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Ask A Re-reader (spoilers)

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If this is your first time reading Jane Eyre I know that it can be a bit intimidating. This section will be where you can post your questions or ask for clarifications from someone who as already read the book. Be warned that it may also contain spoilers.

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List Of Characters
Jane Eyre—Protagonist and narrator of the story, orphaned, living with the Reed family when the story begins.

Mrs. Sarah Reed—Widow of Jane Eyre’s uncle, mistress at Gateshead Hall.

Eliza Reed—Oldest daughter in the Reed family, cousin to Jane Eyre.

John Reed—Only son in the Reed family, a bully, cousin to Jane Eyre.

Georgiana Reed—Youngest daughter (the beauty) in the Reed family, cousin to Jane Eyre.

Bessie Lee—Servant at Gateshead Hall.

Miss Abbot—Servant at Gateshead Hall.

Mr. Lloyd—Apothecary who treats Jane at Gateshead Hall.

Mr. Brocklehurst—Minister of Brocklebridge Church, headmaster at Lowood School.

Mr. Bates—Doctor who treats Jane at Lowood School.

Helen Burns—Student at Lowood school who befriends Jane, and then dies of tuberculosis.

Miss Miller—An under-teacher at Lowood. She is in charge of Jane when Jane first arrives at Lowood School.

Maria Temple—Teacher at Lowood School.

Miss Scatcherd—Teacher at Lowood School.

Mary Ann Wilson—Jane’s friend at Lowood School.

John Eyre—Jane’s uncle, her father’s brother.

Edward Fairfax Rochester—Master of Thornfield Hall; demanding, impatient, and passionate.

Mrs. Alice Fairfax—Housekeeper at Thornfield Hall, distant relative of Rochester by marriage.

Celine Varens—Former mistress of Mr. Rochester.

Adele Varens—Daughter of Celine, ward of Mr. Rochester, Jane’s pupil.

Leah—Kitchen maid at Thornfield.

John and Mary—Servants at Thornfield.

Grace Poole—Caretaker of Bertha Rochester at Thornfield.

Blanche Ingram—The beautiful lady friend of Mr. Rochester.

Richard (Dick) Mason—Bertha Rochester’s brother.

Robert Leaven—Bessie’s husband.

Mr. Briggs—Solicitor who stops Jane’s marriage to Mr. Rochester.

Bertha Rochester—Mad wife of Edward Rochester.

Hannah—Servant at Moor House.

Diana and Mary Rivers—Sisters of St. John Rivers.

St. John Rivers—Minister of the parish at Morton, master of Moor House; cold, strict, principled, and reserved.

Rosamond Oliver—Admires Mr. St. John Rivers, daughter of Mr. Oliver.

Mr. Oliver—Father of Rosamond.

The Host—Former butler of Edward Rochester’s father, and the innkeeper of The Rochester Arms.

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