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message 1: by Lydia (new)

Lydia Dyslin (susanthegentle) | 3 comments I have 95 books on my TBR shelf. My goal? Get it down to zero! I have lots and lots of classics on there that I've actually downloaded and/or gotten at the library. And then there's all the Christian fiction or indie-author stuff that I have to actually buy . . . yay. Haha. XD
Here we go! XD

message 2: by Manda (new)

Manda (Manda-Jane) Good for you, I'm trying to do the same.

What are you reading first?

message 3: by Lydia (new)

Lydia Dyslin (susanthegentle) | 3 comments I've already finished a book --

1. Murder is Bad Manners by Robin Stevens
Enjoyed the book, not kids' fiction by my standards though.

Next I'm going on to Daddy-Long-Legs. I'm already more then halfway finished. It's so cute!

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