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Lacey (LaceyParisBooks) | 381 comments Mod
A relatively small room with a stool and a glass table. On the table is a opaque turquoise stone shaped like a pyramid. Please refer to the plot thread for initiation information. *Note* You do not have to roleplay your student going through initiation, especially if they' a returner. If they're new to the camp you can just say what species they discovered they were.

message 2: by Zola (new)

Zola | 67 comments Alissa stepped, nervously, towards the table. One step; sweat trickled down her forehead. Two steps; she quivered, barely standing. Three steps; a quiet prayer for her sister to help her and give her the strength to keep walking. Four steps; almost collapsing, barely able to stand. Five steps and Alissa was at the table. The turquoise pyramid stone gleamed in the sunlight. Her hands shook as she reached for the stone. After what felt like years, she finally touched the stone, grabbing it off the table. Her birthmark glowed with a purple light, and then it turned purple when she put the stone down.

"You're a shapeshifter! Congratulations!" the initiation manager said.

She smiled and sat down in her section, like her nervousness had lifted.

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