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Lacey (LaceyParisBooks) | 381 comments Mod
Huge jutting cliffs nestled beyond the lake and next to the Occult Forest. Mainly used for rock climbing but is also used for certain hiking trails.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo had a love/hate relationship with his parrot. He had climbed up a small cliff and was now seated on a large boulder, picking dirt and tiny pebbles from the new scabs on his knees (Romeo was not the most agile guy).
"So mothertrucking clumsy!" Button the parrot squawked, mimicking the way that Romeo had muttered and cursed when he lost his grip on the way up the cliff.
"Shut your dirty beak, bird," Romeo said, sighing. The parrot was perched on his shoulder, and didn't appreciate the movement.
"Dirty beak!" Button repeated.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo heard the girl coming, though it was odd that he couldn't see her. When he did see her, she had the strangest look on her face.
"What's the matter, you never seen a parrot before?" Romeo sneered as he spoke, not liking the look that the girl gave him.
"Feo! Feo! Eres feo y malo!" Button the parrot sqwaked, shocked that the girl appeared so quickly. Romeo gave the bird a sharp flick.
"That's rude, you imbecile," Romeo said to the bird. "Besides, your grammar is awful."

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo could hear a voice in the back of his head sigh. Which was odd, usually the voices were quiet.
"Great insult," he said, and his tone suggested that he did not mean it. Romeo lifted a hand to his shoulder, letting Button climb onto his hand and he set the parrot down on the rock beside him. He wasn't sure if he would need to change fast, and Button didn't fit well on the shoulder of a ferret.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo shrieked as Zenn charged, an ungodly high-pitched sound. No one touched his parrot, especially not emotionally unstable thirteen-year-old werewolves.
Luckily, Button flapped away as Zenn took out her claws, dodging the sharp points and screeching "Bad puppy! Bad puppy!"
Meanwhile, Romeo shifted quickly, a foot-long rat charging at Zenn and attempting to bite her clawed hands.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo the rat rolled his beady eyes. The girl charges at him, tries to eat his parrot, then apologizes? She was an idiot.
"Leaving sounds good to me," the rat squeaked, and Romeo shifted back to himself. But Romeo was just as jerk-y and agressive as Zenn.
"What's the deal with werewolves, always being out for blood?" Romeo asked, throwing his hands up in the air. He was being rude, and he knew it, but he would never let someone else get the last word. Button the parrot settled back on Romeo's shoulder, making small squeaking noises, like a mouse or rat.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo hissed in pain, shifting into a mouse this time. Small enough to hide from Zenn's claws, he scrurried across the ground and began climbing her leg. She would regret picking a fight with him.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo held on tightly, despite the difficulty, digging into Zenn's leg with his small claws. He opened his little mouth wide, before digging his thin mouse-teeth into Zenn's calf.
Disgusting, he thought to himself, but he was nothing if not petty and vengeful.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo squeaked in pain, no longer able to hold his form as a mouse. He changed back into himself, now bruised and bleeding.
"Give it up! Give it up!" Button the parrot squawked, circling above Romeo and Zenn. It was unclear who the bird was speaking to.
Romeo glared at the girl. "What's your deal?" he asked angrily, fighting words despite his inability to stand.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo was ready to blow a fuse. This girl came after his parrot for absolutely no reason, stratched him up, and now was mocking him, and trying to tell him that it was his fault?!
"You're una punta loca," Romeo spat, whistling for Button to land on his shoulder. He pushed himself to his feet.

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Allie | 122 comments If there was a camera, Romeo would look into it and roll his eyes. The fact that the girl was bragging-- about beating up a rat and a mouse? He cackled aloud.
"What a thing to boast, beating up a rat and a mouse," Romeo said, continuing to laugh.
"Rat and a mouse!" Button repeated.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo laughed again, spitting blood into the grass.
"You act all high and mighty, just because your powers are easier to control," he said. "Just wait until I can become a lion, or a bear. Yours will be the first head I rip off."
You could say a lot of things about Romeo, but there was no one he hated more than a bully, someone who picked on smaller foes. And this little punta was acting like she owned the world... because her discovering her powers including wicked speed and a set of claws. Shifting took more time to master, and Romeo was proud of how far he'd come. But, as headstrong as he was, he was smart enough to pace himself. Trying too much too soon had serious consequences.
"Listen. I was having a solid heart-to-heart with my parrot, before you decided to try and eat him for lunch, you perra. Just find somewhere else to bury your bones, alright?" Romeo crossed his arms, staring down Zenn without any fear, despite the blood and bruises adorning his body.

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Allie | 122 comments Romeo was already upset with the girl, but now he was furious.
"My home country? My home country?!? I was born and raised in America, you bitch!" He charged suddenly, reaching for her neck. He wasn't going to change this time. So what if he got his butt kicked? Romeo wasn't going to back down from that racist brat.

