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 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
[[Roleplay between me (Ebony) and Featherfox (as Featherfox).]]

Birds began to chirp as the dawn sky brightened. Prey began to awaken as predators went to sleep. There was no morning breeze; the occasional trees kept very still.
A dark brown tom darted through some reeds on marshy land. He took the rougher, more concealed routes, avoiding main paths.
This tom didn't have a particularly muscular build, like most wild toms. He was rather skinny and his fur wasn't well groomed. He didn't seem to be in his best health. But despite his condition, he had beautiful, deep blue eyes that were shining.
The tom continued his trek through the marshy land, searching for a resting place, unaware that he was in RiverClan territory. He couldn't scent any other cats, just the heavy, oily tang of fish.
The brown tom finally found a burrow at the base of a tree. he was temped to make a temporary nest, because it looked like an easy resting place, but decided against it. If he tried to sleep in there, he would get cornered by a fox or some other predator and get killed.
Of course, he had his own other means of escape.... but no. He wouldn't do it.
Instead, the tom leaped onto a high tree branch and climbed up. He found a spot where several branches intertwined and settled onto it. It wasn't as comfortable as a nest, but he would be safe up here, and that meant more than getting killed.
Not many animals would notice him here, and he would be gone by evening.

message 2: by Foxfeather (new)

Foxfeather | 289 comments A dark red furred she-cat with beautiful blue eyes run through the marshy ground, her paws made soft pawsteps on the ground. She was running slowly but fast, she stopped and sniffed the ground. She disturbed the quiet morning. Birds stopped as she came into a clearing. The wind ruffled her long tail, her ears fell onto the back of her head, she was lost in her own territory.

" I don't remember coming this way." She mumbled and looked around, she sniffed the air again, she smelt a cat and the smell of fish meant they were a river nearby. She raised her head and stood up tall, she walked slowly on. Her blue eyes narrowed, every muscle in her body tense.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The brown tom heard some nearby rustling. It disturbed him, just after he had fallen asleep. His tail flicked with annoyance.
Probably a vole or something... He shrugged it off.
Besides, whatever it was, it wasn't worth opening his eyes for. He needed to sleep so he could continue his journey. He was searching for an official place to call home. He had been chased out of his old nest by dogs, so he had no choice but to leave. He was searching for a new area that was secluded, a place that wouldn't be often disturbed by other animals. A place where he could be alone forever.
The tom tried to fall back into his slumber, but was struggling to feel comfortable. Something didn't feel right. He heard more disturbing noise below him on the ground.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments She stopped, the wind had stopped and everything fell silent. She breathed slowly as she heard a faint sound. She kept walking and saw a hole, she padded to it and put her head down to smell the air. It was an old fox den she looked around but not up, she stepped around the tree and put her paw on a thron, she hissed and sat down. She put her paw to her face and tried to get the thorn out.
Her blue eyes filled with pain, as she pulled it out.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The brown tom jumped. Something from below scared him out of his skin. He had heard a hiss. A cat's hiss, to be precise.
The tom had accidentally shaken the tree branches when he jumped, sending leaves showering down to the ground.
Mouse dung! He scolded himself for getting startled so easily. Only a kit should be that timid.
But he also cursed himself for revealing his location. Whoever was at the base of the tree would certainly notice the leaves fluttering to the ground.
He realized that he had to leave, now.
The handsome but untidied tom made his way down the tree slowly and silently. His thorn-sharp claws dug into each branch he clung onto. His dark brown pelt began to pulse with heat as he wondered how he would escape. He was in a tight situation, because he knew no fighting skills. He couldn't defend himself. If he couldn't escape, he could get killed by whoever was waiting down below.
Suddenly, the tom lost his grip from the tree branches. His claws tore through the feeble wood.
He felt himself falling, unable to save himself from the inevitable impact that was coming.
Time seemed to go slower than a snail, yet seemed to fly by like lightning.
The tom hit the ground hard.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments She looked to the tree as the leaves fell on her. She saw a cat climbing down she jumped onto three paws as she saw him, she heard a thud and run around the tree to see the handsome Tom on the ground.
She stepped closer her blue eyes full of concern for the Tom.
"Are you ok?"
She asked looking around and waited for him to answer.
"Please be ok."
She mumbled remembering when she fell out of a tree and badly hurt her right shoulder.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The tom had the wind knocked out of him and blood trickled down his head, staining his pretty fur. When he had fallen, he hit his head on a stone at the base of the tree.
He didn't respond to the stranger she-cat's words.
He fought unconsciousness, but his mind succumbed to the darkness and went numb. The she-cats words faded away.
Today is just not my day.... Was his last thought before he blacked out.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments She bites his scruff and pulled him to a softer spot, she runs and comes back with a mouth full of cobwebs she put them on his head and waited.
She wonders where he came from and why he was here, she sat and waited moving her paws back and forth.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The brown tom was suddenly small, running through a forest... following his parents. They had looks of fear on their faces. The tom glanced behind him for a brief second -- they were being chased by other cats. Suddenly, his parents stopped in their tracks to face their pursuers. The brown kit was quickly shoved into an old fox den by his mother. The fearful kit listened for his parents to call him out, but all he could hear was yowls and hisses.
And then everything went quiet. The brown kit stared out of the entrance, his eyes as wide as moons. He sat in the hole, still waiting for his parents to reassure him. But they never did.
After some time had passed, the kit came tumbling out of the hole. The attackers had long gone. But his parents were still there... lying on the ground dead. Drying blood pooled around their bodies and their sightless eyes seemed to stare into the kit's soul.
The kit broke down crying. All he loved, all he had ever known, was gone. Then the kit suddenly remembered something.
My father's dead, He thought. Then that means--
He suddenly felt a sharp, endless pain in his head, his whole body, as he inherited his father's power. The pain wouldn't stop. It kept eating at his body until...

