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message 1: by Juan (last edited Jun 30, 2017 01:02AM) (new)

Juan Fernández (japefernandez) | 22 comments Few days ago I published my poetry trilogy in Spanish: "Nubes que respiran", "Estrellas que respiran" y "Olas que respiran", and today I have listened to some great words from a radio journalist: «Juan A. Peña Fernández becomes, with this trilogy, one of the references of Spanish modernist poetry».

I don't know if these words really mean anything. It is not the first time someone says I'm a good writer, but in Writing World things are very difficult (at least here, in Spain), so words are forgotten easily.

However, I'm happy. So, as the first poetry book is already translated and published in English (I'm working on the translation of the other two books), I want to share my happiness with one of the poems included in the book, my mother's favorite one. Hope you like it:


A few decades ago
they gave me a puzzle
which I did not know if I could build.
I wouldn’t know if I wanted to build it,
not even if I wanted to open it,
but I couldn’t tell it
to those who gave it to me;
so, I accepted the gift.

In the box of that puzzle
there was a thick forest,
an imposing house,
a family with children
whose eyes glittered,
a high and strong tree
in whose shadow
a smiling gentleman was reading,
a fully blue sky,
a healthy dog ​​running
among the flowers
and a mighty river.

The image of that puzzle
was beautiful, very beautiful;
it promised an idyllic stamp,
so majestic that at the end
I decided to open the box
and start building it.
However, a few years have passed
and I still have not been able
to see that beautiful portrait.
It has been taking years joining pieces;
some fit together, others seem to fit together
but end up disengaging,
and others never come together.

Although tired, I still keep
trying to build
that never-ending puzzle,
which never becomes idyllic
and about which I do not know if I've been
missing out on some pieces…

© Juan A. Peña Fernández
("Breathing clouds", myBook.to/breathingclouds, myBook.to/breathingcloudsPaper).

El Puzle (Spanish version)


Hace unas cuantas décadas
me regalaron un puzle
que no supe si sabría construir. 
Tampoco supe si quería construirlo,
ni siquiera si quería abrirlo,
pero no podía decírselo
a quien me lo regaló;
así, acepté el regalo.

En la caja de aquel puzle
se veía un espeso bosque,
una casa imponente,
una familia con niños
a quienes les brillaban los ojos,
un árbol recio y fuerte
en cuya sombra
leía un sonriente caballero,
un cielo plenamente azul,
un saludable perro corriendo
entre las flores
y un río caudaloso.

La imagen de aquel puzle
era bonita, muy bonita;
prometía una estampa idílica,
tan majestuosa que al final
me decidí a abrir la caja
y a empezar a construirlo.
No obstante, han pasado unos años
y aún no he conseguido
ver aquel precioso retrato.
Llevo lustros uniendo piezas;
unas encajan, otras parecen encajar
pero terminan desuniéndose,
y otras nunca llegan a ensamblarse.

Aunque cansado, aún continuo
intentando construir
ese puzle que nunca acaba,
que nunca llega a ser idílico
y del que no sé si he ido
perdiendo algunas piezas…

© Juan A. Peña Fernández
("Nubes que respiran", myBook.to/nubesquerespiran, myBook.to/Nubestapablanda).

message 2: by Tamia (new)

Tamia M. (TamiMorc) | 105 comments I really like this Juan! Podrías poner aquí la version en español también? Para poder apreciarla :)

message 3: by Simi (new)

Simi Sunny | 205 comments Awww nice ^-^ You did a really good job on that poem

message 4: by Jean (new)

Jean Maiorino | 6 comments beautifully put

message 5: by gwen graves (new)

gwen graves (Absolutelyaloverofgoodbooks) | 85 comments I sure a lot of older people can relate to this poem, I certainly did.

message 6: by Juan (new)

Juan Fernández (japefernandez) | 22 comments Tamia wrote: "I really like this Juan! Podrías poner aquí la version en español también? Para poder apreciarla :)"

Thank you very much, Tamia. Sí, voy a subirlo en español también (a ver si lo consigo; soy nuevo utilizando Goodreads y a veces me pierdo, jaja).

message 7: by Juan (new)

Juan Fernández (japefernandez) | 22 comments Simi wrote: "Awww nice ^-^ You did a really good job on that poem"

Thank you very much, Simi. Your words are much appreciated :)

message 8: by Juan (new)

Juan Fernández (japefernandez) | 22 comments Jean wrote: "beautifully put"

Thank you very much, Jean :)

message 9: by Juan (new)

Juan Fernández (japefernandez) | 22 comments gwen graves wrote: "I sure a lot of older people can relate to this poem, I certainly did."

Thank you very much, Gwen. Your words are much appreciated. That's the magic of poetry, connect with people's feelings, memories and experiences, and provoke sensations in their hearts, souls and minds. It is great to know I got it :)

message 10: by Bill (new)

Bill | 40 comments Gwen is correct. We older people know and feel through experience how that early image doesn't come together in that idyllic way. In many ways worse, in some ways better. Nice job.

message 11: by gwen graves (new)

gwen graves (Absolutelyaloverofgoodbooks) | 85 comments I have always loved poetry since I was in high school, some sixty years ago. Walt Wittman was always my favorite and his poetry spoke to me as does yours. Please keep writing.

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