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Allie | 122 comments "I'm Argentinian, not Mexican, you ass-face!" Romeo scrambled to stop when the girl moved, not wanting to fall from the boulder.
That gave him an idea.
He moved to the edge of the boulder, praying to every deity. Please, let this work.
"Ass-face! Ass-face!" Button the parrot sqawked, circling Romeo's head. A perfect taunt.

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Allie | 122 comments The most frustrating thing of this moment was that Romeo wanted to cry. He wanted to sob, to scream. How dare that girl insult him, simply because of his heritage?
But he watched her go. Romeo was beaten enough, and despite losing physically, he knew that he was morally superior to a girl who'd mock him for his race.
He'd never stoop to her level. And, right now, he needed some bandages.


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Allie | 122 comments ((Awww thanks! It was nice to have a fight, Zenn is very temperamental and stubborn, lol.))

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Allie | 122 comments ((He's not good at first impressions, you are so right))

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Allie | 122 comments ((Haha thanks! I hope that Zenn is usually nicer, lol. Probably not having someone as brash as Romeo helps. Great roleplay!))

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie had been wandering around the camp trails for nearly two hours when she found the cliffs. Large, jutting chunks of gray stone stuck out from the face of the precipice. It had only been a few hours since she'd gone to the blood bank, that horrible chilled room that smelled like sin, but she was already beginning to burn with thirst again. Not wanting to ever drink a human's blood again (even donated), Lolie decided to hunt down an animal to eat. She settled on a little doe near the edge of the cliff and began her stalking. Pouncing like a wild cat, she caught her prey and drained it of blood. However, it only being her first time hunting, she looked a bit... ratchet. "Crap," she said, examining the large bloodstain on the front of her shirt. "That's not gonna come out."

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim had once again decided to explore and when she thought she heard a noise she was fearful it might be some sort of mountain lion or other creature that couldn't possibly have been there to Hunter so instinctively she transformed into an animal. She had intended to turn into a wolf but instead became a fox again. She wasn't sure why when she was scared she instinctively became the fox. Maybe because it was a very cunning creature and better getting away but then it was also smaller and had that annoyingly long tail that made her easier to catch two. She thought she heard a noise again and scrambled away from it turning around breathing heavily looking to see that it was merely a deer leaping and it seem to be running away from something. She had noticed that typically dears would move in packs or at least pairs so I was this one alone? Curiosity got the better of her as she transformed back into her human self and moving in the direction that the antlered creature had run from you soon saw that there was a deer laying on the ground it looked to be dead. She didn't think but just came out to look at it. Freezing as she noticed someone standing near the doe.

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie jumped when the girl appeared before, putting a hand over her bloodstained heart. The look on the poor girl's face was enough to strike guilt in her heart. She just couldn't do anything right, could she? She wiped at her face with her sleeve, considering the shirt was already ruined. A large amount of blood came away. Great, I've scared her. she thought. "My sincerest apologies," Lolie said, wiping at her face, smearing the blood more than cleaning it up. "I didn't mean to startle you."

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim blinked. I had taken her a moment to put two into together, mostly because she was just upset at Singapore dead animal, because let's face it even before she was a shape shifter she had an affinity for all free and winged creatures that she had ever come across. What is her brain pieced together she couldn't help the look of shock on her expression and of course fear. "Uh... it's alright..." in truth it wasn't but you didn't know exactly how to respond or why the girl was apologizing if she was what she assumed. "You're a vampire?" OK so it wasn't the most delicate way to ask but she was still kind of stunned and she was resisting the urge to shift back into a foxing get out of there.

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie shrugged, "Apparently." The sadness in her eyes was apparent. She didn't want to kill anything (or any body), but she didn't really have a choice. "Don't worry though, I won't hurt you," she said. She gave up on cleaning her face. "I don't like hurting people." she murmured despondently. She frowned, the leftover blood on her face making her look more vicious than she actually was.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim felt a surge of empathy at the look in her eyes but the girls outward appearance made her Trumbull. That she tried to not look afraid. "Well that's good…" I didn't come out quite how she would've liked it to two from slightly making no moves to get closer but at least she wasn't running. "I'm sure there's a lot of vampires at the camp so…" So what? What was she going to add to that? Now she's being super awkward but if she upset her one she didn't want to cause anyone reason to be sad or in pain but to she was a vampire and she checked her off she might decide to hurt her specially after all the kids that were supposed to be her siblings treated her why she trusted this girl would be any different? "I'm sorry to interrupt you."

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
((Tremble * sorry I often use talk to text))

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments ((It's alright!!))

