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David Rose | 370 comments Mod
This is the short outline. If you read Our Rules before participating, you won't be frustrated by getting it wrong.

The book you are signing up to review will always be the last book listed in the thread, before yours gets added.
Note that all daisy chain review threads are locked, and only mods can add a listing.

1) Check that your book meets the criteria for the daisy chain you want to register in.
2) Email a registration request to the mods at See 'Our Rules' for the format of this registration request.
3) Wait for a go-ahead email back.
4) Buy the last book in the thread, and
5) forward your purchase receipt email to with "Purchase Receipt" in the subject line.
6) The mods will list your book in the thread.
7) You have three weeks to post your review of an ebook, and six weeks for a print book.

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