The brown tom's eyes shot open. He yowled with surprise and pain as his nightmare ended. it was always the same nightmare. Running away, his parents getting killed, and the pain shooting through his body.
It was a memory. This was something that had happened to him in the past. It haunted him ever since it occurred.
The brown tom suddenly noticed that another cat was sitting nearby. He looked away quickly, afraid of what he would do.
"Who are you?" He growled. "And what are you doing to me?"

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Foxfeather | 289 comments She looked at the sky waiting when she heard him she jumped up and looked at him.
"I'm Featherfox and I stopped the bleeding when you fell you hit your head on a rock."
She meowed watching his every move, her beautiful blue eyes full of concern and curiosity. Of how the strange Tom got here or who he is.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The tom didn't let his guard down for a second. His eyes glittered with a challenge, but he still didn't look at Featherfox.
"Why would you, a stranger, help me?" His throat rumbled. "I'm just a passerby, probably not worth helping." He didn't yet reveal his name. He didn't know this cat, and wasn't going to trust her with information he hadn't ever told.
The tom's head throbbed with a sharp pain, but he didn't react. He was used to pain like this.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments Featherfox rolled her eyes and stepped back a bit to sit down, her blue eyes narrowed, looking at the ground.
"That's just me, helping mous- eh cats that fall from trees."
She mumbled, her left paw touched her right shoulder.
"Any cat would have helped you."

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The tom got a strange vibe from this she-cat. She didn't seem like a regular traveler, like most cats, but she wasn't hostile either.
"Not every cat would go out of their way to help a mangy tom like me." His voice still sounded guarded, but he wasn't growling anymore. "Besides, it was your fault I fell in the first place. You were trampling through the forest like one of those Twoleg trees-eaters."
The tom still didn't meet her gaze. He didn't want to do something accidentally, something he wouldn't be able to control.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments Featherfox took a quick look at him then at the ground.
"It's wasn't my fault, I stepped on a thorn."
She huffed, still not looking at him her voice calming down.
'You're not that mangy."
She mumbled and licked her still bleeding paw, she picked up some moss and presses hard on it with her paw.
"Anyways how is your head?"

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The tom's head throbbed and ached with an endless, insanely driven pain. But his expression didn't change. His beautiful, unusual blue eyes stared at the marshy ground beneath him, and even though he wasn't watching Featherfox, his ears were pricked for any suspicious sounds.
"It's fine," He lied about his head. "How is your paw?"

