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message 1: by Sandra Dee (new)

Sandra Dee | 32 comments Any recommendations for good books involving or about domestic discipline? Thanks!

Mindy Lou's Book Review | 177 comments Two authors I know of are Sweden ReeseSweden Reese and Renee RoseRenee Rose

message 3: by Willow (new)

Willow Madison | 26 comments 3 of my personal faves: Willow S. Brooks, Trent Evans, and Megan Michaels.

One warning: All 3 tend to write Alphas that are bit more hard-core than the standard for the sub-genre...meaning less "funishments" and more "punishments"

message 4: by Brandy (new)

Brandy | 10 comments I just finished Feral King by Sparrow Beckett toady and it was fucking AWESOME!!!!
It does end in a slight cliffy but Tragic King (The Dominant Bastard Duology Book 2) by Sparrow Beckett comes out in September.

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