"Um, it's alright. I can leave if you're uncomfortable." Lolie said softly. "I've never hunted before so..." she referred to her appearance. "I look a bit rough. I just don't want you or anyone else to be scared of me," she said. She licked her lips to wet them and met the taste of drying blood. A wave of revulsion flowed through her. She took a step backward, her shoulders becoming raised. Her body automatically took on a defeated posture. This was what she had been worried about when she came to this camp, that people wouldn't like her. Every encounter today had been an absolute disaster. "I'm sorry," she said again, turning to leave.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
What made Kim step forward certainly wasn't logic, she wasn't even sure if it was compassion maybe understanding?. "Wait… There's a stream not too far from here so you can wash up. Hunting can get pretty messy and it takes practice to stay mostly clean while doing it." She of course didn't know from experience her self but those of her tribe had hunted in the newer people are always much more messy than the others so she figured it stood to good logic

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie honestly could've cried in that moment. "T-thank you," she said, exhaling shakily. The girl still looked pretty shaken, but she didn't seem extremely afraid anymore. "Could you show me where that stream is, please?" she asked. She clasped her hands right under her chest, a begging motion.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim nodded to her and managed a genuine smile this time. "Sure it's over here." She pointed to her right waiting for the girl to start moving towards her before she too was walking not wanting to walk away from her one she didn't want to turn her back on her not because she was a vampire specifically though because she didn't really trust anyone, and two because she didn't want to be rude like she was turning her back on her in that fashion either

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Shuffling her feet, Lolie made her way along with the girl. She got down on her knees and started washing her hands and face. The water came away a pale pink color. Then she washed out her mouth, swishing away the congealed crimson from between her teeth. She spat. "Thank you for this," Lolie told the girl. She looked far less daunting now that she wasn't covered in blood. She pulled her ponytail out and redid it, making a short ribbon of blonde fall down to the nape of her neck. She extended her freshly washed hand, "My name is Chloe Hannover, but you can call me Lolie." She said. "It's my first year here and I'm... still adjusting."

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim's stomach felt a bit queasy especially when the blood and had come out of her mouth but she decided to try and not pay too much attention how would she feel if she had suddenly become a vampire instead of a shape shifter. And then the werewolves probably had a hunger for hunting to just a little bit different they would tear up their prey instead of drain the blood out of it. "Kimberly Wolfe." She shook the extended hand. "I'm a first year too." What she meant was it was her first year here even though she was 16. But she was still incredibly socially awkward

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie brushed a short tendril of hair behind her ear, "It's nice to meet you, Kimberly." she said. "I'm sorry I scared you earlier. I'm still trying to figure out the whole vampire thing. It's been... interesting." she laughed. "I've decided to not drink human blood. Not even the donated stuff from the blood bank. I had to earlier and I threw up." she cringed, remembering the stale copper taste in her throat. Quickly, she shook her head. "Anyways, are you a shapeshifter?" she asked curiously.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim blinked. "oh I'm sorry… You can call just call me Kim. You don't have to call me Kimberly." She smirked releasing the others hand. "that does sound kind of gross but I mean you're a vampire see you have to drink it to live for donating it it's probably OK, but then I guess that's like me and brussels sprouts…" She made up disgusted expression on her face it was something she absolutely hated the taste and smell of. "How did you know?" She wondered if she had somehow seen her transform or and she said something? Then again she didn't really care that she knew but it was a surprise.

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie smiled, "Alright, Kim." she said. "And you're right. Donated blood is better than nothing, I guess, but I still don't like the idea that it's from people, you know?" She scrunched her eyebrows and thought about it. "I'm not entirely sure," she admitted. "I think when you came up here I was still in the mind of a... hunter. And I was aware of everything for a moment. You were a fox, weren't you?" She couldn't tell if anything had been a figment of her imagination or for real.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim nodded at Lolie gratefully. Being called Kimberly felt too stuffy for some reason. "I was a fox, that's incredible!" She wanted us all vampires were like this where they could just sense things like that such intuitiveness. Was a little scary but also impressive. She wondered if it was the same as when she was in her animal forms have certain senses were heightened. That would make sense of course. "I thought I heard something in I got scared so…" Now her face went red as she got embarrassed

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie got red as well and grimaced, "That may or may not have been me." she said hesitantly. "I didn't even know I could make that noise! I thought it was a mountain lion or something!" She exclaimed, giggling. The truth is, is that the snarl from her throat had startled her so badly that she'd lost focus of her kill. That's probably the only reason that she was able to recover so quickly.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim looked at her pretty impressed. "So I've heard about legends the vampires I haven't watched any of the movies really but I have wrote the books are you like the ones in the books or different?" Of course the inquisitive side of her the story seeker side when it's done more it was curious and interesting and she was more than happy to find out the answers

((Sorry for taking forever!))