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Foxfeather | 289 comments "Could be better." She answered putting her paw back on the ground slowly, the wind had picked up again. "What are you doing out here all alone?" She asked remembering why she was out this far.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
"You're a stranger, so why should I tell you?" the tom growled, then sighed. "I'm just a traveler. I was resting in that tree, before you scared me out of my pelt."
His tail flicked impatiently.
"So, I'll be blunt. What can I do to get you out of my fur? I need some time to recover from my new wounds before I move on."
The brown tom wasn't usually this short-tempered. He was just impatient. He felt a little bad that he was snapping at this cat, but he didn't have time for idle chit-chat.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments '' Well, sorry I scared you.'' Featherfox huffed, she listened to the Tom and stood. '' If you're a traveler and your wounds need to heal, I will leave you then, no use if I stay around." She sighed and turned away from the strange cat she walked on three legs, the birds had started to sing their songs again as she slowly limped away, not looking back at the Tom.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The brown tom finally turned his head and watched Featherfox pad away. His heart twisted with guilt; he knew he shouldn't have treated her like that. She didn't intentionally scare him. It was an honest mistake.
His pretty, deep blue eyes flicked away from Featherfox's pelt.
"I'm sorry for being rude." He called. "I know you didn't startle me on purpose. Thank you for helping me afterwards."
He rose to his paws and began to climb the tree.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments "It's fine," Featherfox called back stopping, her eyes flicked. The wind ruffled her fur, she turned and looked at the tom. ''Until next time.'' She said turning away and vanishing into a couple of ferns.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The tom climbed back up to his temporary nest. He circled, trying to find a comfortable spot, then laid down.
His head ached more than it usually did.
Stupid fall... the tom thought bitterly. If he hadn't fallen, he'd have been just fine. He pushed his thoughts away and closed his eyes in an attempt to fall back into his slumber.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments The dark furred she-cat, started to hum as she slowly walked to the river, she stopped and turned. The tree was still in sight, her blue eyes narrowed as she could see the blur of the mystery Tom laying on a branch. She lashed her tail and kept walking.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The tom couldn't get to sleep. He felt tired but his body wouldn't submit to the peaceful rest. His mind whirled and ached. He hissed with annoyance and climbed awkwardly down the tree.
If he couldn't sleep, he might as well get a drink of water. He was still too exhausted to travel, and even if he wanted to, he couldn't in his current condition.
The tom, slunk up to the riverside and lapped up some of the cool, refreshing water.
It tasted better than any other water he had tasted in the past.

message 24: by Foxfeather (new)

Foxfeather | 289 comments Featherfox already made it to the river, actually, the almost scarlet she-cat was sleeping in a bunch of reeds. Her fox like tail laid across her as she slept on her side, the water was soothing, she loved sleeping by water. Her paw was slightly in the water as she slept.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
The deep brown tom raised his head to observe his surroundings. Drops of water rolled off his whiskers. He washed his tongue over his jaws to remove the drops.
He noticed something red among the reeds a short distance away.
It's that she-cat... He thought. Birdfox, was it?
She seemed peaceful, sleeping beside the river.
The tom shrugged and turned away. He approached the tree and scampered up to his temporary nest.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments Featherfox woke and walked up and down the river bank, she sighed and smelt the tom. She looked around and shrugged. She looked into the water and started to think.

 e͔̩̤͔͕̩ͮ̌̌ͩͣ́͑rͫ̊̐ṛ͖͓̲ͫ̐͗̆o̤͚̝͊̂͆r͕̗͓͎͈͍̽̉̾̂̏̉ͪ ̲̫̮͖̟̬̤̆̿͊4̹̬̌̈̈́̾̓0̪̟̮͙̠̦͒͗ͅ4̥͖̻̤̓̆ͤ͛͂̄  (Shiro-) | 1372 comments Mod
Several hours had passed, and the brown tom who still hadn't revealed his name climbed down the tree. He was feeling much better after a rest. His head still hurt, but now it was only a minor headache instead of a pounding migraine.
His stomach rumbled, begging for something to satisfy itself. The tom gazed around and scented a water vole digging by the riverbed. He snuck up on it, and as soon as he was close enough, he used his special ability; his blue eyes opened wide and rested intimidatingly on the small creature.
The vole was suddenly frozen in its place, unable to move. It squealed in sheer terror as the brown tom casually approached it, killing it with a swift bite.

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Foxfeather | 289 comments Foxfeather sighed and waded into the water, she started to swim, the cool water soothing her paw that was cut. She went under the water then came up a couple seconds later with a fish in her jaws.

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