bonita (new)

Bonita | 183 comments I also use FictFact to keep track of my next book in each series. I cleaned that out this spring also. I had over 300 series I was tracking for awhile. A lot of those were not started - just looked like something I'd like to read someday. I'm finding the longer a book stays on my TBR, bookshelf or spreadsheet; the less enthusiastic I am to read it.

message 10: by jingles (new)

jingles | 1267 comments Mod
I should do that...clean up my TBR. There are books on there that I can't even remember why I put them there.

How many series are you down to now?

message 11: by Bonita (new)

Bonita | 183 comments I have 28 series with books still to read on FictFact (171 books). I have 66 additional series in which I own at least one book in that series.

message 12: by jingles (new)

jingles | 1267 comments Mod
Wow - you did narrow it down.

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