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments ((It's totally okay!))

Lolie laughed at the question, mainly out of shock. "I don't actually know," she admitted. "I don't seem to burn in the sunlight, though I'm a bit warmer than usual. I don't sparkle either, thank God." she put a hand over her heart. "And I don't suddenly have an overwhelming aversion to silver or Italian food either." she held up her hand to show her sterling silver purity ring, which sat happily undisturbed on her ring finger. "I'm a bit faster though, and stronger. Usually, I struggle to open a water bottle but somehow I managed to dent a tree earlier." She didn't mention that she had punched the tree out of rage for her situation, then sat down and cried for half an hour.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim laughed. "Yes sparkling would be strange... thats good! So the only negative is needing blood otherwise you have all positive! Wait... do you age?" It was possibly a stupid child like question for a sixteen year old girl to ask, but she really acted younger than she was anyway. That and with her baby face she tended to be mistaken for younger too

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie actually hadn't considered that. "I don't actually know." She realized. "I really hope that I do though. I'd hate to look like an eight year old boy for all eternity." She joked. She really did look quite boyish. Her hair was chopped above her shoulders and she dressed in quite an androgynous way. Not to mention she was very short and had absolutely no curves. "If that's the case then I will be extremely disappointed."

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim thought about it. "Well maybe if you don't age you just stop at a certain age. I know some myths say at the age of maturity they stop aging." Obviously she read far too many books for her own good. "Though I don't think you look like an eight year old boy." She looked at her. Sure maybe a little more boyish, but it was obvious to her she was a girl.

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie laughed. "Well then you're the first, but thank you," she said. "I'll have to find the vampire counselor and get thing straightened out, I guess. They didn't tell me much of anything at initiation." she bit her lip sadly. "I didn't even know what thirst was. A werewolf girl had to explain it to me." She didn't say that she had almost lost control of herself with that girl and that she could feel her heartbeat ringing out of her body. She didn't say anything like that because Kim was finally seeming to be comfortable around her.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
Kim's eyes brightened. "A skinchanger? Oh wow, I haven't met one yet, but that is such a cool ability. I wish I would have been one instead of a Shapeshifter..." at least then there would be interesting legends about her and such. Unfortunately she didn't like her powers at all. "I guess I should talk to my counselor too..." she was brand nee after all and she hadn't yet. That was a good idea

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments ((Sorry this took me so long. Goodreads has been uber spotty with me lately))

Lolie nodded, "That's probably a good idea." she said. "Since you're a new camper. You should learn as much about your powers as possible." she scratched at her arm with her orange nails. "Should I let you go, then?" she asked.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
((Non worries, I had lots of problems too, weird glitches XD ))

Kim blinked. "O-oh, y-yes if I'm keeping you please don't feel obligated to stick around." For one she felt like she might be on the verge of making a friend so she hadn't actually wanted to leave or even thought about leaving maybe if she knew how to really interact or they could play some sort of game but what could she do? Turn into an animal, big fat hairy deal...

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments ((Sorry, I've still been glitching out. Hopefully I can be more active now :) ))

Lolie put her hands out in front of her, shaking them in protest. "Oh no, you're not. I was just unsure of if you wanted to go see your counselor or not." She bit her lip, which was still stained slightly crimson. "I'm sorry if I read you wrong."

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
((you're perfectly fine, and sorry I'm not always on on the weekends))

Kim shake her head. "I will… Just, later." She actually needed to build her current before going and seeing one of the counselors she was hesitant to go and she needed to come of the script of what she was going to say she was much more antisocial now unless it was on a term of something that was expected of her friends since at school you knew what was allowed and what was appropriate. This was a whole new territory for her. "what do… People do for fun at the camp?"

I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie shrugged almost cartoonishly, looking exaggerated on her thin frame. "I have no clue," she said. "There was a bulletin board in the center of camp that talked about a library and an arts and crafts building. I haven't been to either," she said. She had been too shell shocked upon arrival to want to go make paper snowflakes.

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Kimberly Brown (GuardianWolfKim) | 362 comments Mod
"A library?" Kim's eyes brightened. How much she missed that, perhaps they were myths and legends for her to read through she liked any story. The idea that there might be something for Ben or really mysterious and exciting was too good of an opportunity to pass up. "Do you like to read?" Not everyone was a bookworm like her after all

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I Was A Teenage Polar Bear (IWasaTeenagePolarBear) | 101 comments Lolie nodded, then made a so-so motion with her hand. "I don't read very many normal books," she said. "Mostly manga and comics. I like the pictures," She smiled and picked at her thumbnail absently. "Do you like comics?" she asked Kim.

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